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Hey, I sent five things in last Sunday for possible upload and haven't heard anything back yet. Is there a certain time I should expect a response?

Hello Admins or moderators, I would like to ask how to remove some of my works in the RWBYGreatest comic folder?
RWBY is not dead, and here's why.In the news of Rooster Teeth shutting down, it’s understandable for people to go into a panic, but just because Rooster Teeth is shutting down, doesn’t mean RWBY is going to abruptly die.For starters, they were already in the process of making Volume 10, even without being greenlit.Just because a company dies, doesn’t mean all of its IPs go down with it. Rooster Teeth’s big projects, are being sold to other companies. RWBY is one of them.As for the two most popular, RWBY will probably go to crunchy roll, and Red VS Blue will probably go to Microsoft, due them possibly wanting all Halo projects under their umbrella.Even though the thought of RWBY being cancelled by Warner Bros is scary, they probably won’t. A lot of the projects they have cancelled were fresh, new projects that have gone too far off the ground. RWBY has been around for 10 years, going on 11, and it is a globally recognized franchise.I feel like RWBY Volume 10 will eventually come out, if Crunchyroll does pick it up, I feel like they could finish it. Volume 9 ended on a cliffhanger. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the story of Team RWBY is not over yet. if it was me, i would do a soft reboot with a Timeskip in Volume 10, have RWBY be in vaccuo and show them trying to fortify their defense against Salem, show that the team has grown up a bit. as im saying this, i want a bit of change but nothing like Gen:LOCK did but more like how steven universe did, i still hope we get that extra content that we were gonna get like RWBY V9 Beyond. if not on Crunchyroll then maybe a TV station like Aduit swim, how do you think we got one of the best Superman TV shows sense the old animated series. along these line, if i was incharge of RWBY Ip, i would not only continue the original cannon, but i would also have in pipeline a Reboot that more focus on the school and characters, plus bring in a bigger marketing team to sell more items from this show, maybe have a similar vibe to Steven Universe art style, mix with a bit of avatar level storytelling to really flesh out this world, of course i would wanna explore this world as well but not how the show did where it's all doom and gloom but show hope in these world, even if it is flawed there always a shine of hope no matter how small it can be. that would be more of a meaning to RWBY silver eyes, not just an EYE Win button against grimm, but as a symbol for hope
Hey, just a heads up for the admins, the group's layout will probably change with the update. I think on March 24th. Are there admins still present in this group?
Hey ignore my previous comment, it showed up in the feed.
Hey something weird is happening. You see I added my recent upload (a happy birthday tribute to Blake) to RWBYGreatest and it shows up in the Blake folder, it doesn’t show up in the feed. Is there a reason for that?