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Cyantist OC: Meltis Scelt


Guess who, it's Meltis! In full armor! Yes, because of her side role as a pet in #Canvas-rangeR, I didn't make her design yet, because, well... she's just a pet, and it will be irrelevant for making the full design as she currently stayed in her cat form. But then I saw this #CyantistIndonesia group and coincidentally, its purpose got what I need to create further design of Meltis. Talk about coincidence, lol.

Enough Meltis as Algeo's sidekick, this time she got her own main role! :evillaugh:

Next, I will upload the data of Meltis' weapon. Stay tuned!


Cyber Pallete: Balance Sign
Description: Change the photon function inside Meltis' body into different purpose.

Yellow: Speed (Default)
Red: Strength
Blue: Endurance
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mantap mas! keren tenan~
Rvinguard's avatar
Huooooooooo kereeeeeeeeeeeen
Proporsinya mantap xD
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Sceritz's avatar
Rvinguard's avatar
thanks ^^
still working on your request btw > < sorry it's taking some time
Sceritz's avatar
oh np.. hey if its possible am I able to see a sketch b4 hand? it makes the final outcome much easier to come out like the actual character
Rvinguard's avatar
oh, it's 70% done. but u can still check if anything miss :)

here's the WIP: [link]
Sceritz's avatar
Wow :D That's actually pretty darn good! He looks a bit more serious than I picture him to be at most times... but that's a perfect serious expression for him... great job!
Rvinguard's avatar
thanks, glad that went ok :D hopefully I can finish this by today... or tomorrow. just wish me luck XD
Sceritz's avatar
Of course :D Good luck :D
johanXqua's avatar
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jelas sistaaaa :iconlachoirplz: *plaqz
SiJamur's avatar
cihuyy ada cewek lagii!!
Rvinguard's avatar
hue? jumlah cewek di sini dikit ya o_oa
SiJamur's avatar
yaa seperti yg anda lihat hahaha
kebnyakan yg ikut cwe sih
Rura-sama's avatar
double blade-nya sangar jeek...
shirosagi-yukihiko's avatar
Pet naik derajat wkwk 8D
Rvinguard's avatar
wkwkwk pet juga butuh peran lebih :evillaugh:
Snatcherkid's avatar
si dia!! XD (ha dia? wakaka tapi sy seneng dia ahaha~ naksir pas ngliat gambar dia yg di art dulu)
yaay kereeeen~
Rvinguard's avatar
iyah, daripada si rambut merah berkacamata gaje :evillaugh: *disambit gitar*
WolfsbaneRevolution's avatar
THAT! is the most amazing piece of artwork I have seen ALL DAY! I LOVE THE GRAPHICS!
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