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A cover of Transparent Blue's MotF Entry. The premise is essentially a 2000s-punk, with the "New American Century" plans being taken too seriously by the US. He helped me a lot in making this, and quite a bit of the text is his too. 

  • The United Kingdom isn't a literal 51st state, but it toes the Washington line very, very closely. The Anglo-American Conference, of which Canada and Australia are also part, is essentially an extension of the United States. A good number their troops fighting overseas.
  • NAFTA has been replaced by the North American Community, which cynics would call an American empire. Canada and Cuba are all part of the American economic machine. The heads of government of both states are practically appointed by Washington. The "free vote" is more Eurovision style than a formal structure.
  • The EU crumbled, but it has been absorbed by NATO, which in turn has become another appendage of the United States. Suffering from quite a few problems, such as high unemployment, a stagnant economy, a massive influx of migrants from the Middle East, and the encroaching Cradle Crisis.
  • The Cradle Crisis was caused by a series of events - the American invasion of Iran, the destruction of Israel (and Palestine) by a "final war" against its Arab neighbors, and increased desertification resulting in mass movements of people. Suffice to say, the entire region went to hell in a handbasket.
  • Subsaharan Africa went through their own Black Death in the form of AIDS. Neo-colonialism is rampant, mostly American and Chinese, setting up de facto corporatocracies. The corporatorcracies are rather exploitative, but they do provide aid (if it's profitable). They used to use private militaries, but now they just use employees to fight the proxy wars against other corporations, and the encroaching Cradle Crisis.
EDIT: Because I forgot it, #18. Israel made sure that Mecca and Medina were destroyed, as one last "fuck you" to their neighbors.
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