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FFXV - Game vs Reality

I always wondered why the FF boys always managed to look so good after an intense battle. Hows that even possible?

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I have seen this like seven times (and no, I haven't played FFXV), and I JUST NOTICED HIM MISSING.

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Prompto: wah wah wah
Ry-Spirit's avatar
lol not spoiler dont worry
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Ignis has been eaten, but his glasses live on (not that they were alive to begin with)...
SerigalaTunggal's avatar
Looks like Iggeh just turned into a recipeh
turtles4life-711's avatar
He's gone 😱😱😱
OrageSpark's avatar
Error 404 : Ignis not found
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Please contact support now or if it's keep happening. Make sure you saved this game. Returning to title screen.....
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On the snake's mouth... thats... Ignis glasses?!
OrageSpark's avatar
lol I haven't noticed that
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They shower in hotels people ! XD
nashia-starsong's avatar
Lol did Ignis die? :O
whenyinmetyang's avatar
Why do they need to stop the car and kill the monsters in the game preview? They look like they're just living in the wild.
Sairea's avatar
I really love the guy saying: "Thats my house"
theAnimeNut's avatar
Little guy in the corner: "That's my house..." :XD:
OMadHatterO's avatar
Yeah is just... a game that has the literal genre of the game in it's title then... it feels like the whole game is a parody at my first glance.... what did you expect? Pancakes?!
Neo-Kaiser's avatar
Ignis didn't get eaten. He's just got blind and didn't know where to stand.
Spitestar's avatar
The guy with yellow vertical hair was eaten by the dragon/snake/lizzard thing. I didn't pick up on that till I noticed his glasses.
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In my game Noct is the dirtiest. I think it's because I have him wear the Radiant Raiment suit and within a day it looks crazy dirty. It's even worse after 5 days without camping.
evangelinengelo's avatar
Why in the below there is no Ignis?
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