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Crash Bandicoot

One of my favourite game of all time, Crash Bandicoot. I used to play this game a lot on my aunty's Playstation, I played mostly Crash bandicoot 2 and 3 and CTR. I remember getting Crash Bash after CTR and being kinda disappointed... it felt different and it felt weird.. Then I found out Naughty Dog the original company sold Crash to another company, and since then I havn't bought other Crash games. :( Its a bit sad what happened with the Crash Bandicoot franchise, to the point of being even kinda non existent now days. But hey at least Naughty Dog went on to make other great games after selling Crash Bandicoot. So thats ok i guess. Wish we can see another classic Crash game in the future. Bandicoot Power!

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Well, the video game company Activision was responsible for the remastered trilogy, CTR Nitro Fueled, and one that wasn’t originally made Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, in one level you play as Cortex

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sega-boy09's avatar… im not sure if you authorised it but someone is selling your art on phone cases. This is some amazing artwork by the way! :)
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But you missed 6 boxes!
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Started looking for great Crash Bandicoot art. Straight away found some great art. 100/99
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that looks quite awesome, nice!
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Awesome drawing, dude! Double Thumbs Up Emoticon 
Would you mind if I used Crash in a similar pose in a piece of mine? It won't be exactly this, given the character's slight redesign, the background art, you won't be seeing his whole body and the angle of the overall piece I have in mind, I just wanted to let the people know who inspired my drawing!!! :D I'll be sure to link you, I promise - I just would like to have your consent first though!!! If not, I'll think up a different pose - I just thought this one was really cool!
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yeah thats fine :D
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AWESOME! Thank you so much!
I'd like to have a scanner though before I upload this piece first so it may be a while!
But I'll be sure to mention you so you can see for yourself! :D
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So kewl! Do you still sell shirts of this? 
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I do ^^ check out my teepublic site
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I did click the link but it said page not found :p I'm totally gonna get one though <3
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When you draw Crash Bandicoot just right. :)
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