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Haven't made a sig in a while, so bear with this one.

A mod from one of my forums requested one from me months back, and I only got to give it to him earlier. Took me a few weeks to actually do and finish it. :/

[Created 08.29.11]
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The flow is magnificent.
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I adore it. I did see it on the forum and wonder who made it until i noticed later on it was one of yours. Should have guessed right off!
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Never imagined something so awful would come from me, eh? :P
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I roll my eyes at you child!
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Very good job overall. Good lighting and depth

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Render quality on the hair is kind of iffty teacher :P
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lol ... I forgot to blur/erase the edges, and it ended up over-sharpened afterwards. :p
*is too lazy to fix it now*
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But the flow is pretty awesome. Gotta admit that.
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Epic and oh it looks good on said mod. :D
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Thanks, Morgana. :)
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