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American Reich Soldiers


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American Reich Soldiers


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Dawn of Victory Infantry

Dawn of Victory

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Dawn of Victory Infantry

Alternate History and Non-40K Miniatures

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[COMMISSION] Thomist World

Oneshot Scenarios

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The Demography Debates U.S. Congress 2080


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m-PWcEHf 400x400

Star Wars

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A Peculiar Institution

An Examination of Extra-Universal Syst. of Govt.

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[SC] The Spice Must Flow

General Andrei Yumokov, Prince of the Srademev system, took a sip of water as he gazed out into the rolling green fields surrounding the Presidential Palace. The Presidential Palace, built by President Shaddam Ysaini over two centuries ago, was a massive tower which stood over the Yrraki capital of Ara Yrak. Two hundred and eight floors of Yrraki glass and shining marble stabbed the clear, blue skies like the bayonets the Yrraki Army still mounted on their lasrifles. The Presidential Palace was an obvious target for the government’s enemies, and a few even tried to launch missiles at the upper floors. Thankfully, the palace’s energy shields render any such attacks useless. Ara Yrak was an oasis in the endless deserts of the planet. Much of the city was made of gleaming glass and imported stone, much like the Presidential Palace itself. General Yumokov recalled hearing some statistic that over half of the planet’s water was consumed by the city. He was no hydrologist or botanist, but

Space Cadet

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[Sunshine] Martian Politics in the 31st Century


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[40K] Iron Warriors Rhino

Warhammer 40K

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GURPS: Lenin-6

GURPS Covers

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Groudon: The Slumbering Continent

Groudon, otherwise known as the Slumbering Continent and the Sunbringer, is a primordial legendary Pokémon which resides deep within Mount Chimney, in the Hoenn region of Nihon. It was the object of worship of the ancient land cults of Hoenn, and is likewise the supreme deity of the modern Team Magma cult. Said to be responsible for the creation of the Earth’s crust, or a personification thereof, Groudon is one of the many legendary Pokémon that are considered existential threats by the Nihonese government. As with its ancient enemy, Kyogre, there are two forms of Groudon: regular Groudon and the Primal Groudon. “Regula

Gotta Catch 'Em All

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Vivere Militare Est

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Spacecraft Size Comparison RvBOmally Edition

Ad Astra Per Aspera

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Scarlet Storm

Scarlet Storm

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[COMMISSION] Flag of the United Earth Concord


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The Schelling Protocol

The empty void had an unwelcome visitor. I stared out into the blackness of space. I strained my eyes to focus on a small pinprick of light, moving imperceptively through the vast, inky sea. The holographic display surrounding the bridge window helpfully informed me that the object was actually moving at ten percent the speed of light, but at this distance, it seemed even a snail would reach the edge of the window first. We were patrolling the edge of Authority space, a system known to Fleet Command as LX-4028. The local colonists called it “Burden,” and in this moment I felt that the name is very appropriate. The snafu began wi

Other Projects

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WIP SpaceCadetOld


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