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Welcome to RWBY-Fanbase!

A group for RWBY fans everywhere!
Created in the excitement of the release of episode 1 of RWBY, we're celebrating the four kick-butt girls and their friends as they fight to keep their world safe!

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Be sure to read the rules before you submit anything, and enjoy yourself while you're here!

:bulletred: Sexually explicit art and mature works of minors will not be accepted.
:bulletwhite: Screenshots (including demotivational posters) will not be accepted.
:bulletblack: Please submit things into their correct folders. Ask if you're unsure!
:bulletyellow: Be kind and courteous to fellow group members.

If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to message us!

R.I.P Monty Oum (1981 - 2015) by KiraiMirai

Gallery Folders

RWBY portraits by einlee
RWBY by Lo-wah
RWBY Crescent Rose by Tatsutetsu
Tributes to Monty Oum
RWBY Fanart: Team RWBY In My Own Style by TUSDarryl
[Animated] RWBY Scamp Corsair - OC weapon by RaighnDraconus
Pyrrha Nikos: charging into battle by art-dolphin
RWBY Scamp Corsair weapon progression by RaighnDraconus
Ruby Rose
Ruby Cookies by Punkichi
Ruby Rose Doodles by ApocalypseTitan
Grimmverse - The Red Reaper by The-Ink-Dragon
RubyVolume1 by DelphaDesign
Weiss Schnee
Weiss Apple by Punkichi
Weiss Schnee || RWBY fanart by GAtlas
Rwby Study 2022-02-16 Weiss by zenzmurfy
Blake Belladonna
Blake Taiyaki by Punkichi
Rwby Study 2022-02-18 Blake by zenzmurfy
Blake by Viki-Bastet
Yang Xiao Long
Yang Strawberry Sunrise by Punkichi
Yang Grimm Apocalypse (bikini) by H3llPussy16
Yang (Grimm Apocaplyse: End of the World) by H3llPussy16
Yang (Grimm Apocalypse) by H3llPussy16
Pyrrha Sketch Practice by Madgamer2k7
Pyrrha's School Shock by Soundwave3591
Nora's Bizarre Adventure ver. 2 (RWBY) by AlphamusPrime
Pyrrha Nikos Drinking Tea by Soundwave3591
Villains and Grimm
Mercury Black by greatpein
[RWBY] Nurse Neo by AikiYun
[RWBY] Salem by AikiYun
Saleeeeeeeeeeeeeeem by Fl00rMaster
Other Characters
Baby Penny by poppyrous
Penny Polendina by DelphaDesign
Shadows of Oblivion #4 Sketch Cover: Summer Rose by Shono
Coco in Kyoko Lingerie 2.0 by SonicHeroXD
Multiple Characters
Team STRQ - RWBY by Eryx45
Sleepy Team by ApocalypseTitan
Thorn apart by Alien-Snowflake
Tea Break by Alien-Snowflake
RWBY Uncle Qrow and Ruby Cosplay by ShortStuffArts
Buff and Beautiful (Elm/Buffy) by KizzyCannon by MattanzaMFedora
Saw-axe by FH47
RWBY- Biter by SonicFan1821
MMPR RWBY: Dimensions in Danger Part 1 by SuperKaijuHorrorGal
Contest Entries
Velvet Contest Entry #02 by Essynthesis
Sabrina's Splendid Spells by TNO-794
OC Comics
Oreonna's Revenge Pt. 1 by LongSean22
Fan Made Grimm
OC Bat Grimm (RWBY) by AlphamusPrime
Maria Calavera's Necklace (RWBY) by ShortStuffArts


If the screening you attend happens, the people who bought a ticket for that screening will be sent a 25% coupon for the RT Store as well as having access to a limited edition piece of RWBY merch! Get your tickets here!

Volumes 2 and 3 will receive similar treatment during the summer, leading up to Volume 4.
For RT Community Day, RT has released RWBY3's opening animation!

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Group Info

A group for RWBY fans everywhere!
Created in the excitement of the release of episode 1 of RWBY, we're celebrating the four kick-butt girls and their friends as they fight to keep their world safe!
Founded 10 Years ago
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marylizabetha Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2022  Hobbyist General Artist
I made a theories video for volume 9!
SohruKurisutaru Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey guys. Are you active? I was trying to submit my following drawing(s) and they got expired
Ruby Rose by SohruKurisutaru   Weiss Schnee by SohruKurisutaru   Yang Xiao Long by SohruKurisutaru  
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VentureWorld Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2021
I am happy to share with everyone though I am not a member of this group but you deserve to hear this extremely exciting news.

RWBY is getting a reboot/sequel!
superweirdman Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I'm here to let you all know about the RWBY TF Discord server. It's not super active, so if you want to join just to share RWBY-related art or RP or even just chat, here's the link:
HanasiaYamoshiSSjGOD Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2021
greetings my dear Rwby fans, you may not know you but i know rwby, that is why i am hosting a new event, one that will make everything cannon, it is called RWBY FOREVER!!!!
RWBY Forever by HanasiaYamoshiSSjGOD
this is a multiverse level event, so no matter what happens in your universe, i wanna make it cannon, worlds like Remnants and RW3Y will be apart of this, but i ask of you to share with me your own ideas or own world, if so please comment down here or in the link, i await to see what worlds we can find together
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