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Protection [commission]
Commission for :iconthe-annoying-person:

Hope you all enjoy! :)

Art by Rutkotka
OC's by the-annoying-person
mlp by Hasbro
Tenderhearted pony
As many of you can see, I upload many many arts where I mention :icondeimhal:. I am doing this because He is my strength and inspiration to work.He always help me when I have problems with drawings. Sometimes I get really hard critique about the position of hoofs or too long necks,or... eyes. haha, but in the end, his corrections make my art as you can see it now. There are moments where he is drawing also!  Greta and snowdrops by Deimhal or... What happened to Lyra?! by Rutkotka haha :D

 He was this person who convinced me to draw Slenderman YCH series. I would never do that before!
Sometimes I have problems with drawing his ideas because they are a big challenge for me, and by this he want me to develop my talent.
I am planing to finish art for his amazing fanfic story about Colours of Emotions. Tale takes place in Equestria and... well, I will not spoke another word! How can I ruin such good story by spoilers?
I hope you will be able to read it in English :)
My husband really would love to translate it into English, so all of you could read his story. He is working really hard at local hospital,and main problem for him is lack of free time. If I could give him a little more free time that he needs for his passion and hobbies, I would. He comes home tired and exhausted but still finds power to hug me,buy me a coffee,roses, make an amazing and tasty breakfast or make me happy by doing silly things.
I found my other piece of heart and he is my Tender Heart.
What happened to Lyra?!
when the cat's away the mice will play.

Well... I left my tablet and opened SAI for a 5 minutes. My husband was in the room and decided to correct my art by himself.
He said, that there was clearly something wrong with Lyra and he decides to correct it. And... here you have the result. :D
Unfortunately, I caught him in the middle of this plastic surgery and...we laughed so hard, that we decided to left Lyra like that, so you all could have same laugh as we had back that day.

art by :icondeimhal: haha :D
Emotional Confusion
Hello everyone,
after two attempts and a long, long struggle, I am proud to present you yet another scene from Deimhal's story. The scene took place at night, after a mysterious green light fell into Equestria, and was preceded with an earthquake, which woke up a dozen of Ponyville citizens. Twilight was observing that green object falling from the sky, which scene you can see here:
Mysterious Green Comet. by Rutkotka

When the light fell not far away the margins of the Everfree Forest without a slightest sound, she decided to go outside to see, what damaged did the earthquake to Ponyville. What she was not expecting to see was a group of ponies, who came to her in search for answers, and were behaving very oddly. Everypony was manifesting single, strong emotion like joy, sadness, vigilance, fear, anger and other from main emotions. Some of them were acting absolutely opposite to their character. What Twilight didn't know, was that all the events she saw were strictly connected to each other and even more mysteries were to be solved by her and her five friends.

Art by Rutkotka
Story and idea by :icondeimhal:

mlp by hasbro
Sea of Clouds [Commission]
Idea of drawing Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash together happy flying around the clouds was pretty happy idea for a commission I recieved.
It made me happy to see them smiling not fighting or bossing around.
Commission for Rarara

Art by Rutkotka
Mlp by Hasbro


Rutkotka's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

My name is Greta but you all know me as Rutkotka, or Grethzky.
I am really happy to have you here as a guest or watcher. I also hope that you enjoy my gallery and art.
On the beginning I want to introduce myself, because time has passed and a lot of things had changed in my life and so my art changed a little, or... much. :)
First of all, I am still dental technician and also I have all the knowledge to be a Coach, but(!) all I need to do now, is to finish my master diploma to legally be a Medical Coach. I'd like to call coach as a "Job : Friend", and you know what? My studies brought me a lot for myself too: experience, a friend and kinda opened my eyes on something new, that I know, that I have inside me - my talent.
Art for me is like a friend.
Friends help you through the hard times, they are with you when you are sad or happy. We share everything with them. And that is how I treat my art. I share many emotions through my art, many stories, that hide in my heart. I put my heart into my art, and art gives me smile or a minute to think about something.
My husband helps me with my art because he is the other half of my heart, that I was missing for so long.
We are one and sometimes I put some art of us here, just to let you know, that making pictures gives us full a lot fun!

When I was a couple years old, 5 or 7 y.o. maybe... someone had asked me: "why are you drawing?"
And I immediately answered: "I am drawing my dreams, because whenever I want to look at them, I can do it."
Nothing changed even today.
Hello everyone!
As some of you may know I am preparing some next halloween YCH. (Your Character Here) 
This one will not be such cute as the last one- but! this time all YCH's are part of the story  my husband created for halloween!
All the YCH's will have nice bacground. ;)
And I will finish each one in ONE DAY!
for all of you to have it before halloween! 

Today new art will be added!
There is only one slot for each YCH. :)

Have a nice day!
Here is my previous work : 
Halloween YCH commission -Timberwolves! by Rutkotka
Best medical team? by Rutkotka
Witch and her little black cat by Rutkotka
' Caring is sharing, pumpkin. by Rutkotka

What next art you want me to Re-draw? 

24 deviants said "The Royal Family"…
12 deviants said "Polish Fighther Squadron "…
10 deviants said "Little Bat Pony with friend"…
7 deviants said "Look ! a frog!"…
3 deviants said "Game of Thrones : Lannister "…
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2 deviants said "Game of Thrones : Tyrell "…
No deviants said "Late evening time "…


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