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FFXV - Fatal Frame

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supersherman1015's avatar
supersherman1015's avatar
What happened to the ruby light?
DeadDancers's avatar
Oh my god you make me laugh way too much - which is just enough!
RadenWA's avatar
Should've taken a selfie together
muppetmasterNL's avatar
xblaklitex's avatar
FfffffI can't stop laughing... The tears... Damnit, I'm going g to hell.
Artygirll66's avatar
Gotta get that perfect angle ;)
TheFunKeyWays's avatar
Hahahahaha that's exactly how Prompto is
ZaynMalikLover21's avatar
Prompto,what the fuck are you thinking?! Why are you taking snapshots of Noctis,you hate to see your friend in a terrible state right?!
BlurryDawgo's avatar
Dude, relax. It's just a comic.
ZaynMalikLover21's avatar
Bullshit,Noctis will never die!
Aturo's avatar
Dude... no... no !
AppleCiderArt's avatar
Prompto: *Sniff*Sniff*One for the gram*Sniff*Sniff*
j0estaarrr's avatar
If I could like comments I would honestly give your comment a hecka thumbs up--
I'm laughing so hard ||D
ShadowStaar's avatar
Prompto once took a picture of Gladiolus, knocked out in the dirt, on my playthrough 
xfumikux's avatar
Wow, I read that first bubble as "knock knock"
RIPZyden070121's avatar
The unfinished final scene
GalaxyFluffi's avatar
Gotta take that picture for Snapchat/Instagram amirite?
selvokaz's avatar
How the game ended.
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