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We have lost a lot of lives this year, none more tragic than the great Harambe.
May he rest in peace.

Other animals that has sadly passed away:
The Little Dragon by Ry-Spirit Gettin' Jiggy by Ry-Spirit The Dream Traveler by Ry-Spirit SUPER PIG! by Ry-Spirit

You can also buy the Harambe as a shirt:…

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So sad it’s been 3 years : (
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On one hand, it's very sad that Harambe got killed.

On the other, he was about to attack a little kid. 

I don't know how to feel.
electrathememestar's avatar
How did harambe die?
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He was shot in order to prevent him from hurting a child that fell in his enclosure.  Some people say they could have tranquilized him, but tranquilizers take time to work, and the shock of being essentially shot with a needle could have cause him to go berserk and kill the child.
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Get OOFed on Harambe
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Ah, mighty God Emperor Harambe. Just here to pay homage to your sacrifices. Stay well in's hell down here 
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Sorry but I honestly don't care about harambe dying
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Finally one who isnt' represented in a meme :stare:
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Saw this on YouTube. Thought I'd check it out.
Amazing colors!
Blood-Soaked's avatar
Honestly? I wish the kid had died instead.
MiloReyes97's avatar
And your the reason this meme was born in the first place
MiloReyes97's avatar
You're avoiding the subjeeeeeeect ;)
Blood-Soaked's avatar
Your response is seven months late.
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It's never to late to remind people of the great Harmabe
Blood-Soaked's avatar
I wasn't joking.
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Rest easy
My sweet prince
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I thank you for respecting Harambes death/He was great ape./Again. Thank you for making him this picture for him./I hope he sees it in heaven.
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I thank you for respecting the death of Harambe/He was great Ape/He didn't deserve this./Thank you for making him the nice picture.
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