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Ash Ketchup

We had Brockoli, now we have Ash Ketchup
Sorry not sorry

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ash ketchup is one of my top searches on google lol:happybounce:

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Haha that’s what I thought his name was as a kid!
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Pickachu will love this.
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“Pikachu, why are you looking at me like that? Pikachu, what are you doing? put me down!”
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i have been waiting for this for years.
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this joke is just amazing

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Ahahahahahahaha I always used to laugh and call him 'Ash Ketchup' this is great :happybounce: w00t! 
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Oldie but goodie!
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Lmao!! Pikachu would love that he loved a ketchup bottle in one episode
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His dream is to be a Pokemon mustard. Sorry that was a lame pun. In all honesty, I truly relish this work.
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Ash Ketchup. Made from the finest and freshest tomatoes! 
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Can't stop laughing xDD you made my day!!
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What's next? Tai sauce?
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