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O father of Pepe, take Pepe with you
Living, to you mother Nut!
Gates of sky, open for Pepe,
Gates of heaven, open for Pepe,
Pepe comes to you, make him live!
Command that this Pepe sit beside you,
Beside him who rises in lightland!
O father of Pepe, command to the goddess beside you
To make wide Pepe's seat at the stairway of heaven!
Command the Living One, the son of Sothis,
To speak for this Pepe,
To establish for Pepe a seat in the sky!
Commend this Pepe to the Great Noble,
The beloved of Ptah, the son of Ptah,
To speak for this Pepe,
To make flourish his jar-stands on earth,
For Pepe is one with these four gods:
Imsety, Hapy, Duamutef, Kebhsenuf,

Who live by maat,
Who lean on their staffs,
He flies, he flies from you men as do ducks,
He wrests his arms from you as a falcon, He tears himself from you as a kite,
Pepe frees himself from the fetters of earth, Pepe is released from bondage!
pre-commitment 1: dank memes 47f270a20d08d2712d3216fc087a764758c0dc26f20e3de0723e726c5ed6a33f
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He tip toed to her window through the cold night air, reeking of fossil fuel and barbecue potato chips. The root beer on his breath tasted stagnate, like chewed dried turds laced with stale peppermint. He could smell the shit in the distance. He could see jesus dry humping the virgin mary. The Toaster strudel long expired. It was just a matter of time before the sun rose, exposing his robust genitals and the rustic pubic hair surrounding them. He wrapped on the glass gently. A light flickered from inside. She came to the window; wearing only an over sized pair of men's department store, velcro shoes. The kind retards wear. She quietly opened the window as to not wake her pet iguana. "I suppose you know why I'm here?", he whispered. "You're too Late", she responded. "I've already eaten the last of demons kite string, I'll be shitting floss nuggets for months." - "It matters no longer, my love", the choked, fighting back tears. "For tonight I piss blood and gargle root beer. Satan is among us, child." Her eyes widened. Then nervously searched the horizon. Nothing. "I see him not, trespasser. Be gone from my gaze before daybreak is upon us", she ordered while closing the window. His hand reached out stopping her. "WAIT..", he smirked. "Have you played Atari today?" Her breasts deflated with a force of air so violent the window shattered. Bits of glass went everywhere as her velcro shoes began unfastening and refastening themselves frantically. The framed picture of jesus above her bed began sobbing and going bald. His hair falling in tufts on the pillow below. The same pillow she had once believed the tooth fairy left her quarters. The smell of smegma filled the air. She fainted as he retreated into the night, known only as The Butthole-kisser
Awesome art dude.
nigga you based as fuck
you're great dude keep posting