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Hi my name is Ry. Nice to meet you

I like to draw and play videogame

I reside in LazyTown


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Big Smash Bros Art Collab by Ry-Spirit, journal

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Online shop now available! by Ry-Spirit, journal

Deviousness Award

DeviantArt and Ry-Spirit go hand in hand. From his fun-filled artwork to his quirky polls, Ry-Spirit has spent the last eight years becoming a shining light within the community. Having served as a volunteer for the fan art gallery, he’s dedicated his time to making DeviantArt a better place for those around him. His participation in the yearly Valentines Day event and his clever April Fools’ jokes bring a smile to the faces of everyone who encounters them!

The DeviantArt community is lucky to have a true deviant like Ry-Spirit. It is with great excitement that we name Ry-Spirit the recipient of the Deviousness Award for November 2015.
Awarded Nov 2015

Yo check this out

Welcome to my page! Some of these artworks of mine will make you laugh, some will make you weep, some will make you angry, some all at once.

What Class Are You?
Animal Crossing Over
Metal Geese Solid
Crash v Spyro | CTR
Stick 'em up!
Ouija Pokemon
Ugandan Sonic
Ugandan Tails
Ugandan Warrior
Spyro vs Crash
Kingdom of the Wumpa Fruit
In the name of the Pharaoh!
Undertale Collaboration
The Little Dragon
Mob Psycho 100
Six Same Faces
Poke Walk Kanto
Digi Walk
The Future is here!
Splat! ver 3.0

Disney Evolutions! A series I am constantly adding to, follow me for updates!

#001 Mimi - #002 Mickey - #003 Mickfoley
#004 Don - #005 Donald - #006 Don-old
#007 Goof - #008 Goofy - #009 Goofather
#010 Mimi - #011 Minnie - #012 Mineficent
#013 Dai - #014 Daisy - #015 Dai-Z
#016 Plu - #017 Pluto - #018 Peter Roverson
#019 Statch - #020 Stitch - #021 Stutch
#022 Subby - #023 Sully - #024 Sullivorc
#025 Eye.M.Cute - #026 Mike - #027 Eye.M.Scary
#028 Randy - #029 Randall - #030 Ranzilla
#031 Sparky - #032 Bolt - #033 Thunderbolt
#034 WALL-BB - #035 WALL-E - #036 WALL-Z
#037 EV.1 - #038 EVE - #039 EVANGEL1ON
#40 Mini Pooh - #41 Winnie Pooh - #42 Skinny Pooh
#043 Babe - #044 Piglet - #045 Boaris
#046 Tiggez - #047 Tigger - #048 Trigger
#049 Eeyawn - #050 Eeyore - #051 Eemo
#052 Bunny - #053 Rabbit - #054 Hare
#055 Hooters - #056 Owl - #057 Eyebrowls
#058 Kanga - #059 Kanga and Roo - #060 Roo
#061 Skelly - #062 Jack - #063 Skullface
#064 Sal - #065 Sally - #066 Scally
#067 Blanket - #068 Zero - #069 Sub-Zero
#070 Baggie - #071 Boogie - #072 Buggie

I also got this comic called Life of Ry, its all true stories that I made up.

Life of Ry - Fifty Shades of Grey
Life of Ry - Multitask
Life of Ry - Life Hack #3 Portable Sun
Life of Ry - A Bright Idea
Life of Ry - French Fry
Life of Ry - Spin the Bottle
Life of Ry - Ry on Ice
Life of Ry - Work
Life of Ry - Real Chick Magnet
Life of Ry - Alone
Life of Ry - Trick or Treat (with bonus story!)
Life of Ry - Claw Machine Expert
Life of Ry - Gravity
Life of Ry - Life Hack #7 Chocolate Eggs
Life of Ry - Evolving a Pokemon
Life of Ry - #NOTALLMEN
Life of Ry - Gifting
Life of Ry - Cupid
Life of Ry - When She Draws on Your Hand
Life of Ry - Good Drawer
Life of Ry - Christmas Gift
Life of Ry - Asian Dinner
Life of Ry - Draw Me
Life of Ry - Modern Games

This is my God

Doge Almighty

This is my spirit animal

Metal Geese Solid
Doing a special deal, 3 prints for $20 USD https://ryspiritart.com/collections/bundles/products/genshin-vogue-3-print-bundle Deal ends 1st of October
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If someone invites you to a birthday party and says "No gifts". Do you bring a gift?

396 votes
Bring a gift
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Favourite Scooby-Doo character?

427 votes
I don't have an opinion
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How long have you been on deviantart?

oh quite a long time

Your arts have. bright colours, Give us big laughs and cool stories! Keep up the good work

im glad! thank u

Oh wow, It’s amazing that u got followed by DA themself and got a prize!

You are amazing tbh