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Windows Phone Reimagined

This is just a concept, not the actual interface of Windows Phone 8. For full details, click on the image to zoom.
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I like that a lot. It could be really great with the new animated "dragon" wallpaper from Windows 8.1
Varyllus's avatar
This looks really professional and the sort of thing Microsoft would like.

Your image has been used here [link] if you didn't know. Congratulations!
RVanhauwere's avatar
Thanks for letting me know! :D
DevilishDB's avatar
Awesome! I think phones should have motion sesnors so when you move it it pans around your desktop so you can fit more stuff and navigate around it easily. I like this concept - it looks awesome.
Commander-jao's avatar
would be better if you swiped sideways to get the different groups and scrolled up and down inside of them
MetroGT's avatar
A very good one concept!!!! Lovin' it!!!
revengexx14's avatar
Best grouping concept I've seen. I'd still want a black background (and presumably that'd be configurable), but very very nice concept :)
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I like a small but important detail in the tile "Messages": To display the number of open messages in an orange rectangle. - This little detail I would like to use on my intranet portal: [link]
RVanhauwere's avatar
Of course, and credits to the original image (this page) would be nice :)
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This is a nonprofit project. - But I'll gladly put a link to you.
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I hope someone at MS is looking at this. I would love a landscape mode for the start screen.
RVanhauwere's avatar
Me too and thanks for your feedback!
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that would be an amazing idea!
I don't want to change anything about wp7, but if i should i would choose this for the sync abilities!
Wonderfull work mate!
RVanhauwere's avatar
Thank you very much :D
warex3d's avatar
Could be work very nice.
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Very nice work!!! :)
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