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M56 Sherman

By RvBOMally
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Finally finished this, a Sherman tank in service to the National Socialist States of North America, otherwise known as the "American Reich" in my interpretation of an Axis victory. The general concept is that the victorious Axis powers limit the sort of equipment that their American puppets get, so they are forced to use modified wartime equipment even well into the 1960s. This tank was, ironically, inspired by the Israeli Super Sherman.  

The base model is a 1/35 Revell Sherman, which unfortunately came packaged with the wrong tracks, so I made do. I added 3D printed stowage and parts from a 40K Leman Russ, Taimya Walker Bulldog and a Revell Panzer IV, to give it the appearance of a Super Sherman. The main gun is also from the Walker Bulldog, and the Panzer IV contributed its crew. To give the turret a "Panzer" look, I replaced the turret cupola with one from a Taimya Panther tank and placed a 3D printed stowage box from a Panzer IV. Finally, I added a fuel drum barrel, which is meant to evoke Cold War-era Soviet tanks, as the American Reich is meant to be somewhat East Germany-ish. In-universe, the large amount of stowage and fuel is necessary for the long distances such tanks will have to travel in a war against the Greater Pacific Co-Prosperity, in particular the Pacific States of America. 

The decals are custom, and inspired by
 tomalakis' The Man in the High Castle uniform art and the markings on American Reich tanks in Amazon's The Man in the High Castle adaptation. The crew were also painted in a manner inspired by tomalakis' art.

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i like the look of the firefly with HVSS type suspension but i think that's the wrong tracks belt for this type of suspension.

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Yeah, the kit came with the wrong tracks.

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well, that sucks.

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Ever read Joe Wight's Twilight X? (no vampires there). It has a dystopian alternative 80's world where USA has fractured into independent states, some of wich are part of a coalition called W.A.N.K.( White American Nationalist Klan), in short....wankers. This reminded me of that!=P Nice model!

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They also used smiley faces as a badge... They're most definitely implied to be tied to Elysium, the evil cabal that pretty much got cut out of the story

epiloguest's avatar

Yeah. I wish Joe Wight woud continue the story, but that doesn't seem likely... :(

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We gonna pool up some fund to get him to do it some day...

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Man this is unspeakably rad and well-considered. You are the king of Good Little Details.

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Ah, I love this! Look at that extra angle on the UFP and that sexy 90mm gun. This is what the sherman was always meant to be, nice job!
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YEEEES! :D I should add them to my plate....superb work on the decals. How exactly did you made them?

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Thanks! I made the decals by printing them on Testors' white decal paper. This allows for custom decals to be printed on home inkjet printers. The major downside is, because printers do not print white ink, I couldn't print the decals on a transparent background. The images themselves have a background color matching the colors on the tank. I later painted over this area wherever I felt safe with paint.

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Shaking things up mr o'malley? Good, it helps you to stay around.

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What does NADF stand for?

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National American Defense Force.

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I'm guessing North American Defense Force.

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