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The Republic of Louisiana

By RvBOMally
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Made using ~1Blomma's excellent tutorial: [link]

Same setting as this CSA map [premise reposted below]: [link]


My take on a victorious CSA scenario, based on assertions that the country would turn into a banana republic or even a North Korea.

The CSA manages to eke out a victory before the Emancipation Proclamation; essentially, a TL-191 victory. However, this doesn't grant the CSA magic logistic powers, and it ends up as a backward slaveocracy that's even surpassed by Russia. The Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian wars are butterflied away, shaking up European power politics and maintaining the French as the dominant power in Europe.

Confederate politics goes south after an attempt to "liberate" Cuba in the 1880s leads to war with Spain, France and the US. The upper south is retaken by the US and slavery is forcibly abolished, while Texas, Louisiana and Florida gain independence thanks to French aid. This leads to an Army coup, which blames the old regime for the Confederacy's military inferiority and beginning the Confederate "tradition" of shaky military juntas. Whenever a particularly revanchist officer takes the title of "President," the United States Marines swoop in to replace him with someone more manageable.

Interestingly, at the turn of the century, the CS and US begin to work together as part of a greater British plan to form a North American buffer against France's ambitions in the New World. A great war sometime in the 1920s over some Austro-Ottoman conflict in the Balkans leads to the collapse of the Austrian, Russian and Ottoman empires while Prussia finally forms Germany. France itself falls to communist revolution, taking down most of Western Europe with her. Meanwhile, in North America, the United States moves in to fill the void left by France, becoming the regional hegemon.

There is no analogue to the Second World War, but many big wars happen across the decades. Particularly bloody conflicts are an ill-advised Russian attempt to retake the Baltics, the destruction of the Japanese Empire at the hands of the British and Americans, a French attempt to spread the revolution to the Netherlands and the rather messy fallout from the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Nuclear weapons are developed in the 1950s, but are never used in war.

In the meanwhile, the Confederacy becomes less and less fond of their northern neighbors. The country slinks further and further away from the American sphere, but while there is some flirting with the British and Germans, the Confederates ultimately adopt isolationism. Paranoid military dictators build some of the most elaborate defensive networks seen on the planet. The Confederacy slowly evolves into an "army with a country," foregoing economic development for more military buildup. In reaction, the Americans begin troop buildups of their own, but aside from a few nutcases nobody believes that the Confederacy could ever take on the Americans without being totally demolished. Although slavery is a thing of the past and the "separation" laws were abolished in the 1990s due to extreme outside pressure, Confederate society is far from racially equal, making it one of the more infamous regimes on the planet. However, the Confederate leadership still maintains strong economic ties with the United States, and while a Confederate president would never admit it the country is effectively an appendage of American economic interests.
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I am a southerner and I actually think the CSA winning only to then (for lack of a better phrase) secede itself to death makes much more sense than it winning and then becoming a right-wing/conservative utopia. Plus the concept of them going to war with Spain and it backfiring badly is actually one I actually have written in my own private timelines.
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''Marquis of Casa Calvo summoned an Open Cabildo in New Orleans where Louisianians rejected US purchase and declared its allegiance to Spain.''
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The most likely outcome.
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are louisiana, florida, and texas nice places?
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I found El Dorado! Who knew it was in Arkansas?
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Grand map and interesting timeline, a Deviant has actually designed alternate history money for a Republic of Louisiana - "alt_reality" - a  five franc banknote
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What's the Union like compared to our timeline?
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There's something oddly satisfying about the way this map looks.
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What is "a TL-191 victory"?
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A victory involving Special Order 191, as seen in the Southern Victory series by Harry Turtledove: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern…
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Gotcha. Thank you for the clarification.
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Looking at an OTL parish map and comparing it, you start to make out the tiny differences that make this map awesome. For instance, how Union Parish has been renamed Independence Parish. Or how Lincoln Parish doesn't exist.
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I used both an 1860 and modern map to see which parishes existed and which did not, and making new ones based on general demographic shifts.
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Persephone Aerospace...
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I would love to see a world map for this scenario someday. Just saying.
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I already have one in the works, but it's the same worlda basemap I use for my oneshot scenarios.
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It's a bit surprising that Louisiana hasn't rejoined the Union yet ITTL.
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So theres a CSA still? I'm guessing its small.
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The British and especially the French wanted a friendly client state and to keep the Union from becoming too powerful. By the time the French pulled out, Louisianians (and Texans, and Floridians) had a strong sense of independence, and the Americans thought it more prudent to place them under puppet regimes.
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I'd imagine it taking a more Cajun identity in that case.
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