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Donkey Kong

Most likely the last Retro Games artwork I'll submit as the month has came to a close. I still have a few idea but I guess I would save them for future.

So Donkey Kong! Loved most of the games with him in it. Especially Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo and DK64.

  Mother and Son by Ry-Spirit  Upgrade! by Ry-Spirit  The Little Dragon by Ry-Spirit  Crash Bandicoot by Ry-Spirit  Go West Young Raccoon by Ry-Spirit  Yooka-Laylee by Ry-Spirit
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donkey kong


donkey kong is here

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Donkey Kong loves bananas!
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this is amazing Donkey Kong's dong expanded to feature length 
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all hail the true king of the jungle fuck lions
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This is awsome i like it makes me think he looks Real in Real life i like it.
i wanna learn how to draw can u give me a tip
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youtube tutorial helps, and just keep on drawin, the more you do it the better you get. also look at somones artwork and find out wat u like about it. and them try to use that in your artwork.
THANK YOU Ry-Spirit for the tip 
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May I use this piece as an inspiration for my poetry?
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yup thats fine:)
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I wish they would remake some RARE games for 3ds. DK64 and Banjo & Kazooie would be awesome
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i wanna see the future! if you know what i mean eue
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two words: Bad Ass!
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Wow, amazing art you've got here !
I'm doing Let's Plays, and I'm planing to do a Donkey Kong one, can I use this for my videos, please ?
Of course, I'll give you credits and I'll link your deviant page in the descriptions of my content.
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yup ok thats fine as long as u credit me
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Thanks a lot !
Here's my channel : [link]
I'm not gonna doing it right now, so if you want me to show you when it's done, I'll be happy to show you. :)
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sure show me wen ur done
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Very cool reminiscent of 40's propaganda posters.
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The most epic Donkey Kong I've seen!
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Hi ! This artwork has been featured in a gathering about Mario characters here ([link]) ! Thanks for this beautiful piece, and come to see :dummy:
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