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#067 Blanket - #068 Zero - #069 Sub-Zero
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Published: November 5, 2018
Did you know? That in 1915, Einstein discovered that time is relative? So if time is not the same for everybody, I figured that it also shouldn't matter that its 5 days after Halloween and I am still uploading Halloween related Disney Evolutions! Anyway here's Zero from Nightmare before Christmas...

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Comments (52)
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SHNASHQ|Student Digital Artist
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Marbletism|Student General Artist
...do I smell a Sixth Sense reference? ;)
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imgonnakillu123's avatar
eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that is Sub zero's doggo
from mortal kombat
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SMemeG4|Student Artist
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Laugh-Butts|Professional Digital Artist
Go ahead and design Pokemon officially. You will be excellent at it!
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habspan123's avatar
Wow I can't believe blanket canonically dies
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Mute-Dog's avatar
"blanket" type: normal
"Zero" type: Ghost
that's a little grim
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Brickticks1's avatar
You're not Phantom the Flightmare!!!!! What have you done with him?!?!?!?!?!
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HeraldOfOpera's avatar
Exponents do not work that way. No, not even negative exponents, which are of course a real thing.
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MajorasMasks|Professional Artisan Crafter
Really cool!
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SweetHonestyKeysha|Hobbyist General Artist
His innocent his gone!!!

Poor Zero !!!
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Raptorteam-atlas's avatar
The most varied Pokemon evolution family
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Ry-Spirit's avatar
Ry-Spirit|Professional Digital Artist
Omg u r right
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InkSansJay|Student Artist
Hecco that's amazing
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MissAnona|Hobbyist General Artist
Very cheeky
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PeteriDish|Hobbyist General Artist
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MutouYuugiAiboufan|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I heard something like that about Einstein, but not that exactly, so that is an interesting bit of information. Interesting to have the types change quite a bit for Zero in this one. Loving the idea behind Sub-Zero and even how Blanket is now a ghost when he evolves into Zero. I wonder if you are going to be doing anymore Nightmare Before Christmas characters. Can't wait to see your next one for this.
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This is good!
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Velvet-Rainbow|Student General Artist
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Alright!:) Thank You For the Response!:) Myself And Your Other Fans No Dought Can’t
Wait to See So More of Your Master Pieces!:) Well, Till Next Comment, BBFN, Bye Bye For
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Tsurohito-Lianrie's avatar
Tsurohito-Lianrie|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There's always time for Nightmare Before Christmas, and technically it is an in-between movie, so I think this is excusable.
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RioFluttershy's avatar
He looks adorable ^.^
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Sansiscool33's avatar
Sansiscool33|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
if no one can see Sub-Zero, how come some ghost types are visible in battle?
Like i get where you're going for, but wouldn't it be visible in battle or even a visible evolution or smth?
Either way i love the design of Sub-Zero! He looks more scary than playful!
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RandomArtKid|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It says most, not all. So some people can still see him
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