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FFXV - Lover's Notebook

Noct sents Lunafreya a lovely message.

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i'd say upvote if big mood but this isn't reddit
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Bonus points: Luna just draws a picture of a nudes make up case and has Umbra send it back.

Noct doesn't get it.
Oh, Noctis. No wonder Ravus hates him so much if these are the sort of messages Noctis sent Luna over the years. 
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I laughed a lot harder than I should have at this!
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and now that wolfs gonne bite him =w=
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That's hilarious. XD
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Notice, your Highness, that you forgot to specify what kind of nudes...
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I wonder what would happen if Niflheim ever intercepted Umbra.
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Ardyn would probably write something inappropriate in the note book, just for the lulz and the sake of trolling Noctis & co.
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The looks on their faces!
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only question is..........did she reply back afterwards?.......:o
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first signs of text
first arrest for text
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...did she sens nudes?
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