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Astroboy's Intense Battle

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It has been a while since I drawn something Japanese I realised! So the Astroboy movie is coming out in Japan tomorrow! In celebration of the movie, I have decided to do a fan art of Astroboy. So this is him in an intense battle with lots of damage, but still wanting to fight back! Thats what I like about the kid.

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charactermaker27Student Artist

If they reboot his anime again, I can picture them doing this!

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Blueart14Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shit that's cool
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pinkgamer12Hobbyist Digital Artist
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OrangeToonist Digital Artist
This drawing is on so much bootleg clothing
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Ry-SpiritProfessional Digital Artist
seriously...? Where abouts? :(
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OrangeToonist Digital Artist
I'd have to check again and make screenshots, I'll do that soon so you can see them.
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Ry-SpiritProfessional Digital Artist
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OrangeToonist Digital Artist
I keep checking and I can't find them again.
I'd suggest using Tineye and doing a reverse image search to see if you can find them.
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
He seldom got through a major battle without some damage.
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
Calling Dr.Ochanomizu for emergency repairs.
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Hirpina81Professional Traditional Artist
Rough battle, isn't it?
Although inside he is like this, I can't stop loving him. It's his heart counts; inside he can look terrible as a Terminator, but have a talk with him, and you forget all the matters about powerful battling machines.

He's still fighting, even if he lost almost half of himself; luckily, if he survives the battle, he can be repaired, and he will be cute as he was before.
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Reminds me of the 1980's first episode when Tenma asked those other two scientist to help find Astro. He asked the woman scientist, "Come on, you at least think it's cute, right?" and she's like, "On the outside, but then I remember that's it a machine on the inside" 
 --or something along those lines.
That conversation made me think. As does this picture.
Still love Astro, though.
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MoonThePegasus22Student General Artist
nightmare fuel 0.0
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BlueTiger19Student Artist
The detail is fantastic!, you must have worked hard on this, the lighting and perdition is perfect. You really have unqrire telnet (sorry lf I spelled the words wrong) keep up the great work you done. 😃
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Inspector-SpindaHobbyist Digital Artist
Have you ever read the Pluto manga? It features Astro Boy as a major character as well as the entire cast of the "The Greatest Robot in the World" arc
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borismikuProfessional Filmographer
He looks almost complitly messed up!
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
Looks like the intense damage that Robo-Superman claimed to have endured in his battle with Doomsday. Same body parts that had to be replaced. BUT the mutilated, now cyborg hero, turned out to be a genocidal madman out to destroy earth and make all the cosmos regard him as a menace !
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kittyface27Hobbyist Digital Artist
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anime1999Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Aco-does-artHobbyist Digital Artist
This is creepy, yet amazingly cool!
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AsymptoticWayHobbyist Traditional Artist
:star: Featured here [link] :star:
Have a nice day! :hug:
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love this, great job!
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