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By Ry-Spirit
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This is the new droid they announced for the upcoming Star Wars movie Rise of the Skywalker! I am still confused as how it just turns on the spot on one wheel. But I have seen it done on stage and Im like wat. Anyway enjoy~

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39489Hobbyist Digital Artist

jesus now thats a big siren

# siren head fam

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rw:Rey D O radio i get it^_^
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What about chopper from Star Wars Rebels
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"But it was me, D-0"
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No fair. That one hasn't shown up yet.
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burntbeebsHobbyist General Artist
I was honestly expecting something like "I-D-0" as the last one and oml I've been tainted by Jojokes and I don't know anything about it. These are killing me, sorry for all the faving and running but I have been too busy losing my ribs to form any coherent thought.
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Give it a a black or white wide brimmed hat, and a cloak, and give black eyes with white pupils, and it will look like a Spy vs Spy character.
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Kono D-O da
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MutouYuugiAiboufanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I haven't seen the trailers for the latest Star Wars movie, but I'm sure it is going to be great. This droid looks quite interesting. Liking how Rey-D-O enjoys singing. Reminds me of how much I enjoy music.
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How about Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Maleficent, and Simba evolutions?
Mate397's avatar
I can literally hear Rey-D-O blast 
"MUDA MUDA MUDA" on a loop when fitting
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LargeStupidityHobbyist Digital Artist
Be honest, is that REY-D-O pun the only reason you drew this?
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TomboCreationsHobbyist General Artist
Wouldn't it just turn like a unicycle does
Kettterer's avatar
I love this. I like AI and robots.
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GarPlatinumHobbyist Digital Artist
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Lucas-ZeroHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, the first one is weird for me as a portuguese speaker, Pint-O (or Pinto) is often used as a word for penis in portuguese, and seeing that Pint-O is mocked by its small head, that turned out kinda funny hahaha. Great work!
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SerenityFeueropalHobbyist General Artist

What about pinto beans?

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You're confussed how this thing turns with just one wheel? I'm still trying to work out how BB-8 gets any forward momentum with a ball in sand... It would just spin in place..
HeraldOfOpera's avatar
I'm going to assume you were talking about a regular unicycle on-stage, rather than a robot.
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KoKoMaggotHobbyist Artist
I'm surprised you didn't try to go for.......

:Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: :Dio: Emoticon|Kono Dio Da! Emoticon|Kono Dio Da! Emoticon|Kono Dio Da! Emoticon|Kono Dio Da! Emoticon|Kono Dio Da! Emoticon|Kono Dio Da!              
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Fernando310507Hobbyist General Artist


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MrWonderWorksHobbyist Writer
I Can't wait for Chooper and other Republic, Rebel Alliance, and Resistance's astromech droids soon!
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TheDubstepAddictHobbyist Traditional Artist
Maybe it has smaller wheels on the big one?
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