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[GURPS] Bonaparte-5


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[GURPS] Bonaparte-5


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Everything's Redder in Texas

Oneshot Scenarios

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World War 2.5(B)(B)


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[40K] Kami'Noi Heavy Walker

Warhammer 40K

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m-PWcEHf 400x400

Star Wars

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Pacific States of America Soldiers

Alternate History and Non-40K Miniatures

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[SC] Variable Sovereignties

It is a common misconception in the galaxy that worlds and star systems are always under the full legal control of a single astropolitical sovereign entity. This misconception arises from the fact that this is true in almost every instance, as a result of systems normally having only one inhabited world, and being colonized by only one power. However, many exceptions do exist, with most of these coming into existence due to the Federal Revolution. The haphazard nature of the war, and the Galactic Concordance which ended it, left many worlds divided between the Empire and the Federation. As the Galactic Concordance had to account for hundreds of millions of disputed worlds and systems, it could not account for the territorial division of every single disputed region. Instead, it implemented compromises which made sense in the aggregate, but may lead to strange exceptions. This was deemed an acceptable price, as the Concordance was meant to put a quick end to the civil war, and not be a

Space Cadet

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A Peculiar Institution

An Examination of Extra-Universal Syst. of Govt.

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[DoV] Regional Power Infantry

Dawn of Victory

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Continent Profile: Pyndos

Pyndos is a massive continent on the Gaian disc corpseward from Thyrros and the other civilized continents, lying directly beneath the solar orbit. Known as the continent of saurians, Pyndos is a land primarily defined by its unforgiving hot climate and its monstrous flora and fauna. Pyndos is a land of mystery and terror for the civilized races, with much of the continent still unknown to civilization. The climate of Pyndos is affected directly by its position beneath the Gaian sun. Although not subject to constant sunlight, the continent is constantly hot and lacks seasons. Pyndos is also extremely humid, because the sun heats ocean water during the Pyndic night, constantly generating warm fronts which clash with cooler air above the Pyndic highlands. As a result, much of the continent is rainforest, although there are also large savannas beneath the continent’s rain shadow. The constant orbit of the sun above Pyndos also exposes the center of the continent to intense gravitational

Tales of Gaia

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Covenant Goblin


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[Sunshine] The Outer Solar System

Caelus[1] The seventh planet in the Sol System, Caelus was first visited by the Voyager 2 probe in 1986. Given the planet’s immense distance from the Inner Solar System and general disinterest from humanity as a whole, it would be over a century before Caelus was visited again, this time by a corporate prospector probe studying the viability of Caelus as a fueling station for exploration into interstellar space.[2] There was little interest in Caelus during the first wave of interplanetary colonization, although American and Chinese probes occasionally visited for gravity assists and to keep an eye on their rival’s activities. The first permanent human colony in the Caelus system would be established by the Vietnamese Empire, during that country’s colonial boom after the Gene Wars. This colony, established on the moon of Titania, was mostly set up for the purpose of boosting Vietnam’s reputation as a colonial power by being the first to colonize Caelus. Vietnam would gradually


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[GURPS] Bonaparte-5

GURPS Covers

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Groudon: The Slumbering Continent

Groudon, otherwise known as the Slumbering Continent and the Sunbringer, is a primordial legendary Pokémon which resides deep within Mount Chimney, in the Hoenn region of Nihon. It was the object of worship of the ancient land cults of Hoenn, and is likewise the supreme deity of the modern Team Magma cult. Said to be responsible for the creation of the Earth’s crust, or a personification thereof, Groudon is one of the many legendary Pokémon that are considered existential threats by the Nihonese government. As with its ancient enemy, Kyogre, there are two forms of Groudon: regular Groudon and the Primal Groudon. “Regula

Gotta Catch 'Em All

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Vivere Militare Est

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Spacecraft Size Comparison RvBOmally Edition

Ad Astra Per Aspera

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Scarlet Storm

Scarlet Storm

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[COMMISSION] Flag of the United Earth Concord


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The Schelling Protocol

The empty void had an unwelcome visitor. I stared out into the blackness of space. I strained my eyes to focus on a small pinprick of light, moving imperceptively through the vast, inky sea. The holographic display surrounding the bridge window helpfully informed me that the object was actually moving at ten percent the speed of light, but at this distance, it seemed even a snail would reach the edge of the window first. We were patrolling the edge of Authority space, a system known to Fleet Command as LX-4028. The local colonists called it “Burden,” and in this moment I felt that the name is very appropriate. The snafu began wi

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