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HR Giger in Concert



Heeeheee.... This has got to be the coolest microphone stand ever!!!

Anyway.. I was on Wikipedia the other day, clickin' around for random facts when I came to HR Giger's page [link] . Best known for winning an oscar for designing the set on the "Alien" movie, he's a swiss painter that specializes in bio-mechanical surrealism. Yeah, that's about as artsy as you'll hear from me :p

Anyway! I was more intrigued with how he dabbled in the music industry such as the album covers he did [link] and the guitars he designed for Ibanez [link] . What really hooked me, though, was the microphone stand he designed... it just looked incredibly weird and cool at the same time. So I decided to use it as the subject of a lighting study... Hence this, deviation.

Needed something to do to relax between my exams and this was it. Please give me pointers on how to improve my shading and lighting and stuff, especially since it was my first time to really deal with that stuff! Thanks!

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Yeaaah I love this microphone stand :) used by korn hehe my fav band
it does looks quite uber