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Equestria, the Land I Love

Equestria, the land I love
A land of harmony
Our flag does wave from high above
For ponykind to see

Equestria, a land of friends
Where ponykind do roam
They say true friendship never ends
Equestria, my home

* * * * *

I got into a little bit nostalgic mood after the Hearth's Warming Tail, remembering how it felt when I was watching one of those super great episodes. Then I remembered about my favourite writer, who left the show after season 5, Amy Keating Rogers, and about the last episode she said goodbye to us. Somewhere I read that when she was writting the lyrics for this song above, she was adding in her own feelings about Equestria, about a land she was helping to evolve for so long. I think it's kinda amazing. And so were her episodes, amazing. So I ended up drawing Coloratura in honor of all of her awesome work she did in the show. Smile 

PS: Is that a background you see in the picture? Well yes, yes it is.

MLP:FiM & Coloratura © Hasbro
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Nice subtle inclusion of the lyrics on the background. Amazing art!
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I still listen to this song quite often, so beautiful~
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Yeah, just a shame it's so short. I tried to find some nice remix, but it seems it's too short for it, too. :D