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Just a warning to people out there!! idk if i'd call this a PSA but

I commissioned 11y on deviantART back in 2017 and have had little to no updates in the two years. At first, I didn't really check up on them, letting them have the space they needed to handle the commission. After about After nearly three weeks with no updates, I asked if I could change the character for the commission if they haven't started - they said it was fine and I linked the new character. Around a month (November now) later and I asked if they had forgotten about my commission since I was in their waiting queue for what was a little more than I was used to originally, and they never responded. I believe I changed accounts since then, and didn't think to update them about it.

Now it's Aug 7, 2018 - I've asked them about the commission yet again and they mention they forgot about the commission entirely. I said it's fine, and they intended to start that day. I went to noting them and then changed to Discord in hopes to keep contact. And now, it's 2019 and I've yet to have any sort of response. I compiled a few images of the journal/comments + discord exchange. + They haven't done their owed piece for curdledlatte aka notamakeinu on deviantART for around the same amount of time, despite him finishing his part! Here's the link to the journal comment thread

Also discord conversations!

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