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aero - gnome-shell n cinnamon theme pack

By rvc-2011
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This is a gnome3.2 compatible gnome-shell theme based on transparency. There are 3 variants in the tarball.
Extract the 3 folders (aero, mono and dark) into ~/.themes folder and choose any variant you like to suit the gtk theme and background wall.

Gnome 3.2 / Gnome shell
Cinnamon 1.2

The zip contains 2 different folders (each for cinnamon and gnome-shell, seperated). for gnome-shell or cinnamon users, you can go into the respective folders and extract the 3 theme folders to ~/.themes and choose them using either gnome-tweak-tool OR cinnamon-settings (depending on the desktop you use)

for those using both desktops, you can merge the themes so you can choose them from whichever desktop you are.

hope you enjoy this theme


a) Added 3 respective cinnamon themes
b) Tweaked the main menu section (in gnome shell for window list users)
c) re-organised the folders

Made the panel buttons a shade sharper with text shadow, rounded off the top panel bottom corners ; fine-tuned the dialogue texts (only in the aero-shell version)

a) Added Bottom Panel part in the gnome-shell.css file to match the top panel color scheme (for mgse bottom panel users). you can edit that file and remove that part if you do not need it.
b) altered the popup selection background gradients to be a shade more sharper and visible (this theme was created with an inclination towards transparency)

Thank You for visiting this page for a preview / download. your comments / suggestions will help me improve.
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Is there a tutorial I can refer to to help me use these? I extracted to the ~/.themes directory in my Home folder, and the only thing that changes when I apply any of these themes are the taskbar, and apps menu. Everything else stays however I originally had it.

Also, when the taskbar changes it seems to be a lot shorter vertically. I can only read about half of what's down there :/

Appreciate all future help ;P
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glad you liked the theme. thank you for the compliments champ... byt the way what is the version of the gnome shell you are using ? i doubt if this will work fine with the later versions...
the freuent upgrades in the gnome-shell version needs that i keep porting this to the newer versions... that needs a lot of time and thats the reason i couldnt upgrade to gnome 3.8 which is the latest.

try out the one and only shell theme i ported for gnome 3.8 and see how it behaves... if that works, do message me so i ll dedicate some time to port this particular theme to gnome 3.8... :)
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How exactly do I check which version I have? (I haven't used Linux in forever D: )
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try opening a terminal and type "gnome-shell --version" without quotes. you will know the version of gnome-shell !
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Looks like it wasn't installed, which is weird because I thought it was included in the .ISO :/

Anyways I used the terminal to download and install GNOME Shell

Maybe NOW your theme will work. I'll get back to you if I cannot get it working properly ;P
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if i remember right, it was made for 3.2 still you try it out !
i am currently using Arch and my version will be 3.10....
if Aero doesnt work or display as it sould, try using my Wood n Tux 3.8 [compatible with 3.8]
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Here's a screenshot with the theme installed: i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt…

Not sure if you can tell but the minimized tabs are taller than the actual taskbar. I also tried all of my desktop environments: Gnome, Gnome Classic, Ubuntu, Cinnamon, and Cinnamon Rendering (w/e that is) and nothing changes in any of them except my normal Cinnamon environment. Not sure what else I can do :/
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if you enjoy playing around, there are two options...
a) type cinnamon --version on terminal to get the version and then type gnome-shell --version for the gnome shell version. 
Not sure if i ll get to cinnamon style as i have not installed cinnamon on my Arch

b) if you go to /usr/local/share/gnome-shell folder, you will find the theme default. try copying that style sheet to your convenient location....

change the color values from the default and replace them with the color coles from my theme. rename it to aero-mod or something like that and try using that by shifting that aero-mod folder to .themes folder. you should get it to your version !

i had started to play around like that long back and that was how i got into the hobby og gnome-shell themeing !

for a change, try to use the wood n tux 3.8 theme from my gallery and check it out with your gnome shell. if things work then i ll get a clue !
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Yeah, even with Gnome-Shell installed the themes do not seem to be working properly :[
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nice theme man!!...
btw.. which screenlet is that clock?? and where can i download it??
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thats a conky...
follow this link [link]

install conky all lm sensors and all ! enjoy !

thank you for the compliments champ !
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thats cool man! thx!
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you are welcome mate
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beautiful work my friend :)
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thank you champ...
transparency is taken from your arts that inspired me ! so in a way i should thank you for contributing to the community and inspiring guys like me !
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hh you're too modest: D
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cool thing man... works nice! :thumbsup:
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thank you champ...
glad to note that you like'em !
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Pretty sweet my friend!! ;)
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thank you champ....
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Your welcome my friend :D
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i feel honoured champ !
thank you for the fav add too !
and yes, thank you for the 3 rings ! just awesome !
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