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These rules are to give people an idea of what kind of group this is as well as guidelines to follow with such things as submission, behaviour, and how things will be run in the group.


Rules within the group

- Please be respectful to others within the group (This shouldn't even need to be said). Those caught or reported to being disrespectful, rude, and/or offensive will be removed from the group, banned, and then subsequently reported to DA admins if it persists.

- This is a specific rule regarding certain submissions. We do not accept pieces depicting death or excessive gore of any kind. Whether it be in fanfiction or imagery, it will be rejected immediately. While those that submitted the piece will not be in danger of being banned or removed from the group, we ask that you refrain from submitting pieces breaching this rule. The founder and co-founders themselves have had to omit their own pieces depicting death as an example.

- It goes without saying as well that submissions should be submitted to the correct folder. If you are unsure of what folder to put something in, contact the founder or one of the co-founders and we'll help you in which folder the piece in question belongs for future reference. (We will put up a guide on what goes where in time. But until then, use sensible judgement or contact an admin of the group through the group notes.

-New guideline regarding submission. Some of you may have noticed the new crossover folder. This is for when there is a character from another fandom present. This does not concern things such as RWBY characters dressing up as a character from another fandom. Those can go in their respective character folders still. In regards to crossover fanfics, they can still be placed in the fanfiction folder as that is more generalised.

-UPDATE. In regards to screenshots, photoshops, splicing of screenshots, or character mashup memes with pics grabbed elsewhere, or anything similar, we will not be accepting them in our folders if they are submitted. These are not forms of art, but instead just screengrabs, and thus no original work has been done. Redraws and the like however are perfectly fine, as there is work being put in by the artist responsible for the piece.

Also, for general submissions, when choosing a folder for your submission, but unsure of which folder as your piece may have a mix of characters in it, we ask you to use your judgement and refer to your piece and who the titular character, or the focus of your piece is. So, put it In the folder of who the piece is focused on basically

But, if that's difficult to decide, If there are more members of one team than another (for example a piece with Ren, Jaune and Sun would be in the JNPR), or put it in the folder of the character that is closest to being main cast (ex: a piece with Pyrrha and Ruby, Ruby is closer to main cast so it would be in the Ruby Rose folder)

To keep it simple for side characters and how they're paired, such as Winter paired with Qrow, or Oscar with Ruby, those simply will go in the "Other Characters" folder, due to the amount of side characters introduced to date.

And lastly, please do actually look through the folders carefully when submitting, and not just leave it on the default selection. Take the time, make everyone's job easier, lest your work not be accepted. We do want your art to help the group grow and show off your pieces, but please help us to help you~


These are basic rules. If you have any suggestions or worries about the rules, leave a comment and we will address them and take them into consideration. Other than that, enjoy yourselves, help the group grow with love for RWBY, and let's kick this off with a Yang!

Love, the admins.
Hello all!

Not sure if some of you noticed, but another group was formed today :iconrwbyawesomeness: As well as send out invites to the admins of our group here.

We would just like to state that this group is not affiliated with us any way, nor did any of our admins set it up either. This is an entirely separate group, with unclear motives at this time with the choice of name.

Please do not be confused by the similarity in name if it can be helped and we appreciate any and all continued loyalty greatly. After all, you are what keeps the group alive and its heart beating. Myself and other admins simply couldn't even begin to thank our members enough for support and contributions. And without you, we'd never have surpassed 1000 members of course! Myself and the other admins, old and new, never would've believed we'd come this far way back when we set up/joined! So, once again, we thank you!
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RWBY X Meta Runner: Worlds Collide Chapter 11Last time on RWBY X Meta Runner: Worlds Collide…Yang turned over a new leaf. With the help of the Knight of the Core, Erde-Vere, she finally saw how going rogue could lead to massive consequences. As she saw the memories firsthand, she attempted to kill herself over and over due to her bad memories biting her in the ass (metaphorically); Yang finally came to her senses and saw the big picture—she got used as a pawn to Vekk-Torr and Braane-Strom’s schemes! That didn’t suit her. Returning to Vale, she saw everything the robot warlord did to her classmates at Beacon. When she was about to reunite with her sister, VekkTroopers, including a new breed of them, ambushed her. As she arrived in Silica City, she took her new attitude towards Vekk-Torr and the body of the new VekkTrooper breed to the Remnant Resistance Front.With Yang providing evidence, what is the plan to defeat Braane-Strom? Stay tuned to find out!, Silica City, Remnant Resistance Front Hideout15 days since The OnslaughtYang was busy getting the new VekkTrooper breed through the doorway as its legs stuck. Suddenly, her sister separated the torso from her legs by slicing it with Crescent Rose.“Thanks!” She smiled.“No problem, Yang,” Ruby responded. “Welcome to the team!”Yang winked at her sister as she dragged the rest of the torso while her sister brought the legs in. As they placed the pieces in front of the table where Ozpin, Roman, and Roa-Nyn were, the trio turned around to see the sisters put them there.“Miss Xiao Long,” Ozpin said. “It seems you have finally come to your senses after going rogue for a while.”“I have. And I have learned from my mistakes.” She replied. “But first, an explanation of why I am here.”“Children, group meeting!” Roa-Nyn ordered.Weiss, Tari, Theo, Lamar, and Sage came to the table and sat at it. As Roa-Nyn revealed his map of Vale, he started to discuss the battle plan.“From Lin-Noir’s aerial recon, Braane-Strom has the entire city of Vale under surveillance by brainwashed Beacon Huntsmen and VekkTroopers.” He started.“You think that’s all? Take a look at the side order.” Sage hinted as he pointed to the VekkTrooper.“I call it a VekkTank.” Yang declared.“VekkTank, you say?” Ozpin retorted. “I like the sound of that.”“Thanks.” acknowledged Yang. “Anyway, these things look more lethal than any VekkTrooper I fought. My recommendation? Be careful because they will land out of nowhere.”“Roger.” Tari obliged. “With Theo gaining his Semblance between Ruby and Yang’s fight, Lamar and I don’t have one yet.”Arma-Kade crawled out of Lamar’s shirt onto the table and approached Tari.“Let me help you with that.” He said.With his antennae, he fired a miniature lightning bolt at Tari.“It tickles.” Tari giggled.Suddenly, she levitated off her chair, leaving everyone in shock.“What did you do to her?” Lamar gasped.“I gave her the power of levitation,” Arma-Kade replied. “Alongside Ruby, Weiss, and Yang, she has two Semblances. Her first one is her Meta Runner Vision, her second is this, and she can access both at any time.”“Wow, thanks!” Tari smiled as she floated down to her chair.Arma-Kade then fired another miniature lightning bolt at Lamar.“What was that for?” Lamar bellowed.“You’ll thank me later.” Arma-Kade chuckled as he crawled back into Lamar’s shirt.As the group refocused on the map, Yang put her hands on it and zoomed out so it was on a small scale to see Vale, Silica City, and Joyworld.“So here’s my proposition. How about we go around the city, into the Emerald Forest, and enter the back of Beacon?” She pitched.Everyone whispered about the idea positively.“That would work,” Ruby responded. “Roa-Nyn pitched you taking us to Beacon as prisoners.”“Pseudo-prisoners, to be more exact.” Ozpin corrected.“Say, why not both?” Lamar interjected.“I like that idea, Lamar!” Weiss praised. “With us coming from both sides, Braane-Strom wouldn’t know what hit him!”“A bit hectic and a bit smart. I like it.” Roa-Nyn acknowledged.“Okay, so here’s how it goes. Yang, you go through Vale with Tari, Theo, and Weiss as your prisoners to take to Braane-Strom. At the same time, the rest of us enter the Emerald Forest and enter Beacon from the back.” explained Ruby.“Oh boy.” quaked Tari.“Relax, Bluebird. Once we meet Braane-Strom, we beat the crap out of him.” comforted Yang.“She’s right.” Weiss chimed in.Tari sighed in relief about what Yang said.“Okay, Yang, lock us up.” She said as she raised her arms toward Yang.“Looks like the plan is in motion.” Ruby smiled. “Let’s move out!”The team split into two groups while Ozpin and Roman stayed behind to watch over the hideout. Yang cuffed Weiss, Tari, and Theo, and they headed to the moving truck parked outside. Yang placed Theo’s mech in front of the group as they entered it and closed the hatch. Yang then drove off and headed for Vale.Emerald ForestMeanwhile, Ruby, Lamar, Sage, and Roa-Nyn exited the Bullhead owned by Ironwood and began walking the charred forest area in the Emerald Forest.“Wow, whoever did this played with fire.” Sage complimented as he saw the area.“That would be Tari… and Coco,” Lamar responded.“Gentlemen now is not the time for jokes. We have business at hand.” Roa-Nyn interrupted.”He’s right.” acknowledged Ruby. “We have to focus on knocking out Braane-Strom.”As the four walked into the forest, they were about to greener part of it. As they stepped on the uncharred, grassy area, Ruby signaled the group to stop and hide in a bush so the Macefrill, a Saichania-like Grimm, wouldn’t spot them. As it walked past them, Ruby gave a thumbs-up to the group to go to the next bush. A few minutes later, the team trekked through the forest, evading every Grimm possible and with Ruby taking out each one in the way. Thinking of it, Lamar looked up at the sky, pulled out his weapon, and aimed an arrow with his newly acquired Scroll attached.“Fire in the hole.” He whispered.He launched it, and his scroll took a picture of the academy almost two miles away. As it landed on the ground, he picked up his scroll and continued to walk with the group.“Lamar,” Sage whispered. “What was that all about?”“We are almost there, man,” Lamar explained.Arma-Kade then peeped out of the left sleeve.“Almost two more whiles of walking to go, guys.” He said. “Great job of scouting, Lamar.”Roa-Nyn paused and turned around to Lamar.“I see you have made a friend, Arma-Kade,” He noted.“Well, it is a pleasure to fight by your side, sir.” Lamar chuckled. “The name’s Lamar. That’s Sage in front of you.”Sage waved at the Knight as he turned his head. Suddenly, a figure from the forest aimed its claw at the Huntsman’s head. As Ruby turned around, she saw it coming at him.“Get down!” She yelled.She tackled him, and they hid in a bush as the claw grasped a tree. It then ripped a piece out as it retracted to its owner. Ruby then signaled Roa-Nyn and Lamar to hide with them as it did. Inside the bush, everyone had the chance to catch their collective breath.“Okay, we must run from that thing before it catches us,” Ruby explained.“I agree. That thing could be a VekkTrooper.” agreed Sage.“Speaking of VekkTroopers, I know everything about them.” Arma-Kade interrupted. “There are three class types. The ones you fought at Vale yesterday were Infantry class. There is also the Militia class, which is more lethal than the Infantry class. And, of course, the most dangerous of all—the Commando class. They are the best of the best.”“And what are we looking at?” Ruby asked.“From the looks of it, Militia class,” answered Arma-Kade. “What about you, Roa-Nyn?”The rest of the group turned to Roa-Nyn, who turned his focus on a Macefrill and was awed in amazement. Most of them gave a disappointed look at him.“Interesting.” marveled Roa-Nyn. “Never have I seen a creature of Grimm so—”Then, the claw landed near his foot, and he jumped in fear.“RUN!” He ordered as he ran, as he pussed out like a bitch. “RUN!”“Hey, wait for us!” Ruby hollered as the rest pursued him.As Roa-Nyn ran from the figure attacking the group, everyone else dodged and leaped over anything in their way. As a Death Stalker emerged from the ground and chased Lamar, he pulled out his weapon and jumped on its back. He then fired two hard-light rope-tied arrows and pierced them into its head. He then steered the monster towards Sage.“Jump on!” Lamar demanded.“Are you nuts?” Sage questioned.“Just do it pussy! No balls!” Lamar yelled.Sage shrugged and jumped on the Death Stalker’s back and took the hard-light ropes from Lamar as the latter stabbed it in the tail. To keep up with Ruby and Roa-Nyn. Ruby jumped on the Grimm’s back as the two saw them coming. Unbeknownst to them, they saw the claw from the figure grabbing the Death Stalker’s stinger. The figure then made the Grimm stumble, roll on the ground, and launch the three into Roa-Nyn. Thinking fast, Ruby activated her semblance, Petal Burst, to rocket toward Beacon Cliffs, carrying the four of them to the top. They catch their breath once Ruby lets go of them and restores their molecular structure.“Wow, that was so fast. I felt like I was in a drag race!” Roa-Nyn exclaimed.“RuPaul or Street Outlaws?” Lamar inquired.“The latter, to be more exact with what I just said.” answered the Knight of the Core.As they turned to Beacon, Ruby and her group walked to it, ready to take down Braane-Strom.“Let’s hope Yang is following suit.” Ruby thought to herself.Ozpin’s Office, Beacon AcademyIn Ozpin’s office, Braane-Strom was in a conversation with Vekk-Torr.“Care to explain the actions of your bruiser last night?” The warlord asked.“Well,” Braane-Strom cowered. “You see-”“She’s now working for the enemy!” Vekk-Torr yelled.“That is negative, sir. She can’t turn her back on us!” The genius said.“The Remnant Resistance Front and Erde-Vere beg to differ!” bellowed the warlord. “I even saw them with my own eyes!”Suddenly, the elevator dinged, and Yang left it with Weiss, Tari, and Theo in handcuffs.“Move it, scumbags,” Yang ordered.“Yang?” Braane-Strom gasped. “I thought you were dead.”“Well, you may be surprised by two things,” Yang replied. “First, these guys.” Yang shoved Tari in front of Braane-Strom. As the latter approached the general, she snarled at her. Yang then walked behind Braane-Strom, preparing for the next phase of her plan.“Second, my resignation.” Yang finished.“Wait,” Braane-Strom asked. “Wha—”Suddenly, Yang delivered a punch that sent the mad genius flying into the school from the top of the tower. As he plummeted to the ground below, Yang turned her attention to Vekk-Torr.“What the hell was that for?” Vekk-Torr asked.“It’s a message, Vekk-Torr,” replied Yang. “We are taking Remnant back from you.”“Ha! You and what army?” The warlord questioned.Yang then turned the monitor around to see Tari, Theo, and Weiss uncuffed, armed, and ready to fight. Vekk-Torr’s emotion went from glee to anger when he saw the group.“Tari!” He snarled.“Glad to see you again,” Tari responded.Back on the ground, Braane-Strom landed on the pavement face-first. As he recovered from the fall, he saw the group from the Emerald Forest coming straight at him.“Ah, crap.” He groaned.As Ruby went straight for the jugular, Braane-Strom raised a pillar of earth underneath him, countering the attack. As he did that, Crescent Rose got lodged into it.“HA! Moron!” He taunted Ruby as the rest of her group caught up with her.“Hey! How about you get down here and face us like a fighter, you wuss!” Lamar yelled.“No thanks!” responded Braane-Strom.“Do it pussy! No balls!” Yang yelled from atop Beacon Tower.“Very well, have it your way.” the mad genius sighed. “Stupid humans.”Then, a portal opened behind him, and Vekk-Torr emerged from it.“We haven’t finished the meeting.” He said“Lord Vekk-Torr, bring in the reinforcements!” demanded Braane-Strom.With a snap of his fingers, Vekk-Torr summoned an army of Grimm, ranging from Beowolves, Ursas, Nevermores, Slitsails, Demolishors, Scytheclaws, Macefrills, and Lurkers, and they began to approach the four heroes. Suddenly, the Rest of the group jumped from the top of Beacon Tower, and Yang punched down on the earthen pillar, knocking the warlord and the general aside and destroying it. Weiss, Tari, and Theo landed behind her as she emerged from the smoke and approached their foes. As Yang cracked her knuckles, she came toward Vekk-Torr.“I left you and your friend a present at the front of Beacon,” Yang said.Vekk-Torr then opened a portal, and he and Braane-Strom walked into it and onto the main avenue of Beacon. Once they arrived, they saw Erde-Vere and a horde of humanoid dinosaur-like Camylonians. Vekk-Torr stepped back and created a portal, entering it before it closed. As Braane-Strom turned around, he saw his master was gone and turned to the army before him.“Oh, shit.” Braane-Strom whimpered.“Emerald Sentinels…” Erde-Vere ordered. “CHARGE!”Braane-Strom then retreated, and as battalions of VekkTroopers came to Beacon, he signaled them to stop the oncoming army. Entering the school, he closed the doors behind him, hoping his troubles wouldn’t stack higher. Unfortunately, they did. The one waiting for him at the top of the stairs is the figure from the Emerald Forest. It was a middle-aged woman with very light blonde hair tied back in a bun with a curl hanging down the right side of her face. Her eyes are bright green, and she wears thin, ovular glasses. She has dangling teal earrings that match the hanging pendant on her collar. She wears a white, long-sleeved, pleated blouse with a wide keyhole neckline and gauntlet cuffs flare in pleats at the wrist with the left sleeve torn off, revealing a cybernetic arm that is hot rod red in color with a silver stripe, bulky but humanoid, and has a claw for a hand. She also wore a black high-waisted pencil skirt with bronze buttons and black fading into brown stockings, covering her lower body, black boots with bronze heels, and a purple cloak with tears from hard wear. “Oh, carrots.” He whimpered.He screamed as he summoned a concrete wall blocking her plane of sight. She then punched it down with her robotic arm and started pursuing him. Meanwhile, the heroes were ready to corner the mad genius general when he was about to arrive. But in the meantime, they were fighting the hordes of Grimm sent their way.“Now, this is a Battle of Beacon I can get behind!” Lamar complimented.As the last few Grimm started to retreat into the forest, the group focused on the academy and awaited the retreating general's arrival. In a few minutes, they were ready to ambush him once he exited the main building. As the general proceeded to do that, everyone jumped from their positions and attacked the general. Braane-Strom summoned a pillar of the earth underneath them and launched all the combatants to the front of the school. Roa-Nyn then forced on Braane-Strom, and by swinging his staff, he knocked him onto the pavement below. Ruby then scooped up everyone with her semblance, except Weiss, and bolted to the ground. Weiss then gracefully landed on the concrete with her jetpack, and she prepared for combat. The rest of the group joined her and focused on Braane-Strom, ready to take him on.“Sage, you’re with me. We’ll hold the fort.” Roa-Nyn ordered.Sage nodded his head and headed to the entrance of Beacon. As the six remaining heroes circle Braane-Strom, the latter summoned a mountain that raises them all miles above Beacon.“Hope you caught your breath.” He taunted.He then proceeded to fire shards of rock at the heroes. They immediately struck Ruby, Yang, and Lamar while Tari and Weiss parried the projectiles. Theo caught his rock and threw it at the general, knocking him down. He then charged at the general and struck him with his mech’s mace. Using his terrakinesis, the mad thinker threw Theo aside like a ragdoll. Both manage to get back up standing, ready for the fight to continue.“Your hopes of victory are slim, interlopers.” Braane-Strom ranted.“But not as slim as you think,” Tari responded.“Agreed.” Ruby nodded. “And I know what you are saying next, Braane-Strom.”“You and your friends have an 8.23411 percent chance of victory.” Both the mad thinker and the Huntress said.Braane-Strom then summoned a boulder and threw it down on the mountain.“So long, suckers!” He retorted.The group then looked up at the falling boulder and fired at it, and after a powerful blast from Weiss’s cannons, the boulder shattered into sediments. “After him!” Lamar shouted as he looked down to see Braane-Strom escaping.The group acknowledged the order, jumped from the top, and fell like they were skydiving. Lamar and Yang then gained speed, headed to the mad genius, and fired at him. Arma-Kade then crawled out and jumped onto Yang’s arm, and she threw the camylonian centipede at the general. Braane-Strom then got snared by the foe thrown at him.“Surprise!” He shouted as she tightened his grip on the general’s neck.After applying enough force to it, Braane-Strom’s head popped off of his body and then fell to the ground. Noticing this, Arma-Kade then hugged the headless body. As the heroes landed on the ground, they immediately saw the general, now a sentient severed head, hopping away from the beating he was receiving.“Stay back!” He begged as the heroes fired at her, only for him to get ricocheted off of numerous Emerald Sentinels and VekkTroopers.The group of heroes then pursued him and helped out the Emerald Sentinels while doing so. As Erde-Vere saw the severed head coming towards him, he pulled out his hammer and swung at it like a baseball, launching him into the recently made mountain. Yang waved at the Knight of the Core as the group caught up to him.“Nice swing. How far did that boltbrain go?” She asked.Erde-Vere pointed to the mountain.“Thanks.” She complimented.At the mountain, Braane-Strom regained focus, only to see Ruby and Yang charge at him with balled-up fists. Ready for the final blow to the general.“Let me guess; you’re going to say, ‘You are all just standard humans. How is this possible?’, aren’t you?” Ruby critiqued.For a moment, caught off guard by Ruby’s cocky attitude, Braane-Strom tried to use his terrakinesis to snare the heroes. “You are all just standard humans! How is this possible?!” He panicked as Ruby and Yang delivered punches to the mad genius general.The mountain began to crack, and as it was about to explode, Lamar fired an arrow at Braane-Strom, forcing him to summon a massive wall blocking the school from the debris. Then, the mountain exploded, creating an enormous smokescreen of sediments and dirt. Braane-Strom got launched at the construct he built, which then crumbled around him. As the dust settled, the heroes emerged victorious over Vekk-Torr’s army. Just as they were about to celebrate, Vekk-Torr emerged from a portal and picked up Braane-Strom from the rubble. Ruby and Tari then approached the warlord and pointed their weapons at him.“It’s over, Vekk-Torr. Vale isn’t bending the knee to an alien tyrant.” Tari said.“True.” retorted Vekk-Torr. “But not Beacon Academy.”Vekk-Torr snapped his fingers, and just then, every brainwashed Beacon Academy student immediately teleported to the school. The forces of good ready their arms for the next fight, but with most of them tuckered out and injured, they were weaker than before. They immediately get circled by the brainwashed students as the latter group readied their arms.“Any last words before we die?” Lamar asked.“Yeah, shut up and fight,” Yang responded.As the heroes were about to falter to the threat, Yang balled up a fist, activated Ember Celica, and prepared to fire a shot at their attackers. As her eyes turned red, her right eye became surrounded by a yellow fiery glow. As she fired at her foes with Ember Celica, she somehow fired a gust of wind that knocked some brainwashed students aside. Caught by surprise, Tari thought of an idea.“Yang, jump on me. I’ll get you some leverage!” She requested.Yang nodded her head, and both huntresses took to the sky. As the former fell to the ground as she let go of the latter, Yang fired at the horde of brainwashed students with her new powers. As they landed on the ground, Yang ran towards the pile of rubble and fired a shot from Ember Celica, which was enhanced, and blew away the debris like it was a birthday candle. Roa-Nyn, Sage, and the woman with the robotic arm emerged from the rubble and walked towards Yang. Infuriated, Vekk-Torr landed near Yang and summoned his sword.“I have had enough of you pests!” He bellowed as he prepared to swing his sword at the blonde.Then, Ruby fired a shot from Crescent Rose, and she and Tari charged at him, coming to the aid of Yang. Yang then fired a shot at Vekk-Torr’s face, staggering him, then Ruby fired another round at the tyrant, and Tari used her sword to grab Vekk-Torr’s sword by the hilt and threw it at the mad machine, impaling him. As it happened, the mind control of the Beacon Huntsmen and Huntresses had weakened, with many of them slowly regaining focus. He then knelt on the ground, and as the rest of the heroes approached him, he chuckled. Ruby, Yang, and Tari walked closer to him.“You have lost, Vekk-Torr.” Tari defined.“You will never destroy Remnant,” Ruby added.Yang then notices the hilt of Vekk-Torr’s sword, decorated with emblems and insignias from heroes, villains, and factions from Vekk-Torr’s so-called hunts. She then saw one of a hammer with a lightning bolt going through it.“And that,” Yang smirked as she grasped the emblem. “That belongs to a friend of mine.”Yang ripped off the emblem. She then saw it shine in the setting sun and smiled.“You are all confident that you can stop me. Aren’t you?” He jested. “Braane-Strom was strong in mind but weak in muscle.”“Hey!” Braane-Strom retorted.“Sorry, bud.” Vekk-Torr apologized to his general.The warlord turned his head to the heroes.“You may have saved Vale from my wrath, but I still control your pathetic planet.” He taunted. “And don't even think of stepping foot in Mistral. Rock-Skar will demolish you bastards like vinyl disco records. Despite his rockstar swagger, lifestyle, and attitude, he is my top machinist. Capable of building the most destructive weapons your world, or any world, has ever seen.”He then opened a portal underneath himself and sane beneath it, sinisterly laughing as he descended. The group then turned around to see the recovering students of Beacon. As they realize what happened, the woman approaches one of them. Roa-Nyn came to the recovering Team CRDL, mainly Cardin Winchester, who stumbled as he took his first few steps once freed from his brainwashing.“You are okay, young man. We will explain everything.” The Knight of the Core informed.Cardin grunted as he tried to regain his footing. The rest of his team came to his aid. Elsewhere, the rest of the heroes manage to go to the support of their classmates, who were wounded or bleeding. Shortly after, Ozpin came to Beacon and walked toward the woman who fought alongside the heroes.“Glynda,” He greeted.“Ozpin…” The woman gasped.“Professor Goodwitch!” Weiss shouted as she ran towards the two.The rest of her allies followed suit.“Glad to see you three alive…” replied the woman, who was Professor Goodwitch.“And rocking now looks and powers,” Yang added as she flexed her arms.Professor Goodwitch noticed the three new allies that accompanied them.“And who are you three?” She asked Tari.“I’m Tari. That’s Theo. He’s Lamar.” The Meta Runner introduced themselves.“Pleasure to meet ya.” Theo chimed in.“Hola!” Lamar retorted.Arma-Kade walked up to the group, now a red and yellow Camylonian humanoid centipede donning a brown vest with bronze shoulder pads and loin cloth with black leg wraps underneath. Roa-Nyn and Sage then joined the meeting after helping some students recover.“Good work, children.” He complimented the group. “You deserve a break.”Ruby, Tari, and the rest of their group walked towards Beacon Cliffs and looked at the sunset. Looking at it with pride in their hearts and smiles on their faces. Theo exited his mech and sat on the top of it to see the setting sun.“Braane-Strom was a formidable foe, but I fear Rock-Skar will be a bit tougher than him.” Tari bespoke to Ruby.“We’ll do our best to kick his robotic behind,” Ruby replied.Tari smiled as she turned back to the sunset. Later at Beacon that night, the students gathered at the school’s amphitheater to hear from Ozpin, Ruby, and the rest of her group.“Students of Beacon,” Ozpin bespoke. “For the past two weeks, Remnant has been taken over by a sinister figure from Camylon named Vekk-Torr. Since then, hope has now rejuvenated.”Ruby, Tari, and their group walked up to Ozpin and showed themselves to the masses. The students gasped and wowed in amazement at them.“Thank you, Professor Ozpin.” Ruby acknowledged.Ruby turned toward the audience of students.“Since The Onslaught, hope became fragile for all of Remnant. It was like this until they showed up. The brave Meta Runners Tari and Lamar Williams, Theo, a hero from another world, and Haven Academy’s own Sage Ayana.” Ruby began.Tari, Theo, Lamar, and Sage walked forward as Ruby called their names.“But thanks to the first two, they have freed me and my teammates.” She continued as Weiss and Yang walked forward.“And if it weren’t for these brave robotic allies, we wouldn’t be standing here today. Roa-Nyn, Arma-Kade, Lin-Noir, and the leader of the Emerald Sentinels, Erde-Vere.” She added as the Knights of the Core walked forward.“And alongside the Remnant Resistance Front, we fought against Vekk-Torr’s forces in Vale and won.” She concluded.Cheers erupted from the crowd as she finished, and Ruby and the rest of the group smiled happily. All of them were praised and acknowledged as heroes.“It’s glad to be a hero.” Tari smiled.“Agreed,” Lamar responded.“No argument there,” Theo replied.Suddenly, Coco emerged from the crowd, raising her hand.“Do you guys have a name for your team?” She asked.Tari and Ruby turned to each other and engaged in conversation.“Any suggestions?” Tari whispered.“I got one, the META HUNTERS!” Lamar suggested.“I like that!” Coco accepted.The students then erupted in ‘Meta Hunters’ chants to celebrate their victory. By amazement, the group then chuckled, and Ruby smiled at the rest of the group. “Meta Hunters it is.” Ruby agreed. “Hands in, everyone.”Everyone in Ruby and Tari’s group put their hands in.“Repeat after me on the count of three,” Ruby ordered the group. “1… 2… 3!” “Meta Hunters forever!” They all cheered., Achievement Unlocked: Cerebral Assassin Defeat Braane-Strom and free Vale from Vekk-Torr’s control, MistralIn a bar in Mistral, a glass of lemon-lime soda sat on the bar with the ice barely melted. As its owner walked back to the bar, he sat down and sipped it. He was a tall young man with fair skin, blond hair, and dark blue eyes. He is well-toned, having strong muscles in his arms, shoulders, and upper chest. He wore a black short-sleeved hoodie with detached reddish-orange sleeves and a dark brown image of the bunny rabbit Pumpkin Pete trimmed in white with cute black round eyes. Covering his hoodie and hiding the Pumpkin Pete symbol is a white diamond-shaped chest plate covering his lower abdomen, shoulder pads over his shoulders, and similarly colored bracers, all trimmed with gold lining. On the right shoulder pad was his emblem, a yellow rainbow, a hand-me-down through his father's side of his family. The left shoulder pad had the logo of a demon skull wearing an orange bandana with wings with orange-to-yellow gradient feathers and two guitars behind it. Below, he wears blue jeans with a red sash around his waist. He wears knee and dark brown laced boots and a single brown belt with a pouch included worn around his waist. As the young man sipped on his soda, three VekkTroopers, the middle one being an infantry class, walked into the bar and approached him.“Hello, sir.” The infantry class VekkTrooper greeted.“How can I help you?” The young man questioned the three VekkTroopers.“We are looking for anyone associated with the recently named Meta Hunters. Do you know anyone?” It demanded.“No.” He responded as he sipped his drink. “But thank you for asking.”“From the looks of it.” One of the militia class VekkTroopers interrupted. “We say otherwise. Say, do you know who this guy is?”“Let me see.” The rightmost VekkTrooper said. “This individual is identified as—”“Let me analyze him.” The infantry class interrupted as the three analyzed him together. “This human is identified as Jaune—Chai—Jaune-Chai—JauneChaiJauneChai. Jaune. Christian Cage. SYSTEM ERROR.” It answered.Then, the three short-circuited and screamed, and the militia class Troopers’ heads exploded, killing them. The infantry class VekkTrooper recovered as it readjusted its head to focus on the young man. He finished his drink, wiped his face with his arm, and stood up to it.“Now, where were we?” He asked.The infantry class Trooper then got into a fighting stance and prepared to take down its foe. But the young man reached for his weapon, a sword, despite being sheathed, doubles as an electric guitar, and knocks it out of the bar and into the street. The young man exited the bar and stepped on the defeated VekkTrooper’s head.“Minus the killer robots, it’s another day in my life. Jaune Arc, future Huntsman.” He said.
RWBY OC, OC weapons, OC emblems, etc.
Tons'o Sparkles by TNO-794
Doomguy meet Salem by UrhangrZerg
In Memoriam, Monty Oum
We Miss You Monty by 8bitomatic
RL Cosplay
Yang And Adam Dmc 5 2 by TR-Crossgalaxy
Bunny Jam 2023 by Soundwave3591
RWBY Chibi Contest Entries
Sun Wukong by AzureScarlette



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