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lavender pearl - ToodlingGillian 
ruby - SapphireDreamscope 
lapis - MLPfangirl17 
peridot - StarSapphireDream

Feel free to change whatever you want!
cheap gem adopts (OPEN)
All of them cost 50 points but for a fullbody they're 100 points, for a weapon or extra will be 50 points. 

Lavender Pearl (Astrophobia): TAKEN
Ruby (Chionophobia): Taken
Pink Quartz (
Chronophobia): No owner yet
Lapis Lazuli (
Haphephobia): TAKEN
Peridot (
Hypnophobia): TAKEN
Kenophobia): No owner yet


1. I dunno, don't claim as your own? 
Please, I only just need 300 points to get an extra month of core.
If you cannot afford, please spread these around! 

They're each 200 points each but 400 bought together
For an extra 100 I'll draw them without their cloak!

1: taken 
chocolate mint ice cream is good
thanks marina
glub glub wwhat the fuck
Just an Eridan (he's basically my comfort character) 
beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world
Name: Fern Gulliver 
Nickname: Fae
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Panromantic
Abilities: None
Personality: Fern is a trainer who is (rarely among my OCs) a girl with a pure heart, she is a very sweet and kind-hearted girl who enjoys planting berries and giving her Pokemon treats after battles, she's not the type to hold grudges or even hate for the matter. If she won a battle, she would give the loser a berry in return as a little acomplishment prize to say the least. Her innocence is something to behold as she would most definitely fight evil teams out of curiosity instead of trying to save the region or world.. since she doesn't really understand what is going on.
Likes: Berry Pie (especially Oran Berry Pie, what a classic)  
Dislikes: Being told to give up on her dreams
Strengths: She mainly uses Fairy and Grass types, her main Pokemon being a LV 53 Lurantis
Flaws: Then again, she is not the type for Defense-Ups.. 

- If Fern were to have a battle theme, it would be Fantasy Nation Daybreak
- She's mostly a pacifist, and hates getting into battles for the sake of battles
- Her favorite beverage is Roserade Tea with two sugar cubes
- She hates anything that is bitter but likes spicy food just fine
- She was originally born in the Kalos region but travels around a bit, she's currently in Alola
She's terrified of Team Skull.. ESPECIALLY GUZMA. 
- Although her main Pokemon is Lurantis, her partner is a shiny Ralts she had gotten from a friend before disappearing from her life all together. 
- Basically Marine from Splatoon 2 
- The entirety of the Undertale Pacifist run 

Name: You
Gender: None
Nationality: None but speaks English
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Nothing
Personality: You is an entity who is what could be described as an being of pure emptiness, nothing is what You is. You is something that cannot be contemplated for thought, due to You not technically existing at all. You cannot feel emotions, neither can You attempt to speak out these emotions, leaving them to be cold and overall blunt when speaking.
Appearance: You is a pure white humanoid with two black dots for eyes and a black sweater, You also has short white hair in what seems to be a bob haircut, You represents the neutral side of the mind.

This is my child and I love them. 
I tried to make a drawing with every Tumblr trope I know. 
Please don't take this as serious I really don't give a shit. 
Name: CHROMA-0/Zero   
Age: Around 30 years ever since his creation
Gender: He does not understand the concept of gender but he does respond to male pronouns
Sexuality: Apathsexual
Abilities: Zero can manipulate a black substance in his body that enables him to make a sort of weapon (Ex. Swords) 
Personality: CHROMA-0 or Zero is one of few betas for what would've been a series of android soldiers known soley as CHROMA, unfortunately the creator behind CHROMA was found out to be a demon who escaped the breaches of Hell known only as Aeternus, he was never found again to this day. Zero was never fitted with a personality, since most CHROMA don't need a personality for their only purpose was to fight against what were known as angels. But he WAS fitted with a special 'censor' for whenever he struck down an angel (or anything else alive) he would be able to feel a surge of pleasure. To the human eye, Zero would seem pretty stoic and blunt, emotionless to say.   
Likes: ???
Dislikes: Humanity(?)
Strengths: CHROMA-0 contains a special black sludge known as 'Inclusions' which are capable of becoming weapons at will, along with helping repair any damage in battle.
Flaws: His inclusions are sentient and can do whatever at will, sometimes absorbing objects into him that he cannot control. 

- If Zero were to have a theme, it would be Cranberry Crisis
- He is physically incapable of displaying human emotion
- He has what would be called as 'sociopathic tendencies'
- He along with 7 others are the last remaining CHROMA to exist 
- Zero had 'absorbed' three other CHROMA
- If he were to have an alignment, it would probably be Neutral Evil or perhaps Chaotic Neutral
- He may look cute, but he will most certainly stab a bitch
- If his victim tries to run, he will follow them until they are exhausted and weak
- My Life as a Sociopathic Robot 
ouma and gamzee recite 'i have no mouth and i must
thank you MikeJEddyNSGamer89 
smug simulator 2018
Name: Clause von Lapislazuli
Age: 600 years old(?)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Abilities: Immortality, hypnosis, etc. Ya know, your average vampire abilities
Personality: Clause is probably one of the most narcissistic vampires you could (ever) meet in a lifetime, for a pop idol he's actually a megalomaniac who wants everything to go his way, sometimes eating fans or rival idols. He's usually seen admiring himself in the mirror before and after shows, he dislikes anybody who interrupts his 'private time' and would not hesitate to brutally murder and devour a bitch. And don't get me started on his intense gluttony, sure he drinks blood a lot but he also will eat any kind of food.. except wine, that shit tastes disgusting.  
Likes: Food. Lots of it. Also himself.
Dislikes: Wine
Strengths: Clause is known for his incredible strength and speed, usually the first to attack
Flaws: He won't stop gloating about himself, get him to talk about himself, that's his weak point  

- If Clause were to have a theme, it would be Black
- He thinks he's the embodiment of perfection
- 'Clause von Lapislazuli' isn't his real name. 
- His real name however is EXTREMELY LONG.  
- Many rising idols have perished because of him 
- If he were to have an alignment, it would probably be Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil
- His voice is deep and smooth like silk 
Houseki no Kaabii ~ Kirby's Land of the Lustrous
tiny brain: human au
big brain: hnk as a whole with no aus because the human au basically takes away the entire point of the plot 
galaxy brain: kirby au
local gerudo found dead in miami
Full name: Ignis Odite (火災 嫌い)
Nickname: Iggy
Other titles: The Officiant of Despair and Hatred
Gender: Female
Age: Around 35
Species: Gerudo
Sexuality: Heterosexual 
Relationship Status: UNKNOWN

Game Universe: Several years after BoTW (During the events of AiTA)
Role in story: Major Antagonist 
Alliance: Evil 
Day Job: Officiant 
Residence: Castle of the Doomed (Underground)
Partner: None 
Main Weapons: Spear 
Sub Weapons:

- Bombs (containing small doses of poison that cause damage over time when hit)
- Daggers 

Armor/Gear: Silken black cape and gold armor 
Magic: Dark 
Instrument: Flute
Other items: UNKNOWN

Date of Birth: June 16th ????
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Date of Death: August 30th ????
Place of Birth: Gerudo Valley 
Past residences: ??? 
Current residence: Castle of the Doomed, Florentes 
Past Occupations: None

Physical appearance: Looks like a normal Gerudo, except with darker skin (also somewhat covered in ash) and bright orange eyes, she wears her red hair in a long braid that goes down to her knees, Iggy wears a black cape with red lines all across, a red gem in the shape of the Triforce of Power on her chest along with gold armor. 

After being possessed by the remaining soul of Ganondorf, Ignis would visually have more noticably orange-yellow eyes and a much darker color palette, mostly consisting of black and dark red along with the ability to conjure up a black substance that would eventually absorb her body into it, recreating the embodiment of hatred himself. You're welcome, TF fetishists. 
Weight: ???
Height: Around 6 feet tall 
Body Physique: Similar to that of a regular Gerudo
Eye color: Orange
Hair color and length: Long dark red hair tied in a braid (When possessed, bright red hair that's let loose) 
Skin Complexion: Dark almost black (possibly due to ash)
Scars: None.. as seen
Piercings: None
Other defining features: She seems to have several black lines running down her back 
Overall appearance: Hyness but worse 

Personality: Ignis is a Gerudo woman who at first seemed to be simply tainted by Ganondorf's malice, until you reach the point where you fight her where it would be revealed that she was never corrupted.. by willingly went along with it, all she wanted was to help her beloved dark lord take over Hyrule for himself, she seems to have completely lost her very mind for the sake of helping him reincarnate, even going as far as to sacrifice her own fucking body. Aside from that, she's a pretty selfish and hateful person as a whole, wanting nothing but to satisfy her dark lord, but even then she does have a few redeeming qualities.. but only a few. VERY few. Ignis is rather determined and would go to extreme measures to make sure that everything is just in the right place.   
Likes: Collecting things (especially objects that can aid her in her goal)
Dislikes: Being interrupted/ignored
Strengths: Being of Gerudo descent, she is very agile and strong with her spear 
Weaknesses: She's terrible at dodging projectiles 
Phobias: Can't fear anything if you're not afraid to die.
Favorite food and drink: Hot peppers and 'milk'
Least favorite food and drink: Chicken.

- Lowkey Tsundere/Yandere mix
- Tends to yell a lot
- And I mean A LOT

Quiet or outgoing?: Outgoing 
Nasty or Nice?: Nasty
Fiery or Cold?: Fiery
Humorous or Unamused?: Unamused
Courageous or Cowardly?: Courageous 
Overall personality: Cultist gone koo-koo 

Parents: ???

- Adasia Odite | Gerudo | 15 years old | Deceased

Other Blood Relatives: ???
Adopted Relatives: ???
Significant Other: ???
Other Love interests: 

- Ganondorf Dragmire | Gerudo(?) | UNKNOWN | UNKNOWN | The entity Ignis wants to revive into the world, it is unknown wether it is out of love or resentment towards the world or any other reason. 

Child/Children: ???
Best Friends: 

- Chouka | Hylian | 20 years old | Deceased
- Glacis Amare | Mirror Demon(?)/Lorulian | ??? | Alive | A supposed demon who haunts the life of Ignis, is actually a pretty nice person who genuinely cares about Ignis' safety, but she never listens to her advice.. She's actually the Lorulian version of Ignis, as shown by her completely white soul as opposed to Ignis' black.


- Aogi | Zora | 130 years old | Alive
- Hibara| Rito | 27 years old | Alive


- Link | Human | Around 20 years at least | Alive | Hero of Earth
- Zelda | Human | Around the same age as Link | Alive 
- Viridi Ann | Former Hylian/Lost Spirit | About 16 years old | Deceased | Currently housed in a flower-shaped locket Link can use to summon her.

Arch Enemy: Literally anyone who doesn't agree with her about her beloved Dark Lord, possibly Aqua?

Attack: 7/10
Defense: 5/10
Speed: 8/10
Stealth: 7/10
Magic: 8/10
Wisdom: 6/10
Power: 7/10
Courage: 6/10

Other random stuff:

- She would die for Ganondorf, literally
- At the end of (the fanmade game) 'Abandoned in the Abyss' she sacrifices herself to revive her Dark Lord
- Lowkey based on Hyness/Nui Harime
- Exiled herself from the Gerudo Valley to practice dark magic
- The entirety of Hyness' rant from Kirby: Star Allies in G Major
- The risk she took was calculated, but man: was she bad at math
- Pretty fucking violent.
- Ignis is into vore sorry bitches but this is canon
- Welcome to my special hell. 
- Ignis Odite did nothing wrong 
- Binding of Isaac reference?
- Stupid Idiot was dying now he's starving
I want you tO FUCK ME GANON, FUCK ME    
- The only remnants of her after the main story is Glacis, her Lorulian self
- Ignis and Glacis may be a reference to Twinrova, who raised Ganondorf

Accent: I don't know how to explain this without sounding racist
Would they die for another?: Kind of... 
What do they smell like?: Ashes and poison
What do they taste like?: WhAT THE FU--
Least favorite enemy to fight: Link
Voice Actor: -SHRUG-
Theme Song: Homunculus Dream (The second time you fight her when she's half possessed by Ganondorf's remnants Hands That Can't Reach the Moon is the theme)
Roleplay Character?: Yes

Biography: TBA
Childhood: TBA
Other events before the game: TBA
During the game: TBA
After the game: Oh my fuckin god she fuckin ded
Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) - Extended Mix
guzma (vriska)


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