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Dialup-Punk [COMMISSION] by RvBOMally Dialup-Punk [COMMISSION] :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 79 18
History Profile: The Federal Revolution
The Phobetor Wars
The Federal Revolution has its beginnings in the Phobetor Wars, a series of dynastic conflicts which consumed the Phobetor Sector. The Phobetor Sector was once the Phobetor Empire, a large interstellar empire that existed on the Scutum-Centaurus Arm, opposite the core of the Third Empire. The Empire defeated the Phobetor, and the Phobetor swore fealty to the House of Dondrukov with most of their possessions intact.
Prior to the Federal Revolution, the Phobetor Sector was ruled by House Merezh. King Zedan III, the patriarch of the house, was a popular and powerful leader, both with the Imperial court and his people. However, the power of the Phobetor Sector was envied by his sector neighbors, and he was thus at the heart of intrigue in the region. To appease his rivals, Zedan III married off his twin sons – Kovak and Thashir – to women from the second and third most powerful houses in the region. Kovak and Thashir both desired the throne, and under t
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 28 1
Culture Profile: Posthuman Conclave
The Posthuman Conclave (“Conclave”) is restricted to a few thousand systems in the Iron Stars, a cluster of ancient stars deep within the Crazed Core. Due to an unknown phenomenon - believed by the Conclave to be protection by the Machine God - the Iron Stars are a region of stable realspace unaffected by the strange physics of the Crazed Core.
Physical Appearance
The citizens of the Posthuman Conclave modify themselves extensively through cybernetic and biological enhancements, to the degree that some cease to resemble humans altogether. Appearances range from that of hovering vehicles with masses of appendages, to massive, multi-segmented machines. However, the majority of Conclave citizens keep a humanoid body form and size. Further complicating matters are mind backups and imprints, meaning that an individual can have several copies extant and active at once.
The peoples of the Conclave speak in machine code to one another, whic
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 32 13
Species Profile: Tallmen
Natural Physical Appearance
Height and Build

Despite their name, tallmen are not particularly taller than baseline humans. The moniker comes from their comparison with the otherwise similar shortmen, and because tallmen heights do not show as much variance as that of baseline humans, making them taller than many baseline humans they encounter.
Tallmen are universally lanky, and have a lower body fat content than baseline humans. This is a side effect of their high metabolisms, necessary to power redundant organs within their bodies. Tallmen can survive in a visually appalling state of thinness, resembling skeletons with skin draped on top of them.

Hair Color and Texture

Tallmen are totally hairless, a trait designed to prevent them from leaving hair samples during operations. However, in mimicry of baseline humans, tallmen will wear realistic wigs, even among themselves. These wigs are sometimes archaic, resembling designs popular during the days o
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 17 5
Political Geography [COMMISSION] by RvBOMally Political Geography [COMMISSION] :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 75 16
Motive Rant: Posthuman Conclave
[REDACTED] - I...ow, my head. My arms. I have arms. One, two, just two. My voice, it sounds so sexy. You sleeved me into a woman? Kinky.
[AGENT] - A peasant girl your abominable machines murdered. We broke her arms before sleeving you in so you can't escape.
[REDACTED] - You forgot her legs.
[AGENT] - My mistake.
**blaster fire, followed by screams**
[REDACTED] - By the oracles, I forgot how bad pain feels.
[AGENT] - Answer my questions, or I will give you a comprehensive refresher. Your cowardly kind never moves beyond the Iron Stars. Yet here you are, attacking Imperial worlds. Why?
[REDACTED] - Attacking? We were defending ourselves from your forces. We entered the system in peace and good will, spreading the message of Posthumanity, and you thanked us with proton torpedoes!
[AGENT] - You were spreading your vile heresies to the gullible! Distributing hedonic engines! Your very bodies violate nearly twenty separate rules
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 21 4
Pax Martia Text [Part 3]
Venus was colonized by powers that could not compete with the Great Powers’ Space Race in Mars and the Moon. After the Third World War, these powers managed to gain some prominence in the shadow of American domination. A brutal, inhospitable hell, Venus required the combined efforts of the British, South Africans, the Gulf Arab states and Brazil to make the planet even remotely livable. Even then, it was not enough, so the colonists turned to modifying themselves and the lifeforms they sought to bring with them to help meet Venus in the middle. Terraforming would eventually be “totally” successful, but not without the Venusians themselves developing a desire for genetic modification. Venus is now filled with many creatures, some brought back from the dead, others crafted from myth and legend. Venusian technology has a highly biological aspect; Venusian technology is “grown” as much as it is built. Venusians like to brag that it is a better Earth than Earth
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 24 3
Pax Martia Text [Part 2]
Mars remains the heart of the Inner Solar System. The UNCA rules over the entire Inner Solar System, its power unquestioned. There are growing problems with the system, however. After the UNCA’s defeat to a Jovian coalition, the UNCA has not expanded at all beyond the Asteroid Belt. The UNCA’s conquests stopped centuries ago, although the UNCA’s prosperity has ensured that the crisis that brought about the Hegemonic system will not bring it down in turn. Mars itself is not under total UNCA rule, with many other tribes retaining independence, simply because it would be a waste of resources to annihilate what can be kept on the frontier.
The UNCA retains some of its old republican vestiges, such as military service leading to citizenship, and the rights that involves. However, it is the UNCA’s hegemon – an unofficial title – which has all of the power. Of course, some hegemons were less powerful than others, with some being puppets of their Jovian guar
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 29 3
Pax Martia Text [Part 1]
The end of the Second World War and the rise of the Cold War laid the groundwork for what would be humanity’s pioneering of the final frontier. Advances in rocket science, pioneered by German scientists and engineers captured after the end of the Second World War, and generously supported by both superpowers’ governments, propelled Mankind from its first satellite in 1957 to putting a man on the Moon by 1968, and the first Martian cosmonauts by the 1990s. While both sides seemed to have roughly equal playing field, in the end it was apparent the Soviets had the better half all along. The Soviet Union decided to one-up the Americans further by taking the Mars landings to the next level: colonization. To aid in this endeavor, the Soviets brought with them the means to terraform Mars, such as atmospheric manipulation through imported gases, causing a light greenhouse effect that warmed the planet. Although the process would be slow, and possibly take decades[1], the Soviets we
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 33 8
[EEUSG] State of the Church by RvBOMally [EEUSG] State of the Church :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 13 11 The World of 2047 AD by RvBOMally The World of 2047 AD :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 83 62 Fields and Factories [COMMISSION] by RvBOMally Fields and Factories [COMMISSION] :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 70 11
[EEUSG] Tutmonda Komunumo de Morgau
Pretoria-E-Pitoli is not two cities joined as one, as Budapest is in the Hungarian Soviet. It is the two names for the city, in Afrikaans and Xhosa, haphazardly joined together in one of the country’s few acknowledgments of its multilingual past. The city was built as one city, but there are noticeable bifurcations. The Futurist core has yet to consume the entire city, leading to a noticeable split between the chrome towers stretching into the blue southern African sky, and what was derisively called the “Malnova Urbo” – the Old City. Old buildings, in varying states of demolition and replacement, paired with large billboards showcasing their Futurist replacements, showed that the regime’s commitment to erasing the past was more than words. Even the name of Pretoria-E-Pitoli is one the city fathers plan on erasing, replaced with the more politically acceptable “Monda Ĉefurbo” – the World Capital.
The people of this new shining city o
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 24 13
The Standoff on Redimkrad
The standoff on Redimkrad was a minor engagement and diplomatic crisis between the Third Empire of Man and numerous banking firms affiliated with the Consortium of Sovereign Systems. Although disputes between Consortium banks and foreign debtors are commonplace, the dispute on Redimkrad gained infamy in the galactic community because it arose from the actions of Princess Ylsanna Redim. Redim’s aggressive and narcissistic personality made her an unsympathetic figure, an embarrassing symbol of corruption within the Imperial aristocracy, and a laughing stock of the galaxy.
Redim was the crown princess and regent of the Redimkrad system, a system pledged to House Sarakhov of the Sarakhov Sector. Her father, the Count of Redimkrad, was an admiral in the Imperial Navy deployed to the Neutral Zone, and absent from Redimkrad for the duration of the crisis. As is common with Imperial nobility, the Count treated his daughter – his only child – as the center of the universe, giv
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 14 6
Engines of the Song Dynasty by RvBOMally Engines of the Song Dynasty :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 55 7 1900 or The Last President by RvBOMally 1900 or The Last President :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 76 18


Nomoki Schoolgirl by Imperial-Ascendance Nomoki Schoolgirl :iconimperial-ascendance:Imperial-Ascendance 11 2 [Star Wars] Rapid Strike Assault Gunship (RSAG) by MrImperatorRoma [Star Wars] Rapid Strike Assault Gunship (RSAG) :iconmrimperatorroma:MrImperatorRoma 10 0 A Jewish Arabia or another Katya's world [1987] by bI777 A Jewish Arabia or another Katya's world [1987] :iconbi777:bI777 31 3 Terra 2070 by Concavenator Terra 2070 :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 12 1 16 Floridas by Wyyt 16 Floridas :iconwyyt:Wyyt 61 18 12 Italies by FederalRepublic 12 Italies :iconfederalrepublic:FederalRepublic 62 4 Sixteen Malis by FederalRepublic Sixteen Malis :iconfederalrepublic:FederalRepublic 53 7 16 Mexico(es) by PochoHistorian 16 Mexico(es) :iconpochohistorian:PochoHistorian 44 2 TLCU Another Reich Comintern by Zauberfloete by Zauberfloete21 TLCU Another Reich Comintern by Zauberfloete :iconzauberfloete21:Zauberfloete21 41 2 KF7 Blaster by Imperial-Ascendance KF7 Blaster :iconimperial-ascendance:Imperial-Ascendance 9 0 M17A Rifle by Imperial-Ascendance M17A Rifle :iconimperial-ascendance:Imperial-Ascendance 9 2 TLCU Another Reich Commonwealth by Zauberfloete by Zauberfloete21 TLCU Another Reich Commonwealth by Zauberfloete :iconzauberfloete21:Zauberfloete21 40 0 TLCU Another Reich Istanbul Co-op by Zauberfloete by Zauberfloete21 TLCU Another Reich Istanbul Co-op by Zauberfloete :iconzauberfloete21:Zauberfloete21 43 2 TLCU Another Reich by Zauberfloete by Zauberfloete21 TLCU Another Reich by Zauberfloete :iconzauberfloete21:Zauberfloete21 53 6 Medieval America WorldA by GottfreyUndRoy Medieval America WorldA :icongottfreyundroy:GottfreyUndRoy 17 0 Indian Sphere- Carpe Stellas 2080 by BrentAtticus Indian Sphere- Carpe Stellas 2080 :iconbrentatticus:BrentAtticus 35 1

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You may have noticed a dearth in updates for my ongoing projects, and while being busy in real life has had a lot to do with that, I've also made the decision to branch out. Alternate history and science fiction comprise the vast majority of my work, and while it obviously gave me great pleasure creating content in those genres for years, it's time for me to move on. There's only so far you can move in one direction before you start boring yourself. With that in mind, I am discontinuing my current projects. My schedule, and my creative energy, simply cannot keep up with the work that I know you, my fans, deserve. 

With the bad stuff out of the way, I'm glad to announce my newest project, a collaboration with 3892. It's called "Cold Bitches" and it is prototypical of the genre I want to now work in: high school teen dramas. This is new territory for me; admittedly, I have never been much a fan of high school teen dramas. But art, and life, is about challenging ourselves. I want to explore the most difficult genre for me to tackle, so I chose the high school teen drama genre. I have researched this genre meticulously over the past few weeks. I have watched films such as "Mean Girls" and television shows such as "High School Musical" over and over again, to get a feel for the kind of stories I will be telling from now on. This "shock therapy" has been taxing on my mind, but I think you, the fans, deserve the best in high school teen drama. 

Cold Bitches is the story of two competing cliques, the Cheerleaders and the Nerds, for dominance in the high-stakes social environment of International High, an all-girls private school. The Cheerleaders, led by Amy and her best friends, Britney and Francine, are the most popular girls in International High, and they are used to ruling the social scene. However, events from a semester ago has toppled their standing, as the Nerds, led by Sophia, has rallied all of the girls who felt left out of International High's social life. The two groups have turned everything into a competition, threatening to suck in every girl at International High. 

I have ambitious plans for Cold Bitches. I have already drafted several storylines, which I believe capture the best of the gripping conflicts that teenage girls face in high school. From Amy's relentless but ultimately fruitless campaign to be friends with the new girl, Vicky Chuong, to the insane conflicts that arise when Isabelle and Pamela are given the same locker by the administration, I think everyone will come to enjoy Cold Bitches as much as they did works like Ad Astra Per Aspera and Space Cadet. 

You can check out Cold Bitches in this dedicated gallery. I've posted the first five pages of what I expect will be a long-lasting series. Enjoy!


VME had a space force six years before it was cool
Since there seems to be more interest in Cold Bitches than expected (that is, more than none), are people interested in a continuation even if all the subsequent pages are in black and white?
In case people are confused, Cold Bitches is a joke. There won’t be any more updates to it, unless for some ungodly reason everyone here prefers teen chick dramas to alternate history and science fiction.
I’m doing a cover of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri prior to the launch of the Unity. Unfortunately, the source material is sparse on detail, so I’m asking for suggestions from the crowd.



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Hey man.

So I’m a new user on DeviantArt, and I’ve been playing a game called nationstates lately where I’ve basically been roleplaying as a galactic power known as the Federation. I haven’t gotten the details quite down yet (I’ll send more details in time), but I’m just wondering, do you still take commissions for galaxy maps? Not exactly asking for a full galaxy map here but more like a partial map showing my part of the galaxy. Like I said, I’ll send what I can as time goes on. Thanks!
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I bring some spooky ideas:

Different Kind of Terror

Evil djinn from that crazy scenario are attracted by Reign of Terror and pose as messangers of supreme being. They remain mostly in background, manipulating Robspierre and Co to prolong the Terror, ocasionaly appearing publicly to create revolutionary frenzy amongst the people.

French Republic shall create enlightened and fair society where all men are equal, and reason triumps, but first, enemies of the republic must be disposed off. Until such is archieved, Jacobins are to assume temporary dictatorship. In theory, leadership of the Republic could give up this dictatorial power, as enemies of republic have been long sent to guilotine.

But to say that republic is reasonable is far from truth, as the Spirits of Revolution make already insane leadership see enemies of the republic everywhere. Through Spirits of Revolution speak of noble ideals and enlightement, they are in fact malignant spirits who feed on souls of men and thus seek unending Reign of Terror, and thus unending source of nourishment.

New Lord Holds the Castle

Nicolae Caucescau and his family are bloodthirsty tyrants. Literaly.

In well known novel, a vampire took surname of historical romanian ruler Vlad the Impaler, Dracula, known for impaling his enemies on stake and fiercely defending his land from turks using Scorched Earth policy. What if more recent romanian ruler, even more notorious, and known for such pecularities as building a giant palace for himself in centre of capital and populating positions of state with his family was also vampire?

Cold War of Monsters

Empires of old were slowly taken over by monsters,necromancers,insane cultists, and other such things and with their new powers strenghtened their hold over the world. But revolution arose, Technocrats promising return of humanity and reason to world. But the results hardly represent these values, as most of ruling scientists lost remaints of their sanity in pursuit of Science!, and revived corpses, wandering ape-men, monstrous lab asistents, artificial chimeras and like do not seem very natural...
GWNF74 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018
Food for thought, what would a Fallout-like Zeerust scenario in a Central Powers victory universe look like? Delay the apocalypse from October 23rd 2077 to December 23rd, 2247. Give the world time to colonize the Solar System before going kablooey on itself.
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