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[TMITHC] American Reich Trooper

By RvBOMally
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Another alternate history miniature, this time based on The Man in the High Castle. This one is an adaptation of tomalakisThe Man in the High Castle - Uniform Overhaul #1b. I love the idea of American Reich uniforms being a mix of German and American styles, instead of just German. Ironically, the body I used for the miniature is a Soviet soldier, with added greenstuff pockets and detail. I used Bolt Action early war German arms, with an MP40; in my headcanon, Germany's puppet states get older, WWII-era equipment, while forces working for the Reich proper get the modern stuff like MP5s and G3s. The head is from Wargames Atlantic's Raumjager set, because I have a ton of unhelmeted heads that need use. His hat is made out of greenstuff and not fun to make. 
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Ooooh this is great man! :D that made my day. Thanks

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Thank you! I will probably be making more miniatures based on your art, and some which are closer to the uniforms depicted in the series.