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The Gentleman Bastards: Sabetha.



As someone who is really bad at waiting for things, the release of Republic of Thieves is very steadily eroding my sanity. Although, pining is pretty effective motivation so who am I to complain?

It should be noted that whenever a writer uses the term 'red head', my mind automatically goes to a highland looking lass under a mound of curls and freckles. Since reading the excerpts of Republic of Thieves, I doubt very much that Sabetha looks like this, but I wanted to get the appearance out of my mind before it goes ahead and gets overwritten. I'm also unsure of whether I remember Lynch mentioning she took her clothes off to climb or if it was just her shoes. I was half way through the book to check but then I decided that it was simply better to make do without confirmation.

Sabetha hails from - but as of yet to make an appearance in - Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastard Sequence.
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Well - that's the coolest and at the same time the hottest Sabetha I've seen. :thumbsup: