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Rwolf's General Fur Brushes

Made these up cause I couldn't find a hair brush I completly liked, and stock Photoshop 7 brushes didn't have any.

My piece "The Ravage Wolf" is my first piece done with these brushes.
© 2004 - 2021 rwolf
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jajajajaja dahhhh sorry i did not noticed it
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I used your fur brushes on this image:

For a kitty and for the guitarist's hair :)

theyre awesome man how can I download them ?
rwolf's avatar
where it says download file on the right?
SpiritCreations's avatar
I've always liked this brush you made. I've been using it for years now. :)
BOONJAGGA's avatar
Pretty sweet, thanks for letting us use them
tiffawolf's avatar
thanx for the download
Solsetrid's avatar
I can use it for my draws^^???
AdventuredWolfGirl's avatar
oh wow this is so helpful.I've been lookin at tutorials how to make fur some are helpful but some are just hard to do and then i decided to look for brushes and your brushes are like skip over a million steps lol but its really helpful thank you
Kataxenna's avatar
T^T The download doesn't work!
Paw-BR's avatar
Hehe, could you re-upload them, please?
icedance4ever's avatar
File Not Found. :(
DarknesShadoWolf's avatar
Hello, as many others have, I've come to bother you:

File not found D:
DoomedtoObscurity's avatar
The down laod doesnt work >.< ive been looking for fur brushes...
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good tip,thanks!!!
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Hi... what are your terms for using these brushes, like, is it linkware, for non-commerical or comerical, etc?
AlicornMoonstar's avatar
Too bad the file is gone :(
Shinsha's avatar
File not found :(
wolf-wisper's avatar
There cool but I can't download them???
Queen-of-Randomness's avatar
Wouldn't let me download, but thanks for sharing anyway. :) Lovely brushes, too.
SheWolfGeo's avatar
to bad, file not found
FurryCub's avatar
Aww. Those are great brushes! But when I try to download them it says "file not found" =(
Wolf-Gang's avatar
it says no file found...oh u got that comment already ^^;
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