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Tech Founders and CEO Wallpaper

By rware
Pen-less wallpaper collage featuring all current drawings in my tech figureheads/leaders/assholes section.
I've seen many made before using stretched aspect ratio, bad artifacts, and with generally poor design, so I thought I'd do these justice, for whatever that's worth. Thanks for finding these amusing!

Now available in 1920 x 1200: [link]
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A version of this pic with red pen corrections and comments has been circulating on the internet.
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One of these days I'm going to get this made into a poster
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fucking amazing
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Pretty sure you gave your teacher a heart condition with these. Awesome. XD
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uhh RMS would tell you to NOT install Gentoo it doesn't "Respect" your freedom with its blob ridden kernel.......and really the Jew thing is just in poor taste habibi
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oh come on, as a jewish person i rather find this laughable, it's not antisemitic or anything-just a drawing.
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Sigh if you say so.... tho I wonder why nobody else has their religion (is he religious? he could be like RMS for all I know) or "lack there of" pointed and still think its in poor taste which is not the same as antisemitic, For example I think the Broadway play 'The Book of Mormon' is in poor taste but its certainly not ANTI Mormon........Apart from that issue I am 100% correct about RMS' stance on the standard version of Linux most distros including unfortunately Gentoo use by default and even Debian which uses a "blob free" kernel is not free enough for RMS since it has an option to install a non free/libre repo hell Debian could be running on the HURD/Mach_(and there is a version which does) instead of Linux and it still wouldn't call RMS a hardliner would be an understatement its either 100% Free software or nothing he would become a luddite before using one digit of proprietary for me I can handle a few blobs for the sake of working WIFI and functional drivers for my GPU what about you?
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remember the 10 million, goyim!
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about me ? well; i use XP pro and 2003.

still, it's a joke, stop making a mountain about it; it's like the arabs getting mad when one guy in the other side of the planet draws a muhammad with a bomb for a head.
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I give this piece of art...
7 out of 7 asses.
oh god this is beautiful
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16:10 version please. :3
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Added a link in the description.
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