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Gettin' Jiggy

Can we bring back Banjo Kazooie? Pretty please?? Can we? Thank you. One of my favourite childhood favourite platform games ok.

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You know, it took me over 20 years to realize Kazooie was a girl.

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You: Can we bring back Banjo Kazooie?
Sakurai: Ok, sure :)
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No school like the Old School.  Good Work.
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My favorite dynamic duo, I played both their N64 like crazy~
But, I don't understand why I sometimes get Talespin vibes from them, in a good way.
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Pick the puzzles, start the adventure with a bird :)
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My precious childhood ;O; I still play these games on my n64 ;w;
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Brought tears to my eyes ;3;
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very nicely done, and yes i wish we still had more banjo kazooie :)
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You had one job Rare.
Telling Microsoft not to do this.
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This is my childhood written in a art piece :-)
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Loved this game! I wish they did something nice with these guys but...not gonna happen =(
But nice fanart piece anyways :P
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As long as Microsoft doesn't touch it, we're good.
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one of the best games of N64 ^^
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This was my favorite game to play, I even still have the game on my nintendo 64 I am a dummy! Love :happybounce: 
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i never got the game! but i rmemeber borrowing my friends game and had a blast playing it. its prob one of my favourite 64 game. Along with Smash and Mario 64 and Zelda
Have you played Donkey Kong 64. I am intereted in it cos its made by Rare as well but not sure if its good. My friends had that and they loved it. but i heard from recent reviewers that its a bad game. i dont no
W-Prancis's avatar
i've never had it but i did had diddy kong
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They're very likely announcing a new Banjo at E3 this year. They've been teasing it for months.
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