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#019 Statch - #020 Stitch - #021 Stutch
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Published: June 30, 2018
Continuing the Disney Evolution list, we are now up to one of my favourite Disney characters, Stitch! ..and Statch and Stutch! Stutch is butch

#001 Mimi - #002 Mickey - #003 Mickfoley by Ry-Spirit #004 Don - #005 Donald - #006 Don-old by Ry-Spirit #007 Goof - #008 Goofy - #009 Goofather by Ry-Spirit   #010 Mimi - #011 Minnie - #012 Mineficent by Ry-Spirit #013 Dai - #014 Daisy - #015 Dai-Z by Ry-Spirit #016 Plu - #017 Pluto - #018 Peter Roverson by Ry-Spirit

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The final evolution has obviously been hanging out with those Monstars.
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Ben-J-Kirby-Tennyson's avatar
Ben-J-Kirby-Tennyson|Student General Artist
Great quote for Stitch! Stutch looks awesome. You spelled “cannon” wrong, though.
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Duckmaster2016's avatar
Duckmaster2016|Student Digital Artist
Stuctch is like for gay furry fap material, I'm not a gay furry
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Dinzydragon's avatar
Statch & Stutch (c) Original creators
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merthin18's avatar
Stutch is kind of scary:o (Eek)
But Stitch looks cute hereI am a dummy! 
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Azurllinate|Student Digital Artist
I wonder how Lilo will take to Stutch. :love:
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DEEcat98|Student Digital Artist
You should do the other Lilo and Stitch Experiments as Pokemon like what you did with Stitch here.
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HeroMewtwo|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was thinking same. Perhaps in some other region, not only is there a pokemon based on Reuben (625) that evolves with holding food, but there is also an "Alolan" form of the Statch line modeled after Leroy that's a solid fighting.
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xXPastel-BunniesXx's avatar
Damn that 3rd evolution tho XD
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HeartsUnlocked's avatar
HeartsUnlocked|Professional Artist
I love this series, super creative haha
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srbarker|Hobbyist Artist
The last one looks like Stitch on steroids.
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AustralianFox's avatar
AustralianFox|Student General Artist
Because it is
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Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
Ashen-Phoenix|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Statch is too cute for words, Stitch will always hold a top spot in my heart, and is it normal to be attracted to Stutch!?
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TamamaCandyLover's avatar
Stitch is already physically strong in his normal form imagine Stutch's strength Mr Incredible would crap himself lol.
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Assaprince's avatar
Stutch needs a Ukulele. Plus points if he can play and sing "over the rainbow"
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OMGitsPie76|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm not sure you wanna mess with Stutch.
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Sansiscool33Edited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the final "evolution" but what would make more sense is for the final evolution to have the Dark/Fighting typing or at least have something strength related
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katomatic22|Hobbyist Artist


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kyrtuck|Hobbyist General Artist
He better have a license for those!
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ArtJockeyKC's avatar
Shouldn't "Statch" be the baby Stitch from The Series episode "Baby-fier"?
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FuryQuantmin|Student General Artist
pokemon gif Machamp: Who shoving my stocks! 
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ToonGuy5|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Laked Gen 8 Pokemon.
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