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FFXV - Jump

Noctis does jump a lot doesn't he?

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Kinda like Shadow of War where you want to make the captain your ally and he's right in front of you so you press the button (example O because ps4). But you end up rolling or you make the grunt that is ten miles away from you a very temporary ally
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Your ffxv comics are amazing so funny 😂
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This whole thing is making me laugh so much in real!!!
I could dissect what exactly is making me laugh so much in this,
Such as
- His particular jumping pose
- His friends looking at him with... concern... we could maybe call it...
- His expression in the last panel.
But methinks it's the jumping pose that gets me...
...Especially in those particular locations ^w^
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No don't jump...pick up the damn ingredients!!!!
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I can relate but I love it. This looks amazing!
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I know the feeling
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Why! Why! Why! Why! Why can't it just be a different button!
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Ahhh funny cause its so painfully true... No wonder nobody thought I'd be a good King.
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The infamous "Jump To Interact" Button.

I made a new Favorites folder just for comics involving that button joke.
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🤣 Your comment has made me laugh in real just now!

"Jump to Interact"!!!

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They switched it to attack button in Windows edition for keyboard+mouse controls. Now Noctis hack and slash all the time.
I have lived this XD
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Console limitations...console limitations.
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Same with the fight and run button.
I try to run past a passive enemy but then I attack them instead.
supersherman1015's avatar
The run button is L3.
yamiryuuzero's avatar
Every time I play a Mario game.
Every. Single. Time.
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hahaha poor Noctis :D (Big Grin) 
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...That's a very good question Noct.
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Yo like.. same???? End me
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