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Technology Profile: Ansibles
Ansibles are the primary mode of faster-than-light communication used in the modern galaxy, apart from transporting messages along with starships. “Ansible” is a catch-all term describing all forms of faster-than-light communication that involve a direct communicator-to-communicator connection, and operate using a variety of means. These different forms of ansibles have their advantages and disadvantages, leading to all of them being used in particular instances in particular times.
The most primitive, cheapest, and most common, form of ansible is the quantum ansible. Utilizing the principle of quantum entanglement, quantum ansibles are paired machines, each with a pair of entangled particles that are modified by the ansible’s computer to spin in one direction or the other. The spin change in one particle causes the other particle to change spin instantaneously, which is detected by the receiver. Quantum ansibles are relatively cheap to create, and they allow for the
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Vivaldi's Gift by RvBOMally Vivaldi's Gift :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 64 11
Earth: The Stirring Giant
Earth is the homeworld of humanity, and the most populated region of the Solar System. By most estimates, the majority of humans live on Earth. Once the natural core of human power in the Solar System, Earth declined in the latter half of the third millennium, becoming dominated by the Orbital powers. It is only recently that Earth has started to reassert itself as a player on the interplanetary stage, with the great powers of the American Empire, American Directorate, and African Federation slowly making their mark in the Solar System.
Earth’s environment is the template upon which all other planets, moons and habitats are based, as it is the home environment of the human species. However, rampant industrialism has led to the gradual environmental degradation of the planet. The release of greenhouse gases, both from man-made and natural sources, led to a runaway warming effect, flooding much of the planet. Air and water pollution, particularly those resulting from the rise of Ea
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Adolf the Great by RvBOMally Adolf the Great :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 72 32 Wall Flip by RvBOMally Wall Flip :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 63 10
History Profile: The United Colonial Authority
Fleeing Earth
By the mid-21st century, it became clear to the leaders of Earth that if humanity were to survive in the long term, it would need to expand beyond the Solar System. The Martian colonies were promising, but they were still close enough to Earth to be affected by local politics. The aftermath of the Third World War, and the close calls to nuclear armageddon that happened multiple times during that conflict, led to a newfound sense of unity and urgency. Thus, the United Colonial Initiative was started. Spearheaded by the United Nations and the great powers of Earth, the United Colonial Initiative was to send a fleet of generation ships far into the galactic void, so humanity’s future could be secured. These ships would take thousands of years to reach their destination, even traveling at significant fractions of the speed of light, but this gamble was worth it. By the end of the 21st century, a fleet had been constructed, and sent out into the stars. Shortly aft
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Pokemon Profile: Parasect
Parasect is the most common and virulent parasitic fungus known in the Nihonese Islands. Mostly native to the Kanto region, there are multiple variants of the fungus known around the world, but the Kanto strain is by far the most common and virulent. Parasect target bug life, particularly Nincada, to the degree that Nincada are almost extinct in Kanto. Their accidental introduction into other regions has resulted in ecological disasters in the past, although it has led to the development of new variants.
Strictly speaking, the term Parasect applies only to the parasitic fungus, but colloquially it is applied to the fungus and the infected Pokémon as a whole. Those bugs which are in the beginning stages of infection are known as Paras. Although parasitic, Parasect only feed on the internal organs of the infected individual in times of dire need; usually, the Parasect hijacks the extant bug’s digestive system and uses that to feed. A mature Parasect is a large, pink and yellow
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[EEUSG] Republic of Paraguay
For a nation at war, Paraguay seems very peaceful. The countryside looks sensibly managed, not stripped of everything edible to feed a war machine that has been in operation for over a century. I remember the farms of Paraguay from the days before my escape into the Nutshell, and those were desolate patches of earth compared to what I was seeing as I drove down the streets of this Paraguay. I was on my way to see what I was promised is the most rational form of managing a nation.
I made my turn into the farm I was here to visit. I knew I made the proper turn because of a sign informing me that I was on military property, land proudly worked by the men of the 117th Infantry. There were no checkpoints, guards, or barbed wire; were it not for the sign, I couldn't tell this farm from the civilian-owned one I passed by down the road.
I was greeted by a man who introduced himself as Colonel Alfonso Reyes. Colonel Reyes' appearance surprised me: I expected an officer bedazzled in tacky medals
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Species Profile: Amzy

Natural Physical Appearance
Height and Build

The height and build of an amzy is totally dependent on the caste of the individual, but among individuals of the same caste, height and build is uniform. Those of the drone caste are the shortest amzys, ranging between four and five feet in height upon reaching maturity. They do not have large fat reserves, nor are they particularly muscular, relying instead on sheer numbers to complete tasks.
Those of the soldier caste are taller than drones, ranging from five to six feet in height. They are the most muscular of the amzy castes, and outwardly resemble baseline human males. In fact, save for their lack of male reproductive organs and their feminine skeletal structure, it is impossible to visually distinguish an amzy soldier from a baseline human male.
The breeder caste is the largest of the amzy castes, with large breeders reaching the size of cattle. Amzy breeders have large fat deposits around their bodies, a result of their large
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[EEUSG] Free France by RvBOMally [EEUSG] Free France :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 27 6 [EEUSG] Republic of Paraguay by RvBOMally [EEUSG] Republic of Paraguay :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 13 1 Half-Life 3 by RvBOMally Half-Life 3 :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 76 34 [EEUSG] Tutmonda Komunumo de Morgau by RvBOMally [EEUSG] Tutmonda Komunumo de Morgau :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 27 6 The Great Game (Reverse Cold War) by RvBOMally The Great Game (Reverse Cold War) :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 78 15
Pokemon Profile: Solrock and Lunatone
Perhaps one of the stranger Pokémon known to inhabit the world, the Pokémon known as Solrock and Lunatone are a mollusc Pokémon once believed to be native to the Hoenn region. The two Pokémon were once believed to be separate species made of rock. However, later studies have proved that the two Pokémon are, in fact, the same species and foreign to the planet's ecology.
Both Solrock and Lunatone are the same species of extraterrestrial mollusc, resembling a group of worms connected to a central "node." This Pokémon has no skeleton, although it has rows upon rows of extremely hard teeth that lead to its central body. This central body is home to its stomach and brain analogues. Some of the "worms" that protrude from the body of Solrock/Lunatone have a special purpose, such as excreting waste. Mature Solrock/Lunatone often develop "eyes" at the end of at least two of these appendages, which situate themselves in "craters" that have developed on the surface of
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Perpetuated in Righteousness by RvBOMally Perpetuated in Righteousness :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 68 18


The Dark Lords
The Lordly States
The coming of the fourfold plagues overthrew the old tribes, nations and kingdoms of Outland, and, in the consequent ruin, the Dark Lords emerged. They were warlords of a new type, personalities strong enough to confront and control the forces of undeath that had transformed the continent. With armies of revenants they built great fortresses, guarded by hosts of ghouls, the surrounding lands prowled by wolves both were and wife. They forged links with the primordial races, bringing elvish sages and dwarfish weapons into their forces. The arts of the hangmen were first pioneered by the Dark Lords, seeking to control their armies of walking corpses. The Dark Lords warred with one another, and the outside world. A few particularly bold ones even launched invasions of the Heartland – the last royal family of Alanay that ruled before it was annexed by the Sorcerers’ League was of Dark Lord descent.
Once upon a time, the vast majority of Outland was ruled
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Duchesne-Class Cruiser by Another-Eurasian Duchesne-Class Cruiser :iconanother-eurasian:Another-Eurasian 47 2 Imperial Walker by Imperial-Ascendance Imperial Walker :iconimperial-ascendance:Imperial-Ascendance 11 0 North American EU [2010] - Cover by bI777 North American EU [2010] - Cover :iconbi777:bI777 27 6 Latin America by Sapiento Latin America :iconsapiento:Sapiento 56 23 Greeks and Celts by QuantumBranching Greeks and Celts :iconquantumbranching:QuantumBranching 58 11 NERGAL 1942 by QuantumBranching NERGAL 1942 :iconquantumbranching:QuantumBranching 27 18 Le monde en 2090 for BERLIN XVIII by Thomas-Rey Le monde en 2090 for BERLIN XVIII :iconthomas-rey:Thomas-Rey 21 2 Twelve Turkeys by marshalrisris Twelve Turkeys :iconmarshalrisris:marshalrisris 45 15 Motherland: Legacy of the Vozhd by MrImperatorRoma Motherland: Legacy of the Vozhd :iconmrimperatorroma:MrImperatorRoma 43 7 Our Fathers' Stars: The Center Can Hold by Silas-Coldwine Our Fathers' Stars: The Center Can Hold :iconsilas-coldwine:Silas-Coldwine 16 2 Star Wars Koensayr/Incom TB-91 Star Mace bomber by AdamKop Star Wars Koensayr/Incom TB-91 Star Mace bomber :iconadamkop:AdamKop 170 18 Time for a change (gif) by Sera-Fim Time for a change (gif) :iconsera-fim:Sera-Fim 40 16 New California Republic by Lowtuff New California Republic :iconlowtuff:Lowtuff 36 3 WIP 6mm Mechanicus by edthomasten WIP 6mm Mechanicus :iconedthomasten:edthomasten 1 1 Klingon Concept by Abiogenisis Klingon Concept :iconabiogenisis:Abiogenisis 413 134

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Interested in commissioning a map? Send me a message! Maps start at $15.

You can support me on Patreon here.
You may have noticed a dearth in updates for my ongoing projects, and while being busy in real life has had a lot to do with that, I've also made the decision to branch out. Alternate history and science fiction comprise the vast majority of my work, and while it obviously gave me great pleasure creating content in those genres for years, it's time for me to move on. There's only so far you can move in one direction before you start boring yourself. With that in mind, I am discontinuing my current projects. My schedule, and my creative energy, simply cannot keep up with the work that I know you, my fans, deserve. 

With the bad stuff out of the way, I'm glad to announce my newest project, a collaboration with 3892. It's called "Cold Bitches" and it is prototypical of the genre I want to now work in: high school teen dramas. This is new territory for me; admittedly, I have never been much a fan of high school teen dramas. But art, and life, is about challenging ourselves. I want to explore the most difficult genre for me to tackle, so I chose the high school teen drama genre. I have researched this genre meticulously over the past few weeks. I have watched films such as "Mean Girls" and television shows such as "High School Musical" over and over again, to get a feel for the kind of stories I will be telling from now on. This "shock therapy" has been taxing on my mind, but I think you, the fans, deserve the best in high school teen drama. 

Cold Bitches is the story of two competing cliques, the Cheerleaders and the Nerds, for dominance in the high-stakes social environment of International High, an all-girls private school. The Cheerleaders, led by Amy and her best friends, Britney and Francine, are the most popular girls in International High, and they are used to ruling the social scene. However, events from a semester ago has toppled their standing, as the Nerds, led by Sophia, has rallied all of the girls who felt left out of International High's social life. The two groups have turned everything into a competition, threatening to suck in every girl at International High. 

I have ambitious plans for Cold Bitches. I have already drafted several storylines, which I believe capture the best of the gripping conflicts that teenage girls face in high school. From Amy's relentless but ultimately fruitless campaign to be friends with the new girl, Vicky Chuong, to the insane conflicts that arise when Isabelle and Pamela are given the same locker by the administration, I think everyone will come to enjoy Cold Bitches as much as they did works like Ad Astra Per Aspera and Space Cadet. 

You can check out Cold Bitches in this dedicated gallery. I've posted the first five pages of what I expect will be a long-lasting series. Enjoy!


VME had a space force six years before it was cool
Since there seems to be more interest in Cold Bitches than expected (that is, more than none), are people interested in a continuation even if all the subsequent pages are in black and white?
In case people are confused, Cold Bitches is a joke. There won’t be any more updates to it, unless for some ungodly reason everyone here prefers teen chick dramas to alternate history and science fiction.
I’m doing a cover of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri prior to the launch of the Unity. Unfortunately, the source material is sparse on detail, so I’m asking for suggestions from the crowd.



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