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I'm opening up my tumblr for the next 48 hours for any questions you might have for me. I'll mostly be taking queries relating to my stories, art, and current kickstarter project, but feel free to ask anything you want to know, right here:

My kickstarter project is still live for 18 more days, and involves nifty prizes like both my books, prints, and commissions. Check that out…

And as always, you can see a lot more of my art and read my writing for free, right here:

Anything else I can do for you? If you stop by Shawnee I'll make you dinner.

The next events you can come find me at are Youmacon in Detroit November 3-6 in Detroit, Izumicon in Midwest City Oklahoma November 11-13, and AnimeUSA in Virgina November 18-20.
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I'm at New York Comic Con! It's being a blast. I'm at table O6 in the Artist's Alley, and meeting and reconnecting with all sorts of great people.
I'm promoting my brand new exciting kickstarter project to get book two of the Blackfeather series, The Germhacht Episode, printed. Check that out here:…

I have books and prints for sale, and the postcards I ordered just got to the hotel tonight, in time for most of the weekend.
I am so happy right now.
Book 1 is done, and in print, book 2 has a kickstarter, and book 3 is updating every week on New York is super shiny, having been away so long. Everything has this effulgent quality, and not just from the martini's at Gingers. XD
If you are in the area, please come say hi! Its going to be an amazing weekend.
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Um, so I have an Ebook now. Over here:…
So if you have a Nook or Kindle or any other E-reader, or just like how the ebook format looks on your computer, have I got a story for you.  It has pictures in it too.

For the full art dump experience, remains available and updating weekly with more story and art, and full archives of books 1 and 2.

So yes.  You should check it out.  There are fun imaginary people there who can say the clever things I can never think of when it comes to trying to promote my own work.
Maybe I should select a character to do all professional marketing in my stead, . . .
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And happy take out food and movie marathon day, for those who are celebrating that one.  I am celebrating with a new niece and the previous editions of niece and nephew who have now perfected toddler-speak and giggles.  Relatives here keep coming out with new editions of family.  They're all cute and squishy, and made odd noises at all hours.  I have brought presents to appease them, but go figure, in a house with 4 kids, I'm the first one up.  I should be using this time to draw, . . .
Why yes I should.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a happy day.
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So, with Youmacon and Aki-Con behind me, I'm done with this year's Convention Season.
Time for website Holiday sales, neh?
The Five Wits is doing well, and maybe someday soon I'll be able to make my small business my full time job.
This makes me very very happy.  
See The Five Wits for the expanding madness.
The writing is going, uh, well though I'm having trouble with trying to write too many things at one time.  I need to focus on writing the third Blackfeather book.  Books One and Two are done, and available to read here.  Book One is even available in paperback. :)
I got to see all sorts of people who I like very much at Youmacon, and then meet and hang out with long lost cousins at Aki-Con.  Its neat when you don't see people in about a decade or so, and then meet them again, only to find out you like a lot of the same stories and characters and have a lot in common somehow, and can all run a booth together as Zombie Akatsuki. XD  That's magic, right there.
I'm planning to be at a huge list of awesome conventions in 2011, big and small, and am trying to brainstorm more awesome T-shirts for next year.
This year we sent our new Kamina shirt to Kyle Hebert, and Vic bought one of my hand screened hoodies, and I got to meet bigbigtruck at NYCC and all that was awesome.  We started a webcomic on the site, and that's being a lot of fun.  I have plans for a second one someday, and keep working on a graphic novel instead of doing nanowrimo like I meant to.  NinjaDancer and I have more cosplays planned, and more stories, and I can't wait to see what happens next.
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Is pretty awesome, but impossible to keep up with.

I have way too many projects in the works right now, and not enough time to address them properly.
The web novellas ( march on happily, though I find myself doing a lot of the illustrations at the last minute.

The small business ( is in the peak of its season, making my geeky heart glad.  It also consumes my time like whoa.

I'm working on having a paperback edition of my first novel out by Gencon Indy.  This has me petrified.  I still have to finish the cover illustration.

And so of course I have this new idea for a complex full color graphic novel based on a very labrynthine plot I used for a D&D game once, and want to tell all out of order like in Baccano.
I need to have my head checked.

I'm very excited for Metrocon, Otakon, Gencon Indy and NYAF/MY Comic Con.  I also hope I am still sane by then.
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I am looking for help manning my Dealer Hall table at Anime Central.  Are you going to be there?
If you have some experience with customer service and are willing to be cheerfully polite even to Man-Faye, or realistic Mayuri cosplayers, then go you, you're hired!
If anyone wants to pick up a two to six hour shift, I can pay $10 an hour in cash or merchandise. XD
I may even be able to help with hotel room share.  Let me know if you wanna be a minion.
Free Pocky can be arranged.
Check out what I'll be selling here:
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So its high time I updated this.  Anime Boston was great and I met a lot of awesome people.  I got to see old friends and make new ones.  I didn't get to much of the con, as I was stuck to my art table, but that's normal for me.  Probably for many of you too.  :)

Next up is Anime Central, where I will be with my Dealer Hall booth (site here:
Then Colossalcon , Metrocon, Otakon, Gencon Indy and the insane and awesome NYAF/Comiccon mutant monster.

Whew.  I'm sort of scared.
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NinjaDancer, earl-grey, Milkpan, akiaki-chan and I had a lot of fun playing in the snow as characters from Dogs; Bullets and Carnage.

Check out NinjaDancer for some pics.  Also…

Our next convention is Katsucon. :)  I should start thinking now about what to have for cosplay then.  Not that I have time between then and now to make something new.
I've made myself serially busy with and
Which is a really good time, actually.
I'm spending this Christmas in Philly with just NinjaDancer & warriorbirdy with a guest appearance by areyouokaypanda
We can start some new geeky holiday tradition or other.
Now if my apartment's heat weren't broken, this would be a very nice holiday.
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I've been working on ideas for future stories and trying to catch up on editing future chapters of my web novella.  Its been cool looking over old writing and story ideas and for once not being mortified about past drafts.  I have a lot of material to develop for future Blackfeather stories, and a lot more stories set in my world. I'm excited about that.
This weekend is Philcon, which I'll be at as a guest.  No Art show or Dealer table this year.  I'll be on the PIRATE, NINJA, SUPERVILLAIN, VAMPIRE panel though, which should be a lot of fun.  I'll also be wandering around getting into mischief, and being on a few webcomic panels.

:iconninjadancer: and I spent all Saturday updating our wigs page.  I got to ghetto cosplay all four Gundam00 pilots.  That was crazy and fun.  I really don't look a thing like any of them.  I also got to be Ichigo, and that's just not right.
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I got an art table at Zenkaikon!  Yay!
Stop by if you are in the Philly area.  I will be the half asleep cosplayer frantically drawing. Pester me there to make new prints and stuff.  And remind me to make more Wuzzats…
I am working on scheduling events for next year, and considering crazy stuff like flying across the country to Sakuracon or A-Kon or something.  Where do you think I should try for this year?  What are your favorite cons?
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I will be there.  In the Dealer hall. :)  We got so many new awesome wigs!  I really want to wear the purple one.  You should come say hi, if, you know, you happen to be near Detroit this weekend.  
I'm going to start off driving at 6am tomorrow, and hopefully everything will go smoothly and I'll be there by 6pm.  I love long road trips, especially at this time of year.
The Web Novella is still growing on schedule. (Just as planned!) at
and the business continues to grow, in itty bitty spurts.
I hope to have some new work up here soon, perhaps after the craziness that is this weekend.
Happy Halloween!
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I'm going to start posting some work of my original characters from my Web Novella project I've been trying to produce one quality illustration and a new half a chapter a week.  Wish me luck!  So far so good.  I've been making my deadlines.
I'll be at the Village Library Renaissance Faire in Bucks County PA this weekend with prints, pottery and Wuzzats, and after that, . . . .
It's The New York Anime Festival!  I hope it will be awesome.  NinjaDancer NinjaDancer and  I are bringing our whole small business out.  We taught ourselves how to screen print our own organic cotton tees so we'll have some nifty new designs, and a lot of fun wigs.  Find us in the Dealer Hall and say hi!  To see the kind of things we'll have look here:
Also, if anyone will be at NYAF and wants to model a wig for the website, we could use some faces that aren't our own. :)
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I have been working on an original project for some time, and at last it's ready to launch.  I've been writing a series of stories set in a world I share with a friend for the last, um, seventeen years or so.  About time I got these stories out there, huh?  Every week I will post half a chapter and a new piece of art illustrating it.  When a volume is complete, I'll make a number of hand bound editions and get some paperbacks printed as well, so that people can buy the compilations, or just read the archives online.
The first story launched today.  There's a small bite sized intro to my world here:  and every Tuesday it will grow, with more of the story and new pictures.
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Heya.  If anyone is in the Philly area this weekend for Wizard World Philadelphia, come say hi.  I'm at table 63 with Wuzzats prints and pottery.
And in the interests of overextending myself and my small business ( ) I'll be at Otakon, Dragoncon, and Youmacon this year.  In the Dealer Halls, because the art shows are all full and have been for months. :(
And yeah, Youmacon.  Because the Detroit area is a great place to make money this year. I think I've gone temporarily insane.  But I miss Michigan, and I've never been to Youmacon before and I'd love to meet the midwest anime fans I missed out on meeting when I lived there.  Plus I'm starting to stock wigs now and they are being good to me. So far.
I met Jennie Breedon this weekend and that was really cool.  I've been catching up on reading her webcomic, and it looks a lot like my life lately, especially the parts about being hyper at conventions and sleeping in one's van.
I kind of love my life.  I stay broke, but I still get to go to conventions. :D
I've been reading "Dogs" lately, and will probably be cosplaying from that soon.
I should be going to open my table for the day and cannot pick from a whole closet full of cosplay what to wear, . . .
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I got into the Anime Boston Artist Alley this year, which I'm really happy about.  Last year was my first Anime Boston, and I had a blast.  I've got to narrow down which cosplays to pack, and I've been going a little crazy with the fan art lately, what with getting Anime high.  I'm open to ideas about what characters I should draw next.  If you're going to AB, stop by the Alley.  I could be Orihime, Kanda, Leeron, Deidara, Tobi or Sai, but my work should be pretty recognizable.  :)
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So Katsucon was fun, despite being crazy crowded and having a two hour combined reg/prereg line.  I got to hang out with good friends in costume, and confuse people by being Orihime one day and Kanda the next.  Talk about personality whiplash.  One person and only one recognized me as being both.  XD  My D Gray group, :iconninjadancer: , :iconayanamichan7: , :iconblufiredragon667: , :iconareyouokaypanda: ,and :iconwarriorbirdy: were in a skit together.  Tadah!
We won two awards in the Novice Division.  It was awesome, and now I want to script something bigger, better and wilder.

:iconninjadancer: and I will have a Vendor table at Tekkoshocon this year for the first time, so I'm excited about that.  I need to start coloring more of my graphite fanart, and making more.  What anime characters do people want to see drawn?  I'm open to ideas if people have requests.

Also, by some wonderful miracle I got a table in the Anime Boston Art Show.  Their new registration system is made of win.  So now I'll be going to that as well.
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So I noticed its been nearly a year since my last journal entry.
I'm um, still alive and stuff.  I sort of packed out the last year with way too many projects and way too many conventions.  It was all fun, I'm just exhausted and behind at everything now.  I sort of thought that life after graduation would be calmer.  No.  No its really not.  Not when you're trying to run a small business it isn't.  Also, not a great year for that activity.  I have to decide  which conventions to do this year and not overdo it.  But I so love the conventions. XD
I'm also having fun brainstorming potential cosplays and skits for future cons.  I've been threatening to cosplay Leeron from Gurren and Lloyd from Code Geass, much to the distress of certain roomates.

"We do what we must because we can."
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Hi, here's a little about me.  I've been drawing since I could grip crayons, and inventing and talking to imaginary characters for just as long.  My parents are both geeks who read me Lord of the Rings every year, so I can attribute my current geekiness to both nature and nurture.  
I just graduated from art school as a sculptor.  Maybe someday I will post some sculpture work, but for now its going to start with sketchbook studies and scribbles from gaming sessions.  
I am a semi-professional illustrator with work in several books.  If you want to hire me, look here:…
I also sell cute things, gamer greeting cards and work by myself and friends, and thats all here:
I also livejournal, or plan to start, as elfnextdoor, and I have a business and art blog

I sometimes do commissions, but I don't do them for food anymore.  Graphite portraits start at $30 and go up depending on how complicated you want them.
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