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These rules are to give people an idea of what kind of group this is as well as guidelines to follow with such things as submission, behaviour, and how things will be run in the group.


Rules within the group

- Please be respectful to others within the group (This shouldn't even need to be said). Those caught or reported to being disrespectful, rude, and/or offensive will be removed from the group, banned, and then subsequently reported to DA admins if it persists.

- This is a specific rule regarding certain submissions. We do not accept pieces depicting death or excessive gore of any kind. Whether it be in fanfiction or imagery, it will be rejected immediately. While those that submitted the piece will not be in danger of being banned or removed from the group, we ask that you refrain from submitting pieces breaching this rule. The founder and co-founders themselves have had to omit their own pieces depicting death as an example.

- It goes without saying as well that submissions should be submitted to the correct folder. If you are unsure of what folder to put something in, contact the founder or one of the co-founders and we'll help you in which folder the piece in question belongs for future reference. (We will put up a guide on what goes where in time. But until then, use sensible judgement or contact an admin of the group through the group notes.

-New guideline regarding submission. Some of you may have noticed the new crossover folder. This is for when there is a character from another fandom present. This does not concern things such as RWBY characters dressing up as a character from another fandom. Those can go in their respective character folders still. In regards to crossover fanfics, they can still be placed in the fanfiction folder as that is more generalised.

-UPDATE. In regards to screenshots, photoshops, splicing of screenshots, or character mashup memes with pics grabbed elsewhere, or anything similar, we will not be accepting them in our folders if they are submitted. These are not forms of art, but instead just screengrabs, and thus no original work has been done. Redraws and the like however are perfectly fine, as there is work being put in by the artist responsible for the piece.

Also, for general submissions, when choosing a folder for your submission, but unsure of which folder as your piece may have a mix of characters in it, we ask you to use your judgement and refer to your piece and who the titular character, or the focus of your piece is. So, put it In the folder of who the piece is focused on basically

But, if that's difficult to decide, If there are more members of one team than another (for example a piece with Ren, Jaune and Sun would be in the JNPR), or put it in the folder of the character that is closest to being main cast (ex: a piece with Pyrrha and Ruby, Ruby is closer to main cast so it would be in the Ruby Rose folder)

To keep it simple for side characters and how they're paired, such as Winter paired with Qrow, or Oscar with Ruby, those simply will go in the "Other Characters" folder, due to the amount of side characters introduced to date.

And lastly, please do actually look through the folders carefully when submitting, and not just leave it on the default selection. Take the time, make everyone's job easier, lest your work not be accepted. We do want your art to help the group grow and show off your pieces, but please help us to help you~


These are basic rules. If you have any suggestions or worries about the rules, leave a comment and we will address them and take them into consideration. Other than that, enjoy yourselves, help the group grow with love for RWBY, and let's kick this off with a Yang!

Love, the admins.
Hello all!

Not sure if some of you noticed, but another group was formed today :iconrwbyawesomeness: As well as send out invites to the admins of our group here.

We would just like to state that this group is not affiliated with us any way, nor did any of our admins set it up either. This is an entirely separate group, with unclear motives at this time with the choice of name.

Please do not be confused by the similarity in name if it can be helped and we appreciate any and all continued loyalty greatly. After all, you are what keeps the group alive and its heart beating. Myself and other admins simply couldn't even begin to thank our members enough for support and contributions. And without you, we'd never have surpassed 1000 members of course! Myself and the other admins, old and new, never would've believed we'd come this far way back when we set up/joined! So, once again, we thank you!
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Fan Fiction
RWBY: Jinn x Male Tower Knight! Reader (1/2)Hello and welcome to a new RWBY x Male Reader insert, it has been awhile since I've done something RWBY related, regardless I'm here to bring you a very special story, a story between a giant and a genie, buckle up, and let's dive into it shall we?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Centuries ago, there was a battle, a battle between light and dark, when the world was bleak and dark, humanity was under attack by the forces of evil, ranging down from monsters, demons and devils, and the ever lasting thirst of the demon king, it was the dark age of man.During this time, a kingdom far from gone held it's ground in a raging battle against the hoards of the underworld, a noble kingdom that was led by a brave king and his court of loyal knights from various different chapters, together they drove off the vile forces of the dark union, soon after they took their crusade across the world of Remnant, slaying beast after beast, monster after monster. For the first time ever all of mankind cried out in tears of joy, the king and his legions of brave warriors saved the world, and the dark age of man had come to an end, but alas, for it came at a price, the king grew ill, and died a fowl sickness, leaving behind his one true love who he had rescued, and the many armies he had led into battles. What became of these knights is a mystery, but one mystery that shall unfold, for the past may reawaken once more.Kingdom of Vale - April 19th . 2011It was a new age since then, after everything he saw, after everything he had lost, he had finally found peace, along with his uncorrupted beloved, Ozma knew he was happy now that his affairs with Salem are over, and was thankful the gods had undid the damage they both caused, bringing back the people who were caught in their war from the afterlife, the moon is fixed, and the world he walks upon feels at ease. Yet he could not shake the feeling that all is forgotten? Waking up from his slumber, he slowly and quietly got out his bed chambers in hopes he'd not awaken his loving wife, he put over his night robes, and walked through the halls of his newly built castle, that castle being his huntsmen academy he created for newfound warriors of the next generation after another, but of course that was only just a ruse, a ruse to only further in stopping his once corrupted love from destroying the world, and yet, it helped bring about the greatest teams of warriors. Team STRQ, Team SLVR, Team CFVY, Team JNPR, Team KAZE, and of course Team RWBY, if it were not for them, and the many friends and allies he and they made, their entire world would've ended, and his journey from god would've been for not.Stopping by one of the many doors in his homely academy, he creaked it opened to see his newly adopted son Oscar Pine, sound asleep in his bed chamber, after his curse been lifted, the gods separated himself from the young boy, reincarnating him into his own being once again, rather than merging his soul with new vessels, death after death. After him and Salem learned from the young boy that he never knew his parents, they decided to take him under their wings with the upmost care, although they failed as parents the first time many years ago, the old king of vale, and the ancient mage agreed to give it another shot. Smiling at his son before closing his door, he can now rest, for the weight of the world is now longer on his shoulder's, and himself as well, after walking down the stairs to the basement level of his castle, he opens the large doors to the newly built vault, the very same vault that his battle with the false maiden Cinder Fall, didn't end all to well, he ponders as to where the young woman went after the final fight? Then again it's best he leaves the thought out, and continue his reason as to why he's down here? Upon entering he walks through the large vault to view all records of past warriors, legendary weapons left behind from so long ago, and of course at the very end of the vault lies the Relic of Knowledge, safely kept behind a magic barrier, idly hovering ever so gracefully on a golden pedestal, using his staff to unlock the barrier, he grabs the ancient lamp, and calls upon the spirit within.Ozma: Jinn.The relic begins to glow, and out came the beautiful lady of the lamp, hair flowing majestically with the fogs of time surrounding her with wonder, she yawns and stretches, opening her eyes with a smile, recognizing the old man from their time of twenty questions together.Jinn: Well, Good morning your highness~Ozma: Jinn.He respectfully nodded.Jinn: So what brings you down here so early, the moon is still up.Ozma: I do apologize greatly, but a thought occurred in my sleep, a lost memory if you will.Jinn: And you wish to learn about it before it escapes your mind once again, correct?Ozma: Indeed, so my question being......what happened to the old kingdom of Boleteria?There was a slight pause from the knowledge keeper, but a question she became interested in to answer.Jinn: Now that is a place, I've haven't heard of in centuries for so long, so sit back and relax your highness, for this is a tale filled with darkness, bloodshed, and death.The vault then became engulfed with the fogs of time, and the room went lit with a bright light, about to tell the headmaster of beacon the info he needs.THREE DAYS LATEROzma had called upon his most valued huntsmen to Vale docks, there he would inform them about the journey at had, as he waited patiently, his chosen warriors had arrived, Qrow Branwen, Clover Ebi, Winter Schnee, and the leader of the happy huntresses, Robyn Hill, they approached the old king with a respectful bow.Ozma: I take it you've all been briefed with the quest at hand?Qrow: Explore an abandoned kingdom, slay whatever monster that resides there.Winter: And discover a portion of Remnant's history, Qrow.The commander of the Atlas military said, reaffirming her friend and ally.Qrow: Right.Ozma: Excellent.The king said, giving an object wrapped safely in a small blanket to Mantle's huntress.Robyn: What's this for?Miss Hill said with curiosity, as she slightly reveals the Relic of Knowledge underneath, surprising the group.Qrow: The Relic of Knowledge? You know it should be kept safe Oz.Ozma: That is why you'll need it to aid you in your journey, for she knows the place better than anyone.Clover: I see? Like our own little navigator.The lamp glowed with the voice of Jinn echoing out.Jinn: I would say the same, after all we do have a lucky charm.Robyn couldn't help but smile and laugh a bit at the remark.Ozma: Now that everything is established, you're mode of transportation awaits.The four nodded, and went aboard the transportation ship, a ship meant for civilians to migrate from one kingdom to another, it's no Atlas cruiser, but it's better than nothing,the king watched his chosen four depart on their journey, and waves to them farewell for now, who knows what they'll encounter out there?TIMESKIPAfter three days of voyage across the ocean, the four huntsmen reached their destination, the skies were grey, and the wind was cold as the fall season, looking from afar, they noticed the old castle of Boleteria, though in ruins, half of it was still standing, Qrow signaled the captain to drop them off to the nearest docks if they could find, and to their luck, there were. Though it was worn out and rickety, and the wooden platforms had seen better days, the four treaded lightly, and watched their steps for any unwanted falls into the water, waving the captain and his crew farewell, the quest at hand has truly begun. Without any form of orders whatsoever, Qrow transformed into his avian form, and scouted up high and ahead for anything dangerous, or useful to let his companions know about. Now it was just Clover, Robyn, and Winter, moving forward into the long since gone kingdom, the three came across a wide set of stone steps leading to a huge grand door, blocking the way to the inner town behind.Robyn: Don't suppose you brought something useful for this?The leader of the Happy Huntresses asked, noting the two Atlas operatives.Clover: A skeleton key wouldn't be useful, and a breach bomb would be out of the question.Winter: If I recall my schooling days in history class, these types of doors have some sort of old mechanics from within the walls, possibly would need someone to man them, letting people in or out.Robyn: Wow, didn't take you for a historian?Winter: Only because I was falling behind on other studies, I found there was more to Atlas Academy than just training to fight and defend the kingdom.Clover: Either way we're not getting in unless some-Before Clover could finish his sentence, the huge grand doors suddenly began to open with a loud creek, and low and behold their feathery friend was standing behind on the other side.Clover: Ask and ye shall receive.After entering the inner city of the dead kingdom, they have explored, taken notes on what to bring back to Vale for research, as well as slayed never before seen creatures of grimm, grimm that can only be described as demonic, ranging down from lowly Imps, all the way to Geist, Ravagers, Centinels, Hags, even a few Wendigos. Finally reaching the main castle, which stood tall, and was way larger than the rebuilt beacon today, Clover took a voluntary step forward, as was his team in awe of such an ancient domain.Clover: We may have been lucky with the first set of doors, but I don't think you'll be able find the mechanisms to the entrance so easily?He says to his avian friend.Qrow: Might be right on that.Just as the group was thinking for a moment, the lantern glowed, as Jinn would light the way to their answer.Jinn: Perhaps it would be a good time to think outside the box, onwards and upwards as they say.Winter: What does she mean by that?Robyn looked around her surroundings, and seen a huge chunk of the castle's wall completely opened and way up high, perhaps due to a grimm attack, or a cannon ball strike? Either way she found their answer.Robyn: I hope you three are ready for a workout, cause we're climbing.She says pointing to the large hole in the wall she spotted.Winter: I see, good eye there Hill.Clover: Should be easy enough, ready Qrow?....Qrow?(Qrow/Bird Form): (Caw!)The three looked up to see Branwen up high, transforming back into his human form from within the entrance.Qrow: Way Ahead of you, see you inside.Robyn and Clover smiled, while as Winter rolled her eyes in annoyance.With Clover using Kingfisher to grapple on and pull himself up to the top, Robyn using her crossbow, attaching a nearby rope to one of her arrows, shoots and grapples onto the wall successfully, Winter would not need such tools, for her family semblance of glyphs may give her speed. Finally reaching the top and entering inside the castle, all was quiet, not much Grimm had shown up, all except a couple of winged demons from above, and a beowolf in the courtyard, but as they traveled further into the castle, they came across a very grand and large hallway, all leading to the royal throne at the very end of the room, idling atop a balcony floor with a large window behind it, and above all the ceiling was tremendously high, but daylight peaked through the shattered roof. However, In Qrow's mind it didn't feel like a throne room, for some reason it felt more like an arena? There the four examined the "throne room", if they can even call it that? And as they reach the middle of this main hall, Ozma's chosen huntsmen felt something shake, a rumble in the ground.Robyn: What....was that?Another set of loud stomping can be both felt and heard coming from somewhere, somewhere getting near.Qrow: We've got trouble.The shaking can be felt more and more as the stomping can be heard getting closer, it was then that the four warriors withdrew their weapons, ready for anything, as the stomping halted, right on the other side of the grand throne room's doors. All was quiet for a brief moment, until the entire front portion and main castle's wall, including the doors toppled, and came crumbling down, wood by wood, stone by stone, steel by steel, and through the dust came in something the group have never witnessed today, until now.(Author's Note: Play this while reading)( A giant knight that stood 30ft tall, cladded in great steel armor, wielding a sword so massive it cannot be described how high in length it is, and a great steel shield around the same size as the grand door they first entered. With the giant knight looking down at the four intruders menacingly, towering over them with sheer intimidation, the light in the sky from the high ceiling reflecting off of it's armor, stunned by the sight of what's in front of them, the room fell silent for a brief moment once more.Winter: the that?Winter questioned aloud with hesitation in her voice, the young Schnee woman would never show such fear, normally she would be stoic, but at this moment she shares the feeling of being small with her team members, the lantern glowed again, answering the commander of Atlas's question.Jinn: That, would be a giant, and not just any giant....Before the keeper of knowledge could finish her answer, the towering knight put it's mighty shield in front of it, and begins charging at the main four, and thus combat ensues.Clover: Incoming!With the four huntsmen dodging quickly away from the armored giant, Qrow fires the shotgun part of his scythe, as if could do anything against it, but it was worth a try, Robyn fires triple arrows at the metal behemoth, they worked, but due to the thickness of it's steel armor, it didn't pierce through enough, wasting three of her arrows only to attach them to it's leg piece, the giant let's out a bellowing growl as it echoes throughout the castle, raises it's sword, and swings wide at Winter, only for her to use her glyphs to boost jump high, and use a spiral strike with her saber directly at the giants chest, her force speed was strong enough to only scratch it's armor, and the attempt was fruitless, jumping off of the giant's chest plate while preforming a landing strategy back down to the balcony level of the throne room, the towering knight let's out another growl, and swings wide twice, in hopes it may finish the other interlopers at feet level quickly.??? (POV)Alas, the intruders proved too quickly for my strikes, as the blonde one fired another round of her arrows, this time a barrage of five, I blocked them with my powerful shield gifted to me by the kingdom, had I known the old gruffy one was behind me, his strange scythe pierced the back of my armor, and clung to me like an insect grimm, trying to shake him off, he flips up high, and grapples onto my shoulder, as I felt him land he fires that strange part of his scythe to the side of my helmet, sending a loud ringing into my ears, never have I been annoyed with such pests, who are they? Why are they here? To plunder the remains of my home!? The small gruff man suddenly disappears, as I let out a loud roar to the heavens, I looked over to the throne where the king and queen once sat, as the white haired one stared at me with cold eyes, I began to stomp on the ground, shaking it as the other three fell with the rumble I stirred, and charged at the white one, it pains me much to use such violence in the royal family's greatest hall, but I will do as I must to keep my word to the kingdom, and fend off all who dare invade. I swing my sword at the white one, only for her to get out of the way in time, how do they do that? Are they some kind of warriors using magic? I turned to see the white one below me with a glare, as she uses some kind of magic to summon what appears to be a snowy version of a grimm wolf? My eyes could not believe such magic is possible, yet I could not stand to see a beast of grimm here! Whoever they are? They must've been sent by the dark lords themselves, they will die by my blade!THIRD PERSON (POV)The summoned beowolf charges, jumps, and claws the giants foot, making loud ear piercing scratches on it's armor, with each effortless attack the beowolf summoned by Winter was kicked off, sending it flying high across the great hall, and the creature dissipated.Qrow: Can nothing stop this thing!?Clover then went wide eyed, coming up with a plan that might just subdue the giant, looking at Kingfisher, then back to miss Hill, he whistled to get her attention.Clover: You thinking what I'm thinking?He says holding up Kingfisher whilst hinting at her crossbow, it was then she gave a look to him, indicating of the strategy they might just pull off, with a nod of approval, they have to act quickly in order to end this fight.Robyn: Qrow! Winter! Keep it busy for just a few moments!Qrow: Why!?The gruff man yelled out questioning.Robyn: Trust us!With little to no idea what their two partners are thinking, Qrow and Winter followed as they did, providing a distraction for both Clover and Robyn to commence their plan, the towering knight swings it's sword three times, with a slice down the middle to cleave at least one of them in half, and once more again, it was unlucky for the giant. Using her glyphs to jump up high, the Schnee daughter summoned forth a nevermore, sending it's way at the giant, as the steel armored beast raises it's shield, and block's the glowing bird's relentless attacks, with Clover on the far left, and Robyn on the far right below, Kingfisher was casted as it's hook grappled onto the same arrows that attached the giant's leg armor. Using one of her more stronger arrows, the happy huntress attaches a long rope to it laying nearby, with a precise shot, the arrow successfully pierces itself onto the other leg, nodding to one another, the two huntsmen ran in circles around the giant as fast as they could, wrapping it's legs around in hopes of tripping the armored behemoth.With the same strategy from before, Qrow uses his scythe to climb and flips his way onto the giant's shoulder again, firing the shotgun part of his scythe once more, sending a loud, irritating ringing inside the giant knight's helmet and ears, it roared in pain as Qrow transformed into bird form and flew off, and with the final nail in the coffin, the giant came tumbling down backwards, hitting the ground with both a loud thud and clang, in the process the giant knight's shield had split in two, and it's helmet came flying off upon crash landing, revealing the beast's true face. The group were in utter surprise, for they gaze upon the giants true appearance, he had short (H/C) hair, (E/C) eyes that could strike fear into one's soul by staring, as well as nice toned skin, the giant grunted and growled at the main four, trying to get up, but his armor was blocking him from siting up right. They needed to put this thing to sleep, so that it may not awake for quite awhile, using another feature of her semblance, Winter binds the giant's hands down to the ground, locking them in place, as the giant continued to struggle, Robyn pulled out one of her smoke bombs she uses for quick time escapes, she gestured to Qrow to hand over his flask full of liquor, in case of need when it is time for him to take a break after a long battle.Qrow: Uhh, exactly why? You don't drink this stuff?Robyn: I only drink when it's New Years, and I'm not gonna drink it.Realizing what she was intending to do, he politely handed it over, as she carefully opened the bomb's lid without panicking or dropping it, though the giant's loud bellowing growl did not help in the slightest, she poured Qrow's alcohol into the smoke bomb, closed the lid and shook it fast like she's making a cocktail.Robyn: You might wanna stand back, as well as cover you mouths.The group took a safe distance of what is to come, Robyn included, as she threw the thing across the room directly near the giant's head, and it blew up in a cloud of smoke and steam, the giant began to feel drowsy, tired, eye lids beginning to close shut, for in mere seconds, the giant fell asleep. Waiting the for the smoke to clear, time froze, and Jinn came out of her lamp, as she teleported to the now sleeping giant, her eyes went wide in surprise, it was too good to be true, and yet it is, placing her hand on the downed giant's cheek, caressing it gently with ease, the group were confused as to why Jinn has given him her attention?Winter: Jinn?The keeper of knowledge turned her attention towards the main four.Winter: You were about to say something about this giant before he attacked, who is he?Jinn: His name is (Y/N), the legendary Tower Knight of Boleteria, and to be quite honest, my most beloved knight.The four huntsmen were genuinely confused, more questions have been added now to their minds, and will be gladly answered in due time, but for now, they need to contact both Vale and Atlas to bring back this (Y/N) home, suffice to say they are going to need a lot of ships, and a lot of support for heavy lifting.Qrow: Sure wish I had my liquor now.He says looking at Robyn.TO BE CONTINUED
RWBY OC, OC weapons, OC emblems, etc.
Commission: Mourning Love by manu-chann
Simple Commission: Angel and Thorn by manu-chann
In Memoriam, Monty Oum
Indomitable by ObsidianArrows
RL Cosplay
V4 Ruby Cosplay with Sniper-mode Crescent Rose by Tomecko

Mature Content

Trophy Waifu Pyrrha - Jaune Version (Both Sides) by roukaryu
RWBY Chibi Contest Entries
Sun Wukong by AzureScarlette



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This is my last fanarts as example:
Sun by Eli-Pic   Ironwood [+ second version on Patreon] by Eli-Pic
I make Commissions, YCH and Adoptables. I even have a Patreon! Check my gallery and journals for all the information. Thank you! :heart:
SlimPickensUK Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
By all means, advertise here!
shirokabocha56 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2019
Thank you for accepting my join request! I'm not sure how much I may contribute, but I do look forward to enjoying all that this group has to offer!
SlimPickensUK Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcome! And don't worry about contributing. Just enjoy the group!
Omni-Anomaly Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I submit lewd stuff here? :meow:
SlimPickensUK Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As long as it's your own work, yes! It can go in the "R18" folder please.
Omni-Anomaly Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
cool, thanks!
Ricuu Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Thanks so much for requesting my art! :happybounce:
SlimPickensUK Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not a problem! We're happy to have it
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