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Genshin of the Wild

So I've been playing Genshin Impact and can't help but notice a few similarities with Breath of the Wild.

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Perfect, I love it so much

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LOL. That's pretty cool

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I really hope one day miHoYo will do a collaboration event with Nintendo so everyone will get Link or Zelda as a five star character of their own. :)

Probably for the hypothetical switch release, like with Aloy and ps4

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Well that's basically because Genshin Impact was back in the day of development a rip-off of Breath of the Wild. Until it became it's own thing when the game was released. I remember those days that people called it that..and now it's one of the greatest mobile games ever.

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when your frost to hinge out with the weird kind

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Pretty accurate.

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...That final panel looks familiar. It's not a reference to Mulan, is it?

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Thought so. Haven't seen the movie in ages, but that image sticks in memory pretty well.

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I just play it to play a free version of botw but at the same time love the game

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very good!! hehe! :)

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I love both of these games, and Genshin was inspired by BOTW too, so this is awesome!

I’m pretty sure everyone was like yep it’s the same except Chinese

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Well, I am glad I'm not the only one who thought this

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That’s really funny and really well made!! XD

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Did you only realize it now? Because it should've been obvious the day the game was revealed...

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Legend of the Traveler.

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They do have some similarities in essence :3 Look at the joy on Aether's face lol

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Gonna do anything for Sonic's birthday? (since you can't comment on people's profiles anymore....)

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