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FFXV - Warning

By Ry-Spirit
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The boys enjoy a nice ride in the car..

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And just like that the Empire won, The End
Pluel's avatar
PluelHobbyist Digital Artist
i hate that none of them wear seatbelts
Lentum's avatar
LentumHobbyist Digital Artist
Derpatatton's avatar
DerpatattonStudent General Artist
RaidPaladin's avatar
Cue Game over screen
FictitiousNirvana's avatar
FictitiousNirvanaHobbyist Writer
You had one job, Noct.
tyran02's avatar
gone he is
busterkeatonrules's avatar
Any time Noctis does that, I keep expecting a bump in the road.
Graha-Tia's avatar
I just slam the breaks brakes.
DaringAjit's avatar
Finally, the worst character in the game is gone
REIGN HIGH IGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Piratemate's avatar
Hey I admin a Final Fantasy fan page and I would like to share your content on the page. Is it alright if I do so, I will also link back to here
Ry-Spirit's avatar
Ry-SpiritProfessional Digital Artist
yeah sure! thanks for that!
Schwarzer--Ritter's avatar
Schwarzer--RitterStudent Traditional Artist
Can we agree the guy in the passenger seat totally looks like Tintin?
XTerraDiabolusX's avatar
XTerraDiabolusXHobbyist Traditional Artist
Call me cruel, but whenever Noct sits at the back like that I tend to slam the brakes.
Poor Iggy takes the blame for my shenanigans. 
emmishbells's avatar
Same XP Silly boy, put on a seatbelt. :P
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youngniHobbyist Artist
emmishbells's avatar
Haha, when he does that I like to brake suddenly ;)
youngni's avatar
youngniHobbyist Artist
Does he really do that in game? I've never played but that'd be funny to see X3
The-Last-Sea-Serpent's avatar
I wonder how long it will take for them to realize that Noctis is missing...
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Tami19Hobbyist Photographer
youngni's avatar
youngniHobbyist Artist
XDDDD! I can't breathe!! XD!!!!
SilverTheLegendary's avatar
SilverTheLegendaryStudent Digital Artist
I always knew that would happen someday
lukemtraver's avatar
lukemtraverHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ouch haha how far would they go before they notice he's gone 
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PippanightStudent Traditional Artist
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