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FFXV - Warp

When stuck in a tough situation.

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ladyjillkill97's avatar
Fuck this shit I’m out X
FluffyAunt's avatar
Everyone would do the same in that situation.
Who has time to listen to a long ass chat when you could be out adventuring :P
BurningArtist's avatar
Haha! Isn't that like the game? Who has the time to be saving Lucis when you can be hunting? XD
FluffyAunt's avatar
Hunt over rescue
animechic420's avatar
The wedding didn't even happen, did it?
JaiyaPapaya's avatar
Fuck this shit im out
Spitestar's avatar
Give me this ability. I need it to escape my everything. ;P
TheSushiKitten's avatar
I wish I could do the same in some of my conversations... ;~;
Honestly, if I could warp, I'd use it to do this sort of thing.   And to get my mail.
Shizuri-chan's avatar
xD He also could have made a copy from himself 
Miashie's avatar
the real reason he left: iggy, prompto, and glad were all in the double xp hotel pool without him & being all cute and gay without him-
NickTheNightOwl's avatar
Ain't no one got time for wedding planning!
Jetvoidfox96's avatar
Noctis was like "Nope, i am getting out of here."
MOLTENOS's avatar
thank you warp :D
LegionaryMario's avatar
That's almost more character development than she has in actual game, lol.
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