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Hello, friends! Welcome to the RWBYGreatest group! A group for TRUE RWBY Fans everywhere! RWBY is created by montyoum from RoosterTeeth.

This is for fans EVERYWHERE!

This Group is for ANY FAN of RWBY Artist, Writer, Cosplay, MMD, or just a Viewer. What ever type of user you are of RWBY You are Welcome Here! :)

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:bulletred: Sexually explicit art/mature works of minors having sex and what not will not be accepted, Mature works is ok but it depend on the contents.
:bulletwhite: Screenshots (including demotivational posters) will not be accepted.
:bulletblack: Please submit things into their correct folders. Ask if you're unsure!
:bulletyellow: Be kind and courteous to fellow group members.

:bulletyellow: Submissions to this group MUST be clean, no anything nudity of nature ARE NOT allowed in the group.
:bulletpink: Keep it as if this group was rated PG13. Ask if you're unsure!
:bulletorange: Fan Service is ok as long as she and or he is clean.
:bulletgreen: Please listen to admins.

:bulletgreen: Don't Submit things a week awhile of time if you see RWBY Episodes from being a 1st Member during RWBY Volume until we post are RWBY Episode Discussion POst we don't wanted SPOILER this is for artwork,reviews, blogs, etc.!

:bulletpurple: If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to message us!
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Until Mar 23, 2020

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Jun 14, 2017


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Wilted Rose Guild: PT 3 Witchblade by GrimSoldier001
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Blake Belladonna (Modern) by massam-16
Kisekae: Blake Belladonna (Timeskip) by CRIXKISE
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RWBY : Stand User Yang Battle Cry by Dimitri100
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World War II RWBY [Just in Time] by ThyBlake
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Jaune Arc - Concept art by DavidEllisArtwork
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Nora Valkyrie (Modern RWBY) by massam-16
Nora Valkyrie Chibi by Lambo9871
RWBY: Electricity by Exvnir
Nora Valkyrie by Sculp2
Pyrrha Nikos
Pyrrha Nikos (Modern RWBY) by massam-16
Pyrrha Nikos - Concept Art by DavidEllisArtwork
Commission: The future that could have been... by Alex-kellar
Chibi Tattoo Pact by DavidEllisArtwork
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Preggie pink Easter Velvet! by blued1500
Raven Branwen - RWBY by MorevoDraws
Beacon Teachers and or Staff
Team Beacon Staff by yttyr
Team Adam by yttyr
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RWBY Ghira Ohayou by ZeroRespect-BOT
Neo Politan by Sculp2
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Over-affection by The-Good-Hunter
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Summer Festival by Lahley
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Sisters by Kashiopea94
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Forever Fall by trika88
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Act II by TheCamikazeD
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Fight Scene and or Stare Down
Darth Raven vs Adam by Icelance669
Animation Scene
RWBY Qrow pantsu steal by ZeroRespect-BOT
Remembering Monty Oum
My Tribute To Monty Oum by NeoVersion7
RWBY Old Legend Chapter 2 page 13 by Kone5497
Vajo Eaton alternate sword (bought adopt) by VeryClassyNerd
Just call me 'sir' by SoraxLxLightxFangirl
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Icons practice | Team RWBY by LittleRedRos3
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Eirika x Lyon and Ruby x Weiss 2 by alienskiller1
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Which is the Best Grimm? 

70 deviants said Beowolf
49 deviants said Nevermore
40 deviants said Wyvern
38 deviants said Other? Comment down below with a Yang!
27 deviants said Death Stalker
21 deviants said Sea Feilong
10 deviants said Ursa
9 deviants said Beringel
6 deviants said Lancer
3 deviants said Boarbatusk

RWBY Greatest

"We've never backed down before, and we're not going to start now."

"It's exactly as you said: I'm a Schnee. I have a legacy of honor to uphold. Once I realized I was capable of fighting, there was no longer a question of what I would do with my life. It was my duty."

"I'm a thrill-seeker. I want to travel around the world and get wrapped up in as many crazy adventures as I can. And if I help people along the way, then that's even better. It's a win-win, y'know?"

"I want a life where I don't know what tomorrow will bring. And that will be a good thing."

"I don't have a choice. I have people who actually care about me, and I promised I'd never leave them again. So I'm not dying now."

"You told me once that bad things just happen. You were angry when you said it, and I didn't want to listen. But you were right. Bad things do happen, all the time, every day. Which is why I'm out here, to do whatever I can, wherever I can, and hopefully do some good."

"And we may never be ready! Our enemies aren't just going to sit around and wait for graduation day. They're out there, somewhere, planning their next move, and none of us know what it is, but it's coming! Whether we're ready or not!"

"I am scared, but not just for me. What happened at Beacon shows that Salem doesn't care if you're standing against her or not. She'll kill anybody, and that scares me most of all. Pyrrha... Penny... I'd be lying if I said that it didn't hurt, that I didn't think about them every day since I lost them, that I didn't wish I had spent more time with them. If it had been me instead, I know they would have kept fighting too, no matter how dangerous it was. So that's what I choose to do - to keep moving forward."

"That's all that matters. That we're all here together."

"If I die buying them time, then it's worth it. They're the ones that matter."

"But we wouldn't be here if we weren't up for it."

"You were the first person to ever believe in me, you know that?"

"When I think of destiny, I don't think of a predetermined fate you can't escape. But rather... some sort of final goal, something you work towards your entire life."

"I'm just tired of losing everything."

"The journey will be perilous, and whether we'll find answers at the end is entirely uncertain."

"No. I won't let you kill yourself like this. After everything we've been through, I won't let it end."

"Do you believe in destiny?"

"Well, that embarrassment, that desire to go back and tell yourself not to be stupid, that just proves you're not the same person you used to be. You're smarter, you're kinder, you're stronger, and you're not done growing yet. None of us are."

"Just make 'em count."

"Most people don't know what it's like on the battlefield. I mean, even experienced fighters can get scared and start seeing things. If it happened to Coco, it can happen to anyone."

"I can't promise you'll leave without a scratch."

"You can make your own choices, sure. But you don't get to make ours. When your friends fight for you, it's because we want to. So stop pushing us out. That hurts more than anything the bad guys could ever do to us."

"You got some good friends looking out for you."

"Too bad all that money can't buy you skill."

"Most girls are born, but I was made. I'm the world's first synthetic person capable of generating an Aura! I'm not real..."

"Look... despite the drama and the fighting and the numerous attempts on my life, I had a lot of fun! But you're with who you're supposed to be now."

"This is going to be so much fun!"

"You're still working a lot of things out, I know. But you can do it with them. And in the future, who knows? I've got a feeling you haven't seen the last of me."

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul."

"Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future Huntsmen and Huntresses it is your duty to uphold it."

"Of course, with the fall of Beacon, everyone's a little more worried these days. And they should be."

"Ruby. I've made more mistakes than any man, woman, and child on this planet. But at this moment I would not consider your appointment to leader to be one of them. Do you?"

"Ozpin has experience that the rest of us lack. And I think that's something worth remembering."

"There are indeed a misguided few who have filled their hearts with malice. It doesn't take a great number of people to cause harm, but I still believe there are far more people in this world willing to prevent it."

"Honestly, we've run out of time. I don't know if you've not noticed, but things are getting a lot scarier out in the world. Tensions are high. Grimm are growing stronger, more prevalent. And it's not going to be long before the peace we've been enjoying for so long goes out the window."

"I once told you I made more mistakes than any man, woman or child on this planet. I wasn't exaggerating. I'm... cursed. For thousands of years I have walked the surface of Remnant; living, dying, and reincarnating in the body of a like-minded soul. The Professor Ozpin you all met was not my first form, and it clearly wasn't my last. It's... an extraordinarily strenuous process, on everyone involved."

"I am the combination of countless men who spent their lives trying to protect the people of Remnant. With every rebirth my soul is eventually merged with another and I am changed, but my memories stay with me. This curse was bestowed upon me by the gods because I failed to stop Salem in the past. But we must stop her now."

"I want to be strong. I want to be feared. I want to be powerful."

"You're asking the wrong questions, Red! It's not what I have to gain, it's that I can't afford to lose!"

"I don't care about Salem! But I owe Cinder everything. You want to fight her that bad? Be my guest."

"We're the guys you should be afraid of."

"We're better than humans. We have everything humans have and more. Humans shouldn't just fear the Faunus, they should serve the Faunus."

"You know, Neo, someone once asked me if I believed in destiny. And I'm happy to say I still do."

"It's not over! Cinder will come back, she'll have the Relic, and she'll stop all of you! She won't let us down."

"What you want is impossible! But I understand because all I want is you, Blake. And as I set out upon this world and deliver the justice mankind so greatly deserves, I will make it my mission to destroy everything you love."

"You want to be a hero? Then play the part and die like every other Huntsman in history! As for me, I'll do what I do best: lie, steal, cheat and survi-!"

"A smaller, more honest soul. It's true that a simple spark can ignite hope, breathe fire into the hearts of the weary. The ability to derive strength from hope is undoubtedly mankind's greatest attribute... which is why I will focus all of my power to snuff it out.
How does it feel? Knowing that all of your time and effort has been for nothing? That your guardians have failed you? That everything you've built will be torn down before your very eyes?

Your faith in mankind was not misplaced. When banded together, unified by a common enemy, they are a noticeable threat. But divide them, place doubt into their minds, and any semblance of power they once had will wash away.

Of course, they won't realize it at first. Like you, they'll cling to their fleeting hope, their aspirations. But this is merely the first move. So you send your guardians. Your huntsmen and huntresses. And when they fail and you turn to your smaller soul, know that you send her to the same pitiful demise.

This is the beginning of the end, Ozpin. And I can't wait to watch you burn."

RWBY belongs to montyoum and is part of the RWBY series, property of Rooster Teeth.

Guys and Girls make sure you read this Journal! Updated 7-25-17!

Ok so it that time again for the Shout Out for all the best work here submit in this group! We will have 20 of the best work, and 5 in which will be a cosplay of the month. However, that will be on a side group RWBY-Cosplay! So let get this started with a YANG!

Rule the art work has to be from this year May.

Trying my best to get people who were not in last month but it was VERY hard as there was so many GREAT Art work submit for April and we have EVEN more then we had in May so first and for most if you not in here I am sorry. It was VERY HARD for me to pick over the other. It was something SUPER REALLY REALLY good. We wanted to have the best work out there but we also wanted to give some other user some changes to.

Ruby Rose, and Detective Pikachu by Pikafan09 by Pikafan09

This is so cute, I love this idea!

RWBY - Sleepy Ruby (Animated) by geek96boolean10 by geek96boolean10

It's so funny the way Ruby just falls asleep during class.

Neo redraw by DavidEllisArtwork by DavidEllisArtwork

Neo looks incredible here!

(Bumble)Beehive by SilverAmarok by SilverAmarok

Great drawing, and the scene is beautiful!

Weiss Schnee x Hatsune Miku by ApparentSalt by ApparentSalt

Weiss looks awesome as a Vocaloid!

RWBY AU: Twins by PotatoDimension by PotatoDimension

Weiss and her twin sister! This is such an interesting idea!

Weiss Mermaid by ReiAndHana by ReiAndHana

Great concept, Weiss looks so cute!

To Atlas! by Vanellope-von-art by Vanellope-von-art

Neo in her new outfit! Awesome shading and coloring!

Weiss Mermaid by saemidesu by saemidesu

More mermaid concept, Weiss looks mesmerizing!

Team RWBY....again ^~^ by AriChanBlueblaze by AriChanBlueblaze

Beautiful colors! The drawing in so colorful!

Our Last Farewell by AvongaleArt by AvongaleArt

This gives so much emotion!

Velvet by Himawar1 by Himawar1

Velvet looks so cute! Great drawing!

A day at the beach with Team JNPR by Artkos19 by Artkos19

Beautiful scene of team JNPR!

RWBY Yang Swimsuit by ZeroRespect-BOT by ZeroRespect-BOT

Yang looks amazing!

Forever Fall by trika88 by trika88

Beautiful drawing, we will always remember Pyrrha.

Neopolitan Vol 6. by RayXiaoLong by RayXiaoLong

Neo looks so pretty, and the drawing is great!

Pyrrha Niko||I never give up by LilSleepyMoon by LilSleepyMoon

This scene is incredible!

RWBY - Yang by anonamos701 by anonamos701

Yang looks great in this outfit!

Neopolitan by JakeTaisa by JakeTaisa

Neo looks so cute! Awesome drawing!

Weiss Schnee || Sinulog OOF by dango-arts by dango-arts

Weiss looks beautiful, I love the colors!

Okay, that is it for this month. Keep up the GREAT artwork, and maybe you will be in the next month's shout out. If we can keep this up, we can do more each month. You Guys and Girls keep making it hard on us to pick, that is a GOOD thing because then we can add more. Also, maybe you will be the shout out for next month's artwork. Until then, Keep it YANGING EVERYONE! :D

Oh I almost forgot where are the cosplay you ask? Well I already said where they're going, here…

But here is where you can see the May 2019 Shout Out: TBA

Also check out are new chatroom:…

Also PS Check out this… let me know if you're into this idea, and if you got a comic book creator let me know if you would wanted to it be dub. (Yes I have a new updated to this soon) Yes there be one.

Also check out the latest RWBY Episode Discussion…

Check out the latest Theory of the Week here:…

Also check out are 1,000 member post,…

Also for Updates for what where doing check out…

As well as the latest update of what plan are going on next's go here…

Also there are Co-Founder Position Available…
The 2nd Annual RWBY Art Summer BASH 2019 Contest Announcement!

Happy Early Summer Everyone!

This is an art contest!

So we did this last year so where going do it again. He what where going to do rather thing try to come up prizes. And me and other mods picks winner. Why not let the FANS of RWBY that would be YOU pick the winner?  When this contest ends, we’ll have a vote basic on you the people that will pick top 3 winners! A blog will be posted showing all of the entries you can over enter 1 art work per user, and YOU THE FANS OF RWBY in this group can cast your vote of your top 3 favorites. At the end of voting, prizes will be given accordingly by you all THE RWBY FANS!

It HAS to be a Summer Theme of someone from RWBY! It can then being Sun Burn, In the Pool, At Summer Camp, Summer School. etc.

We can always do with more prizes, but if you want to offer one/some then please make sure you’ll have time in Late June/Early July to get started on whatever promise you make.

Here is a list of prizes at this time being offered:

1. Here what I will give 1st Place 50 :points: , 2nd Place 25 :points:, and 3rd Place 10 :points: (yes I know it not the much but I don't have that many points.) I can change the point reward if we are able to get more points.

2. MetalPorSiempre From :iconmanga-anime--art: will put a feature blog in her group for all winners.




I am asking for a least 3-5 Point for submit but only because we don't have much to go around. All point that are denoted are used for Reward Prize for group Contest ONLY. But you don't have to if you don't have it. But more point can make the point prizes bigger. Please donate points to my YangXiaoLong3 's Donation widget if you wanted to help us out on the point thing. And comment "For Contest Entries" .

Contest Start Date: Right Now

Contest End Date: July 19, 2019!

When the contest ends, the votes from the RWBY Fans with Top 3 winners! A blog will be posted all of the entries, and you pick your top favorites. At the end of voting, prizes will be distributed accordingly!

I edit anything that need to be change for update prizes or new prizes.

If you have any questions about this contest, Send me a group note via though the group, or note an admin directly. If you want to donate a prize, leave a comment down below, Or send note to the group, or note me  or another admin.

Also I should note for Point reward you MUST have you Donation widget out as that how I can give you your point reward ever deviantart user has one if you don't know how to put it on you profile page note me and I try to help you set it up. As this is how I sent you your points.


Updated* Make sure to submit entries here.…
-Note (Update on 11-10-17), (Update on 11-20-17) (Update on 5-17-18) Update on 3-24-19)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is you Founder @YangXitoLong3 speaking. 1st of all thank you for over 1,000 Member in 8 months. :) But mainly I am just here to say that applications for a Co-Founder position are now open! Also Contributors are also open as well. This is a leadership opportunity for anyone interested! Anyone in this group is eligible for this position! However you gotta be willing to do some stuff.

-Checking deviant submission, making sure they're being put in the right folder, declining material that does not fit this or move it to the right section.  Make sure explicit art and screenshots are decline per are groups rules. Featured Folder (it is brutal, but we need our featured folder to be featured) any that go in the featured are photos and art work that is already in the one of are folder are ready and we pick though and copy into the the featured folder. That why no one can submit thing there.

-Presenting creative ways to involve the ENTIRE GROUP in community events (this can includes contests, current events, reviews, news on the volume etc...) Yes we WILL have discussion journal starting with RWBY Volume 5 which comes out every week for each episode. Kind of like what we been doing with the Shorts Weiss, Blake, Yang and the episode 3 of season 5 so far that got on the Rooster Teeth YouTube Channel. We post link there video and then give are though on it after I put there description.

-Responding to questions posted in the group chat, regularly responding in the admin threads, and possibly some other things? Also help with discussion thread, RWBY News. As well as are month shout out blog we wanted the best of the best art work to be shout out. So we could used some help there.

That's just a stressful paragraph of things you need to be willing to do to keep this group moving quickly and smoothly so that people's work can get posted and spread ASAP!

If you want to apply please message me directly with your application. Applications should have the following information:

-Applicant username, time on deviant art, time in this group, just some things that would make you a good co-founder,your loyalty to the group, favorite color, favorite RWBY character, favorite snack. Yes you need to answer. You need to convince me that you're gonna keep up with this stuff. And you be loyalty to the group and help it. And maybe even make it better.

-Coming up with new idea to help the group be better with suggest in are private message broad...

Please note: For now on we are going a level system. When you apply you will not get a co-founder potion you will work your way up. And started as a Contributor if I think your good. And If I see you active and doing think to help group out you will then be put up to a Mod. And if you do really good as mod then you will be a co-founder. We need to see people are going be active and do thing in the group help it out.

Some of these seem silly but heck, you gotta have some personality to get this show on the road! So go and apply if you are interested! I am super excited to have new people on the team! So let get it started with a YANG!
More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries



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