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Checkmate Satan

By Ry-Spirit
"Checkmate! Satan." says the pretty angel to the disappointed King of Hell.

Another artwork for the Gods and Demons month, this time featuring a character from both sides! Had lots of difficulties getting it to look good, until I messed around with the lighting and shading. Anyway now I am quite happy about it. Thank god (excuse the reference).

Changes: OK now the check board makes sense, queen takes out King. The tiles is still wrong but thats because its the Hell Edition Chess Board, they play it differently over there.

If you are interested in buying this as a print, please click here for more info [link]
You can check out more of my work on facebook: [link]

Or tumblr: [link]
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Ha! Ha! This is cute! A fine work of art; I'm almost certain it's an ancient theme!
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Power of bible plot armor
that angel looks like ryo asuka [aka satan] from devilman
He doesn't look ugly enough. Anyway I'm sure he's used to losing...
jonathann10's avatar
you know how he looks like?
LW97's avatar
Satan is a weakling
Satchithecat's avatar
Angel wins again! ;)
wolfgangempress's avatar
NepthilimFan's avatar
This looks amazing and cool situation
AzazelTheFallen's avatar
I wish satan was real.
slayerdude677's avatar
love it but i picture satan more intelligent charming smug and ...................................hotter 
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Lovely artwork!! :love: :heart:
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Hm, why do people always portray checkmate as the King being taken out? That's not checkmate, and is pretty much just ceremonious showboating. Checkmate is when a situation is created wherein one player's King WOULD be taken on the next move by the opponent, without any way of avoiding it.
Darkmaster006's avatar
Looking at the pieces, the situation was there. Maybe the angel just wanted to make the king fall as a symbol.
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 like to think the angel is lucifer he looks so bored b/c he allways wins
The-A-llegiant's avatar
((this is awesome!!))
rachelthepessimist's avatar
I don't think I've ever seen such a smug angel. This is such a cool piece. I love it.
Okaia-the-Bladesman's avatar
hahaha, I'll assume the angel is Gabriel XD
Laharl234's avatar
Like the angel kid. Reminds me of Lucemon.
luis-GAH's avatar
that little angel looks more like Lucifer than tho other dude… 
ChiuSai's avatar
That's a cool, painting kind -of a picture.  I love the teknic of it, and the colours are deep and well choosed! The athmosphere is also cool- the shadows and lightning are on the right places! :3

Ps. Sorry of my bad english.;3; '
Ry-Spirit's avatar
thank you very much. i think your english is just fine :D
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