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FFXV - Blindside

Me when I approach an enemy in FFXV.

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B I T E  T H E  P I L L O W
Pheenixorphan's avatar
Gotta attack dat' beast while its booty is turned! xD 
Gurrenfang's avatar


*launches a blindside attack*
XOrdinary1998's avatar
JerryStark's avatar
Back Attack x9.9
Bandi-Fundi's avatar
I never thought that i ever say it on DA, but...CLICKBAIT :"D
SercansArtbook's avatar
hahahaha that's great!! :D
DrX-Raven's avatar
Sergeant Anous: STOP RIGHT THERE! You're under arrest for sick, disgusting, immoral intentions! You should be ASHAMED of yourself!
Madelonetjj's avatar
DAMN that's an old meme!

I love old memes ;v;
companioncube40's avatar
Pfftt hahahaha. Oh sweet ramuh this is great. This is pretty much me in the game though I did it subconsciously 
Hellrider115's avatar
Its time to smash
Spartannr1's avatar
these are freaking immortal xDD
BloodhoundYellow's avatar
He's gonna hit that so hard.
WillisAuthor's avatar
OMG... LOL I'm crying in laughter, thank you!
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