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FFXV - I love Chocobos

The boys all love Chocobos!.... ummm..

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:0000 Ignis how could you!

wolfwoofa's avatar

You cant eat chocobos! No no no no no no please dont eat the cute chocobos :stare:

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He better re think the chocobos part of that cookbook, cause if he don't he's gonna have a lot of people on him for that.
ShyBatJay's avatar
Me: Aww thats so cu- *realisez ignis is golding his RECIPEH book* Yami Shocked  
SDWH's avatar
I may as well mention this,
But 'Chocobos' 
Always makes me think of chocolate.
Wonder if Ignis is thinking of a chicken recipe or chocolate recipe? owO
AIOBA's avatar
NOOOOOOOOO! Please don't hurt the precious CHOCOBOS! Please!

(I'm laughing anyways!)
supersherman1015's avatar
Please just be the eggs...
DeadDancers's avatar
(I am just giggling away)
Vsieger's avatar
 ''THATS IT!!!''
equilibrik's avatar
I've come up with a new recipe!
Niome-Chan's avatar
I could taste test for you :P
equilibrik's avatar
I think everybody wants to try Chocobo drumsticks or roast.
SnowPanda007's avatar
SetoArto's avatar
What a mad lad 😂
Pheenixorphan's avatar
Uh oh :o Something tells me that Chocobo isn't safe
Shika-Mochi's avatar
No, you won't?! 😨
Raiinbolivia's avatar
I'm laughing way too hard at these comics. These are great! lol
theBluYu's avatar
:< OH NUUUU! Dun hurt da Chocobo!!! XD
The-Last-Sea-Serpent's avatar
Noodels102's avatar
"I've come up with a new recipehhhhhh"
xAshkii's avatar
oh my god this made my day xDD
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