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Self Portrait

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A self portrait sketch that we had to do in 8th grade art class - it is just the beginning to introduce us to the project. Ok, so it was extremely hard to get to the point that I did, and it still looks nothing like me (plus most of the anatomy is screwy!). A+ for effort, though.
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The shading on the chin and hair is wonderful and I like the pencil strokes for the eyebrows and tired marks under your eyes. I would add a small hightlight in the eyes though, they look dead.
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Thanks for the feedback, I've been really wanting it from somebody on DA. Aria told me to that the contrast on the chin is nonexistent in real life (as well for the bags under my eyes), so I guess this is pretty conflicting. Although your comment on the eyes made me laugh, I agree that they could definitely use some work in realism. Thank you!
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You are welcome. Could you also please consider posting your charcoal drawing once you complete it?