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These are some of my works. I always comment back!

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Ruu Romango
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My biggest passion is writing and reading comics. I believe in the spiritual aspect of arts. I (almost) always comment back. I'm also a big fan of indie rock, folklore, and different cultures.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I got tagged. My friend Bunni89 tagged me and this seemed very interesting so I decided to go for it.

  1. Write 10 interesting things about yourself.
  2. Tag 5 interesting people.
Besides drawing and writing comics, I'm also an amateur songwriter.

I started playing the guitar on october 2012 and it's something I quite enjoy. I like it so much that I've even written a few songs (I've got 6 now, I think). They're all worship and praise songs. Well, I just write the lyrics and the basic melody but I think it counts as songwriting, right?

My friends and I had a band back in 2009 and we played our own songs.

That's right! We had a 5 piece christian rock band called In Spirit. We had to put it on hiatus because I came to Lima and the keyboard player moved to Bogota, Colombia, but we might pick this project again once we all live in Quito again. We wrote our own songs, played 4 or 5 gigs, and even had an interview on the local radio. Lots of fun.

I feel very insecure about myself.

One of my biggest struggles is accepting myself the way I am. I always feel very self-aware of my own appearance and my personality. This has caused me many problems in the past, I think some of my friends would feel irritated by my insecurities and I know for a fact that my insecurity lead to jealousy in past my sentimental relationships. But I'm learning to accept and even love myself! Specially these days here in Lima. I know I have lots of flaws, but it'd be unfair to not accept that I also have many virtues!

I changed dramatically over the past five years.

When I was still in high-school, I was a very anti-social kid who'd spend all his days locked up at home and wouldn't go out except if there was an anime convention or something like that. I had no friends, I hated parties and I'd hang out alone most of the time. Seven years ago I joined a catholic group (I am a catholic myself) and I started getting along with the people there. Little by little I began hanging out with them, sometimes I'd attend parties they invited me to, they taught me how to dance... I don't consider myself a super-social kind of person, but I think I am more sociable nowadays, and of course this makes me feel better. It's good to have friends!

I want to get married and have one or two kids.

Yeah. That's right. I used to think marriage was not meant for me, and also that kids were a nuisance. But lately I've met many married couples and I've learned more about what it means to be married, and I think it's what I want in my life. Last year I met a couple who had a very small kid and, to my surprise, we both get along very well! This has made me think that, despite being hard work and sacrifice, having kids might be worth the effort. I know for a fact that I don't want more than two of 'em!

I'd love to work at home.

My dream-job would be as an illustrator, specially if I could work at home. I've already lived on my own a couple of times and I quite like taking care of my place, sweeping, cleaning up, cooking, etc, so I think it'd be nice to work at home and do all this stuff as well (even if it is quite tiresome!). It'd also be good if I had kids because I could also spend more time with them!

I've worked at many things on many different fields.

When I look back I often feel surprised about how many different jobs I've had: computer assistant, waiter, bar-tender, photographer, gardener (!), teacher, museum guide... It appears I'm suited for many jobs, go figure!

Most mornings, I can remember what I dreamed the night before.

This is something that I quite like: I mostly remember my dreams very clearly. My dreams are often some kind of comics or movie plot, altho they can also be personal things or surreal dreams that I don't understand (or even nightmares occasionally). My dreams often provide me with inspiration for writing new stories.

And my favorite dreams are the ones with cute girls (I'm a guy, don't blame me for it!) and the ones where I'm writing or have written a graphic novel.

One of my worst fears is going back to high-school.

High-school was the worst time of my life because it came along with depression, insecurities, suicidal thoughts, fights... I've had nightmares where I have to go back to high-school and it's something that quite scares me. I'm sure if I had to go back to high-school now (for whatever reason) I'd do much better, but I hope that doesn't happen!

I love new, blank notebooks.

This is something that probably happens to most artists, but still. I love new, blank notebooks; I love the smell of blank pages, the feel, the thought of all the things that I'm gonna draw and write there. When I studied arts in college, they'd give us a new notebook each semester, and I've got four or five of them that I haven't used because I like blank notebooks so much that I'm waiting for the right moment to use them.

Phew! That's it!

I think I'm going to tag some people for a change, I'm interested in reading their interesting facts, so I'll be tagging diana-hnd , redvandyke , Leezluntz , MayelV  and Sui-leabhan .

Also, hopefully I'll be posting new artwork here soon since, against all odds, I have a scanner! :ohnoes:

See you guys soon.

  • Listening to: Alabama Shakes
  • Reading: Heroic Leadership by Chris Lowney
  • Playing: Angry Birds - Seasons
  • Eating: Chicken
  • Drinking: Coke


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