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It's been a while since I posted anything here, but all the recent buzz about the possibility of a 3rd Ghostbusters has gotten me excited, so here is my take on a logo for the third movie.

The original logo is classic, and the second logo is pretty good too. The brilliant thing about the GB2 logo is that it literally says "Ghostbusters 2" without using any words at all. It did not make a whole lot of sense in the context of the film tho-it was on everything, the suits, the car, the firehouse. Why would their business be advertising "Ghostbusters 2"? Did they know they were being filmed?

This logo tries to get the best of both worlds. From a marketing standpoint it says "Ghostbusters 3". However it is also a ghost flying into the no symbol, so would not look as out of place on a uniform or the Ecto 1.
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You're a genius!
This absolutely is the logo for Ghostbusters 3.
Great job.
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i hope they use this for GB3!
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However, I think it's probably a good thing they went back to the original logo for the video game. They were talking about turning it into a franchise with the new recruit running another branch of it, so the original logo would probably work better for a GB franchise business.
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Cool. I think the GB2 logo in the movie symbolized that they were back, and that it was like a second phase in the business.
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That GB3 logo would cool in a Ghostbusters movie though.
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This would really work!
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We can dream can't we =P
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Holy crap-I think you win the award for fastest comment.
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haha =P
Fastest in the West ^_^
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