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FFXV - Fine Dining

The boys enjoys a nice meal at a restaurant.

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DestructorBolt's avatar

he just needs to come up with a new recipe

izzyartistic1's avatar
Iggy, your cooking is, and always will be, top notch!
KittyxChan's avatar
Noooo poor Iggy!! D:
AIOBA's avatar
Everything will be alright Iggy.
LittleBunnyKotomi's avatar
Hello darkness my old friend...
Yurosoku's avatar
Its ok Iggy...
XTerraDiabolusX's avatar
Personally, I'd like to think that by eating out we're giving Iggy a little break. 
LazyIcon I wanna use - 33 :D 
...Even if it is Kenny Crow's.
Gurrenfang's avatar
I like that idea!
noobmaster89's avatar
Poor Ignis, no one compliment his dishes.
Erandiaaa's avatar

hahahahaha though let's see Noct and the rest complain once Altissia happens

am I going to hell yet for that comment ahaHAHAHHAHAHA
orion-hunter's avatar
I bet they went to Coctura's restaurant, and of course, poor Iggy can't compete with that 
MikelTheFallen's avatar
Autocorrect sucks
SolitaryGrayWolf's avatar
Starting to feel like I should stop at camps more.
supersherman1015's avatar
I do that for noctis to be stronger.
Miashie's avatar
my precious child is crying where is the humanity
Zimoshi's avatar
Why is he crying?I don't get it.:"D
silversnie's avatar
While I haven't played the game yet, I know that Ingis is a chef himself. Or rather he is cooking for the others. In the comic they are basically someone else is better cooking than him.
Zimoshi's avatar
Thanks for telling me.
godzephose's avatar
Good god that's horrible and sad.
GloomySpaceChild's avatar
Oh poor poor ignus (idk how to spell)
Xzoo02's avatar
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