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Just NO

Its fun drawing the Grumpy Cat!

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who invented this thing?

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The joy you brought into this world can never be deleted
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ive seen this b4
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Wow Ry-Spirit! You So Funny x3 , First That Doge (Thanks For Accept The Doge For The Group) And Now Grumpy , You Have A Good

Sense Of Humor :D , Sweet!
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Awe- Tardar Sauce you're so sweet <3
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Ahaha, great April Fools joke :XD:
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omg I laughed so hard xD
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mmmmmmmmmmm HENTAI IS REAL 
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Ry, I just love your sense of humor. I hope you come to a convention that is close so I can meet you someday :D
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perhaps new york comic con:D
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This pretty much sums up my absolute hatred for Patreon as a whole.
It can be easily abused and 99% of all Patreon related artwork is porn or smut 
Not to mention, shit like this allows the artist at hand to set up pay walls, force their "fans" to pay even more money to see said picture "uncensored"...
If I really wanted to see that artist's smut working uncensored, I'd go to e621, and I wouldn't have to pay a goddamn cent...
It makes me fucking sick to my stomach to know that the phrase"The Internet is for Porn" couldn't be much truer when you see all the shit on Patreon...
It's the easiest way to become "Popular" I suppose...
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Finally, someone who understands why I hate that site.
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I am bored of see every person on the internet with a Patreon begging for money for any stupid thing they do.
Real artists know that if the work is good, money will come itself.
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take my money, must see the grumpy pussycat.
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Ry, what happened to your profile picture it looks Patreon-ified
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and where's Pikachu is he behind that Patreon logo do I have to pay on Patreon to see Pikachu again?? D:
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gosh i hate this patreon bullshit with 'artists' who try to gather money from thirsty people by drawing nsfw. who would even pay for this dayum
Fairutale's avatar
We all do but that is what sells.
And those who like drawing NSFW art are just using the system
(but I do pity artists like Ry who have no choice but start drawing porn to pay their rent )': )
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Hah! That's like the best way to get people to pledge to you. I made a Patreon(still no NSFW art, mind you), got 2 people to pledge within a day...someone I know, who does NSFW stuff made a Patreon the same day, and had 24 pledges in like an hour. :\ 
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true and sad. i just can't understand how thirsty people can be. where's the appeal to even look at such things i seriously don't get it. i'm not against drawing nudity, i'm against sexualization
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Like, you think it'd get boring after awhile. It's all the same, and overdone. :P
Same. Not really against it, just straight up porn is blah. :V
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