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FFXV - Stocking Up

By Ry-Spirit
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The boys decided to check on their inventory..

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AIOBAStudent General Artist
My step-dad has always questioned how their hair was always so perfect. Now he knows.
SpiritombThePokemon's avatar
SpiritombThePokemonStudent General Artist
Car Shop in a Nutshell
RadenWA's avatar
RadenWAProfessional Digital Artist
Let us remember all those RPG characters who can somehow maintain their crazy hairstyle even though hairspray doesn't even exist in their world
XTerraDiabolusX's avatar
XTerraDiabolusXHobbyist Traditional Artist
Poor Iggy.
Wherever shall he stash his precious Ebony.
Gurrenfang's avatar
In the trunk!
XTerraDiabolusX's avatar
XTerraDiabolusXHobbyist Traditional Artist
Is there even enough room?
I mean, how the heck do they manage to fit all their camping gear? XD
Gurrenfang's avatar
It's the "car of holding" LOL
Crown City technology x'D
XTerraDiabolusX's avatar
XTerraDiabolusXHobbyist Traditional Artist
More like Gallifreyan technology.
Dancing Cyberman 
Schwarzer--Ritter's avatar
Schwarzer--RitterStudent Traditional Artist
So... is that what the game is about?
For guys driving around in a car? Because I might actually try a Final Fantasy game again after Mystic Quest.
Varmine's avatar
VarmineHobbyist General Artist
This explains a lot 
CeruleanAir's avatar
CeruleanAirHobbyist General Artist
They must have a personal hairstylist hidden somewhere inside their stack as well. Especially Gladiolus' hairstyle looks like it would grow out pretty fast otherwise.
BlurryDawgo's avatar
BlurryDawgoHobbyist Digital Artist
So THAT'S why I never have enough gil.
UnknownEnder2016's avatar
UnknownEnder2016Hobbyist General Artist
So that's how you keep your hair good after every battle. I need to stock up.
Metalknightrider's avatar
MetalknightriderHobbyist Photographer
Shadeblade64's avatar
Shadeblade64Hobbyist General Artist
Everything is so clear now. XD
Soulsaber67's avatar
Soulsaber67Hobbyist Digital Artist
Perfect ass hair after fighting a dragon my ass.
10xTAGx01's avatar
lol, noctis doesn't get to ride shotgun. These are funny!
pwingcuston's avatar
Plus, the standard Regalia doesn't have red seats.
AzureRat's avatar
AzureRatHobbyist Digital Artist
Gotta look their best ya know?
GoatDragon7's avatar
This is so beautiful
UsagiYogurt's avatar
UsagiYogurtProfessional General Artist
Pfft. Of course...
AwkwardBloom's avatar
AwkwardBloomHobbyist General Artist
This is where all our money went?  Noct's response: What else do we spend our gil on?
RubyDarknessAngel's avatar
RubyDarknessAngelHobbyist Artist
LIES DECIET! Prompto always rides shotgun
BurningArtist's avatar
BurningArtistHobbyist General Artist
I actually bought gel(or spray).... but I have no idea what it does. XD
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